Supreme Martial System
113 Going ou
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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113 Going ou

Still inside Zhihao's Mansion

After a while, Ailing finally got back and sat in the living room. she got really exhausted.

Zhihao started the conversation again: "I`ll be only staying here and will be traveling somewhere, I`ll come back every four days or a week, but I`ll keep up with you guys, I already told Mom and Dad about it."

Hearing Zhihao's words, Ziyi became slump, she felt sad as her brother is already going to travel after they had just met.

Bing Bing noticed Ziyi's feelings as she spoke: "Ziyi, your brother is coming back, there is just some business that he needs to fix, it's unavoidable."

Hearing her mother's words Ziyi nodded then asked: "Brother, this is your mansion right? I`ll transfer school here starting today"

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Of course, you can stay here too" pausing for a bit he continued: "Actually, Mom, Dad, Ailing, would you guys live here instead?"

Zhilong smiled as he replied: "Can we?"

"Of course, you guys are my family after all" Zhihao replied.

Tears flowed down Bing Bing's face as she felt emotional about every single word Zhihao spoke when it came to accepting them as his family.

Ziyi then spoke: "Brother, I need to go and enroll in a school here, the closer the better, would you mind if you could accompany me?"

Zhihao then replied: "Of course" he then looked at the other three and continued: "Would you guys like to come?"

Zhilong then replied: "It's okay, you can accompany here, We're kind of exhausted after all the things you showed us today"

Bing Bing nodded as she continued: "Yes, Just go with her, I think she missed you just as much as we did when she hadn't even met you before."

Ziyi pouted as she replied: "It's because you both kept telling me stories of how I have an elder brother for like since the time I understood what a brother means."

Ailing then spoke: "I`m not going, I got too exhausted!"

Ziyi smiled as she replied: "It's your fault in the first place"

Ailing drew out her tongue as she voiced: "Bleeeeeh!"

Ziyi just smirked as she hmmp.

Zhihao then spoke: "Let's go then?"

Ziyi nodded as she replied: "Okay brother." after speaking, she immediately went and walked towards Zhihao.

Zhihao then spoke: "Mom, Dad I`ll be going now, Ailing you should behave yourself more, Don't get into troubles again like that time in Hong Kong"

Ailing stuck her tongue out as she acted cutely and replied: "Yes Bro! Got it!"

What she didn't understand was, what's Zhihao's purpose in saying that. Immediately, Zhilong and Bing Bing Looked at her as Zhihao and Ziyi walked out of the Mansion.

Bing Bing then spoke: "You need to tell us what you did in Hong Kong little girl"

Ailing finally realized her brother's intention as she shouted: "Brother! NOOOO! WHY! Why did you betray me!" she shouted at the closing door as her vision darkened.


Zhihao drove his car to the entrance and opened the door as Ziyi entered the car.

Zhihao asked: "So, which school would you like to go?"

Ziyi then pondered for a bit as she replied: "Brother, I think an all girl's college would be good, do you know some university like that?"

Zhihao shook his head as he replied: "Not really, well should I ask somebody else?"

Ziyi then shrugged her shoulders as she answered: "Well, we don't really have a clue so I guess we can't do anything but do that."

Zhihao then nodded as he picked up his phone and called.

After a while, someone answered the call.

"Hello? Zhihao?" it was Zheng Shuan's voice.

Zhihao asked: "Do you know any all girl's college? my Sister wants to enroll somewhere here in Beijing."

"Do you mean Ailing?" Shuan asked.

Zhihao replied: "No, It's Ziyi, the elder sister."

Shuan wanted to meet all of Zhihao's family to introduce herself, she thought of something immediately: "Can I come with you guys?"

Zhihao then replied: "Wait, I`ll ask here" after speaking, Zhihao looked at Ziyi as she asked: "Ziyi, Shuan asked if she could go with us"

Ziyi frowned as she asked: "Shuan? Uhh, well it's okay, who is she by the way?"

Zhihao touched his nose as he blushed and replied: "She's your brother's girlfriend"

Ziyi's eyes brightened as she quickly replied: "Sure, Sure! I'd like to meet sister-in-law!"

Zhihao smiled as he nodded and replied: "Okay, We'll go there." he then talked to the phone again as he spoke: "Shuan, She accepted, I`ll go in your house now."

Shuan immediately smiled as she replied: "Okay! okay! I`ll prepare now"

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Okay, see you"

Shuan quickly answered: "Yes, see you there" after hanging up, Shuan immediately spoke to the manager.

