Supreme Martial System
112 Moment.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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112 Moment.

Living room of Zhihao's Mansion.

Zhihao's parents, Zhilong and Bing Bing wore their bracelets after they had their laugh.

After a while, Zhihao butler, Butler Ma walked to them.

Butler Ma reported: "There's a woman waiting in the gates master"

Zhihao then asked: "Is it Zheng Shuan?"

Butler Ma shook his head as he replied: "No Master, someone I haven't seen before."

Ailing then intervened: "Is it a woman wearing glasses, with black hair and stern face?"

Butler Ma looked at Zhihao's sister as he replied: "Yes Young Miss."

"Let her in! Let her in! She's our sister! the grumpy troll!" Ailing exclaimed.

Butler Ma looked at Zhihao.

Zhihao nodded and spoke: "Yes, let her in"

Butler Ma nodded as he replied: "Yes Master" after speaking, Butler Ma immediately called the Gate guards, as he walked out to welcome the guest.


After a few seconds, Butler Ma came back as he spoke.

"Master, Your sister is here." After speaking, Butler Ma immediately left.

Zhihao then looked at the woman as he spoke: "Come, sit with us."

Ziyi has a straight black hair, a seductive face with a combination of a perfect professional charm, she also has a good figure that a lot of people would like to have as their girlfriend's body, with flawless white skin and great maturity.

Ziyi just looked for a bit as she nodded and walked gracefully and sat beside their mother and fathers.

Ziyi then looked at Zhihao as she spoke: "So you are my long lost brother?"

Zhihao smiled as he nodded and replied: "Yes."

Ailing then butted in as she spoke: "Sis! We got these cool things from brother! I think it's a super high-tech device!" after speaking, she handed the bracelet to her elder sister Ziyi.

Ziyi looked at the bracelet and sternly rejected: "I don't need it." looking at the bracelet that's the almost the has the same size as a plate, she felt how could that even fit in her arm as she looked at the bracelets the three of them wearing, such big difference.

Zhihao sighed, then his Mother spoke.

"Yi'er go try and wear it, it's kind of magical, go on" Her mother spoke.

Ziyi was gonna reject but Ailing immediately followed up.

"Sis! it's really magical, Look at our bracelets, well it looks like a bracer now, but these things came from this big bracelet!"

Ziyi was wondering, how can something so big become so delicate? then she looked at Ailing as she replied: "How can that be?"

Ailing immediately answered: "That's why It's so magical!" After speaking, Ailing pushed the bracelet to Ziyi's hands.

When Ziyi was about to wear it, then Ailing immediately stopped her as Ailing continued: "You need to do something first! come. come!" Ailing dragged Ziyi to stand up.

Ailing immediately continued: "You just have to shout TransMorph!, then do you remember those anime we used to watch? you just have to pause like that!"

Zhilong, Bing Bing, and Zhihao chuckles as they already figured out Ailing's intention.

Ziyi took the bracelet and returned it again as she replied: "I don't need it, something so embarrassing, I definitely can't do it."

Ailing then kept thinking of a solution, and after a few seconds she thought of something: "Even dad and mom did it! and it's our elder Brother's gift!, you kept saying that you wanted to have a big brother right? why are you being so stern! you were always dreaming of having a cool Oppa right?"

Ziyi immediately blushed as she rebuked: "You! why is your mouth so loose!"

Ailing replied: "Ay.. Ay... Just do it! It's our brother's gift, after all, you don't want to receive your brother's first gift?"

Ziyi pondered for a bit as she hmmp and then took it back and answered: "I`ll take it, but I won't do that shameless thing"

Ailing then spoke: "But the three of us did it!" as she pointed at their parents.

Ziyi pondered again.

Ailing then continued: "Aren't you always seeking new things? then can you explain how something like this became fixed in our arms?"

Ziyi then hesitated as she looked at the bracelet.

Ailing noticed the hesitation as she continued: "You`ll get a nice feeling after that! you`ll get less exhausted!"

Ziyi was now having a hard time after hearing it, what kind of thing does this bracelet do? then she looked at her parents as she asked: "Mom, Dad, was this..." Ziyi got embarrassed as she paused for a bit.

Ailing was nervous now, she thought that Ziyi was gonna ask if she really would have to pose like an anime character to wear the bracelet. but it was quickly dissolved by Ziyi's following word.

"The bracelets in your hand came from this plate sized Bracelet? you guys are not joking with me?" Ziyi asked to confirm her doubt.

Bing Bing and Zhilong sighed as they nodded. they wouldn't want to be such a killjoy to ruin their young daughter's fun too. they didn't lie, they just answered her question.

Ailing then pretended to be hurt as she asked: "Sis, do you think I`m such an evil creature to trick you? wu wu wu, I thought you love me! Wu Wu Wu."

Ziyi sighed witnessing her sister's great acting skills.

"Okay, I`ll do it" Ziyi spoke, then looked at Zhihao as she continued: "Bro, don't laugh at me kay?"

Zhihao chuckled as he nodded in confirmation.

Ziyi then stood up as she made a pose from sailor woman anime she watched and shouted: "TransMorph!" then she blushed as she placed the bracelet on her arms.

Immediately, a light beamed from the bracelet as it morphed into a solid liquid-like material as it fitted her arms, morphing and wrapping her arms.

"Beautiful" Ziyi was astounded at how beautiful the metal became liquid suddenly as it wrapped her arms and solidified again. then Ziyi heard something.

"Pfft! HAHAHAHAHAHA" Ailing was laughing to herself as she rolled on the floor, literally.

Ziyi then asked: "What are you laughing about?"

Ailing then replied: "You didn't really have to pose like that, it was too epic! I`m telling you it's epic hahaha!"

Ziyi blushed as she run towards Ailing and spoke: "You! Just wait for me to catch you, you dwarf!"

"WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" Ailing immediately dashed off and run as fast as she could.

Ziyi was then stunned as she realized something and looked at Zhihao and asked: "Bro! how'd you did it?! wait, where did you buy such a thing?"

Zhihao smiled as he spoke: "I actually just found it in some ruins."

Ziyi then asked: "What does this thing do? is it a curse? Did you curse us brother?" she asked worriedly.

Zhihao smiled as she spoke: "No, It's actually a protection charm, it will prevent you guys from getting hurt and dying."

Ziyi was shocked, something like that? even hundreds of billions of Money wouldn't be enough to pay for it, but they got four from her brother?

Zhihao noticed her thoughts as he replied: "Don't worry, It's nothing special, for my family's safety, every money in this world lacks value"

Hearing Zhihao's words, Bing Bing, Zhilong and Ziyi immediately had tears in their eyes, they felt warm inside, the love of an elder brother towards his family.

Ziyi then spoke: "Bro, can I hug you? I really dreamt of having an elder brother to protect us too"

Zhihao smiled as he nodded.

Ziyi immediately came forward and hugged Zhihao as she crued: "Wuuuu Wuuuu"

As the eldest sister in their family, she had to bear responsibilities and couldn't become what she actually liked, and what she wanted to do.

She cried really hard until finally stopping after few minutes more.

The four of them chatted for some more.


Meanwhile, someone got lost inside the mansion after running for a while.

"Hello? Is there anyone here? Uhh, can anyone bring me to the living room? Hello?"

Zhihao had been to Earth for 16 hours 24minutes and 33seconds!


TransMorph - Credits from amro4games (A Snail's Wisdom)

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