Supreme Martial System
111 Something gentle.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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111 Something gentle.

Zhilong, Bing Bing, and Ailing waited in the living room. then a call from Ailing's phone was made.

Ailing picked up the phone as she replied: "Sis, what's up?"

"Where were you guys? what happened? you guys haven't contacted me, I`m in Beijing right now" The one on the phone is Ailing's elder sister Zhong Ziyi.

Zhilong looked at Ailing then asked: "Is that your elder sister?"

Ailing nodded and replied: "Yes dad, she's in here in Beijing"

Ye Bing Bing then asked too: "She was in Paris, what is she doing here?"

Ailing shrugged her shoulders as she replied: "I don't know, just ask her when she arrives"

Zhilong and Ye Bing Bing nodded as they waved their hand letting Ailing continue.

Ailing then spoke to her sister: "Sis."

Ziyi intervened immediately: "Was that mother and father?"


Ziyi then just sighed as she asked: "Where's the address I`ll go there immediately."

Ailing immediately replied: "Oh, we're here! I`ll text you the address, our elder brother has been found!."

Ziyi then replied: "I know, I saw it in the news, it was the most talked topic on the internet after all"


After a while, Zhihao walked down the stairs as he smiled at them.

Zhihao then spoke: "I have things for you guys, it's these things." Zhihao immediately pulled out the bracelets he made in his room.

The bracelet for females looked like vines entangling together and it was fully covered with gold, there were also small golden roses showing it's bloom as it embosses out of the bracelet and diamonds in the middle of it, a total of 24 pieces.

The Male version of the Bracelet is a draconic figure of a mighty dragon, coiling around as it formed the whole bracelet, while ruby was embedded in its eyes.

Zhihao smiled as he handed the bracelet to them, then he spoke in a low tone where only his father and mother could hear his words.

"Those are magical bracelets, it will protect you guys from any dangerous thing that could lead to your death or injury, it also has all sorts of effects" Zhihao looked at them warmly as he spoke.

Zhilong and Ye Bing Bing smiled as they were about to say something, but then Ailing spoke.

"Bro! It looks so cool! but I think it won't fit my arms. It is so wide that I can fit it in my neck!" Ailing pouted as she made her stand.

Ye Bing Bing and Zhilong wanted to comfort her and say that they'll have some artist adjust it for them, it really looked like a kid's bicycle wheel after all. but before they could speak, Zhihao intervened.

"Oh, there is actually a secret to that, but once you wore it, it won't ever be removed for a week, you can immediately wear it after it got removed though, just be wary of time, would you like that? It's like a permanent tattoo"

Ailing's eyes brightened up as she replied in excitement: "Bro! me want! me want! tell me how! PM sent!" Ailing spoke in a cutesy manner as she held Zhihao's arm.

Zhihao sighed as he whispered in her ears in a low tone: "It's actually easy, you just have to shout "Rider Change!" and place it in your arms"

Ailing then blushed as she looked at the ground, deciding if she'll actually do it.

Zhihao's father and mother asked Zhihao: "What did you say to make that cheerful girl become like that?" "Yeah, she's always willful."

Zhihao chuckles as he replied: "Watch, It'll be interesting."

Ailing then looked at them as she spoke to them: "You guys don't laugh" she looked at Zhihao as she asked: "Was that really it? is there no other alternative?"

Zhihao pretended to ponder for a bit as he replied: "That's the only thing I know of right now"

Ailing then stood up as she looked serious while blushing like a tomato as she spoke: "Please don't laugh"

Tears formed in her eyes as she posed and held her arms upward and shouted: "Rider Change!" after shouting, she immediately placed the bracelet in her arms.

Zhilong and Ye Bing Bing were about to laugh when a dim light suddenly appeared on the bracelet as it morphed to fit her arm. like a vine, it slowly crawled towards her whole arm as it morphed into a fine masterpiece, although it had morphed in her whole arm, it was still a little thick as it still showed itself embossed in her arms.

The Three of them became extremely shocked, as they asked in their head: 'Would we need to do something like that to wear the bracelet?' they already thought of something this crazy to happen, but they didn't think they would do it themselves.

Ailing was so excited after the transformation as she spoke: "Brother! It really happened! It really happened! Am I a superhero now!?"

Zhihao pondered for a bit, then shook his head and replied: "No, but your strength has increased a bit. it will also help you relax and helps release your stress."

An Average builder's strength goes between 33 up to 40 strength based on the System's calculation, although her sister had already surpassed them it's better not to tell her, or something might go wrong. Like a certain someone going wearing a mask and saving innocent civilians being harassed or preventing some robbery from happening.

Ailing smiled as she nodded and looked at her new bracelet, although it looks like a Spartan lace in her arms, the only difference is that, it looked so beautiful that it made everything else matter not.

Ailing then tried to move her arms as the Bracelet also covered her joints. but after moving it, she was shocked as she exclaimed: "Brother! what's this bracelet made off? I couldn't feel any weight and no discomfort anywhere! This is too amazing!"

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "It's Chromium and Gold"

Zhilong was shocked and exclaimed: "The strongest metal on Earth? what? It just morphed like it's some soft silk!"

Zhihao smiled at his father without saying anything.

Ye Bing Bing then pinched her husband as she looked at him and sighed.

Zhilong then remembered his son is not one of the Earth's human anymore.

Zhihao then changed the topic as he looked at Ailing then spoke: "Ailing, You didn't need to pose though, I only said you to shout"

Ailing then realized this as she punched Zhihao and spoke: "You`re such a bully brother!"

Zhihao felt warm and then, Zhilong spoke.

"Son, Do I have to do that too? I mean the shouting?" Zhilong asked in embarrassment.

Zhihao chuckled as he replied: "No dad, it's just a simple prank on Ailing, you can just place it on your arms, it will transform immediately."

Zhilong and Bing Bing let out a sigh of relief and immediately placed the bracelet in their arms.

After placing the bracelet in their arm, what they witnessed with Ailing immediately happened again.

Ailing then pouted as she exclaimed in embarrassment: "Brother! why are you bullying me! wu wu wu."

The Trio laughed happily as they heard Ailing's words.


Disclaimer note. I might be sued for plagiarism due to using the Word Rider change, so I`ll just leave it here in below. It's from the anime/series of Kamen Rider.

Better safe than never.

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