"Manager, I`ll be going home now" Shuan spoke to her manager.

The manager asked wondering what happened: "What happened? is there any emergency?"

Shuan then replied: "Yes, My boyfriend is going to arrive there in about 15 or 20 minutes, I`ll help him search for a university for his sister"

The manager sighed as he nodded and spoke: "Okay, just stay safe"

Shuan nodded as she ran towards her service.

The manager sighed as he shook his head and spoke: "Haaaa, maybe in a year or less, she'll quit working as an actress, a billionaire mom, a billionaire husband, what does she even need to work for." after speaking, the manager immediately tasked everyone to clean up the place.


Shuan immediately arrived after only 10 minutes, then she entered the house and looked for her mom.

"Mom, Zhihao will be coming to fetch me here. I`ll help them choose a university for his sister"

Zheng Lin smiled as she replied: "Oh, I guess it's Ziyi? the eldest daughter, you are already getting introduced to his whole family? not bad, not bad, go on then."

Shuan blushed as she went out, after going out of the door, she saw Zhihao's car.

Zheng Shuan smiled as she ran towards the car.

Ziyi was stunned when she saw Zheng Shuan, she immediately looked at her brother and asked.

"Bro! the Shuan you told me is Zheng Shuan the superstar?"

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "Yes, what of it?"

Ziyi was shocked as she thought: 'What of it? you have a superstar girlfriend, who wouldn't be shocked!'

Ziyi immediately went out as she spoke: "Sister-in-law, I`m Ziyi, Brother's sister" after speaking, she bowed.

Zheng Shuan blushed after being called Sister-in-law by his Boyfriend's sister.

Zheng Shuan then bowed and replied: "Yes, I`m Zheng Shuan please take care of me"

Ziyi replied: "Yes!, take care of me too! Let's ride the rear seat! let's go"

Zheng Shuan smiled as they entered the car.

After they had both entered, Zhihao asked: "Where do we go?"

Zheng Shuan replied: "Just go straight, when we reach the Crossroad highway, take a left turn and we'll arrive at the Lady Perfectual National All Girl's College."

Zhihao nodded as he drove the car.


After a while, Ziyi looked at Shuan as she asked.

"Sister, can we take a picture together"

Zheng Shuan smiled as she replied: "Of course"

Ziyi was excited as she took out her phone and took pictures together with Shuan.

In a span of 5 minutes, the two of them took a picture around the number of 500 images.

Zhihao sighed and arrived at the gate.

The Guards immediately opened the gates as such an expensive car would definitely be someone from a rich family. after they entered the guard started the question.

"Sir, you came here for?"

Zhihao replied: "I`m going to enroll my sister in this school" Zhihao handed his driver's license.

The Guard nodded as he took the Driver's license and let them continue.

Zhihao parked the car and headed out.

Seeing his brother going out, Ziyi smiled as she then looked at Zheng Shuan and spoke: "You guys should hold hands for as you guys are already a couple right?"

Zheng Shuan smiled as she blushed through the thought of it and nodded.

Zhihao opened the door as he spoke: "Let's go"

The two of them nodded as Ziyi spoke another one: "Don't worry, I got your back sister"

Getting called sister by her boyfriend's sister really made Shuan blush a lot. she just nodded as she looked at the ground.

Ziyi leads the two of them as she continuously asked for information on where to register her transfer papers.

Zheng Shuan then braced her heart as she held Zhihao's arm. after doing that She blushed and looked at the ground, Zhihao was shocked as he blushed and turned to the other way and touched his nose in his awkwardness.

Then when everything is going well, they immediately heard some noises.

Click! Click! Click! Click! sounds of the camera taking pictures around them sounded.

Zhihao was about to withdraw his hands, thinking that Zheng Shuan will get a lot of trouble with this issue, but not to his expectation, Zheng Shuan tightened her hold in Zhihao's arm as she felt it was going to leave her embrace.

Zhihao realized this as he smiled and continued to walk.

"Oh My God! Goddess Zheng Shuan holding his fiance's hands!"


"Woah! So that news was real!"

"Her Fiance is so handsome too! Kyaa! They really look together!."

"Omg! So hot! Oppa look here!"

"Zheng Shuan shi look here please!"

"A Pair made in heaven!"

Zheng Shuan and Zhihao smiled as they both felt satisfied.

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