Supreme Martial System
110 Chromium Bracelets
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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110 Chromium Bracelets

Zhihao and his parents immediately came back to the living room.

Zhihao then thought of something as he asked: 'System, Can I get them something from you to protect themselves?'


=No. you can't take higher materials and bring it to lower realms like this world.

Zhihao smirked then continued: 'Can I make something for them if the materials came from this world?'



Zhihao smirked as he felt like he finally won for once in his life with an argument with the system.

Zhihao then spoke to his family: "You guys should wait here, I`ll make you guys something."

Zhilong and Ye Bing Bing pondered for a bit as they spoke: "Make us something? you can cook?"

Zhihao chuckled as he replied: "Just wait for it, It's my gift to you guys"

Zhihao then searched through the internet what's the toughest metals are there in the earth.

After a while, Zhihao found out that it was Chromium, Zhihao immediately searched the internet for anyone who's selling it. then after a few seconds, he finally found one. Zhihao immediately made a call.

"Hello, this is the Great Steel Commerce right?" Zhihao spoke after he heard the phone was picked up.

The person on the other line replied: "Yes sir, how may I help you?"

Zhihao then answered: "I'd like to buy some chromium metals, how many do you guys have?"

The person on the other line smirked as he thought: 'you boasting about buying everything?' he then replied: "Sir, how much do you need?"

Zhihao then pondered for a bit as he replied: "I`ll need about 100 kg, and I`m in a rush, so can you guys rush it? I`ll pay four times the normal price"

Hearing Zhihao's word, the one man immediately replied: "Yes sir! of course!, I`ll deliver it personally!"

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "Thanks, the address is XXX-XXX-XXXX"

"Woah!, Yes sir, I`ll immediately go up there, I`ll deliver it immediately, within 20, no 10 minutes tops!" after speaking, he immediately prepared the receipt and materials and got help from the workers.

Zhihao nodded as he put down the phone.


Within just 8 minutes, the truck came and delivered the items to Zhihao.

The Man spoke as they placed it in front of Zhihao: "Sir, where would you like to place it?"

Zhihao casually replied: "Just put it there, here's your payment"

The man immediately smiled as he accepted the payment, he smiled widely as he replied: "Thank you, boss! Nice doing business with you!" he immediately divided it to 2/3 and gave the 1/3 to the workers. they all became happy, well they knew that it's a shut up fee so they just needed to shut up with this.

After handing the papers, Zhihao casually lifted the big Box to his shoulder.

The delivery men immediately became shocked, It took them four manpower to just lift it, but this guy lifted it with one hand like picking a tissue paper.

Zhihao noticing their gaze immediately realized it as he acted like he's having a hard time and placed it on the ground as he pulled it inside.

The men chatted with widely opened eyes as they spoke.

"Was I seeing things? he lifted it quite easily?"

"I saw it too! what was that?"

"Maybe it was just an illusion?"

"Don't talk, let's go out! we got money, we should drink afterward! It's my treat!" The Man that handled Zhihao's call spoke, he was too happy to ponder about such things now.

All of them immediately replied: "Yes sir!" They were happy, getting to drink at weekends and for free is something a lot of workers in the world would like to have.


After entering the house, Zhihao spoke to his family as he said: "I`ll make something, you guys wait here"

The three of them nodded as Ye Bing Bing spoke: "Go on then, We can wait for a long time"

Zhihao then carried the big box in his shoulder as he went back to his room.

Zhihao then spoke to the system after he arrived in his room: 'There's a Smithing function right? I need to use it now'


=Confirming Host's order, Summoning smithing tools..

After that, an ancient looking anvil with the head looking like that of a dragon appeared in front of Zhihao, and a hammer with a Head of a Pegasus in both of it's rear and front.

Zhihao then smiled and asked the system: 'How do I use this?'


=Just make a configuration of something that you`d like to make in this window.

After the System spoke, a window appeared in front of Zhihao.

Zhihao then pondered for a bit, then he immediately withdrew some golds from his Interspatial ring.

he placed it in the Dragon Anvil as he made the designs of the thing he wanted to create.

After a while, Zhihao smiled as he clicked confirmed.


=Proceed in making? how many

Zhihao nodded and spoke: "Proceed, One for male and five for females." after speaking, The hammer immediately flew as it the metals had gone in the Dragon Anvil.

Ting Ting! Ting Ting! Ting Ting!

The sound of Metals clashing was heard, as the metals started to mold one after the other, Zhihao designed a male and female version of bracelets.

After an hour of Ting Ting! Ting Ting!, the bracelets were finally done.


=Name your creation.

Zhihao looked at the bracelet as he replied: "Celestial Protection Bracelet"


=Celestial Protection Bracelet has been decided, Proceed?

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Proceed"

Zhihao then looked at the bracelet as he spoke: "Appraise."

Celestial Protection Bracelet (Epic) Growth type.

-A bracelet that protects the user 10 times from any life-threatening events from this world(Invalid in cultivation world)

-Relaxes the wearer

-Has a passive of continuously rejuvenating

+23 Strength directly to the wearer.

A Masterpiece made with low-grade materials.

Zhihao smiled after looking at the item as he spoke: "This would be very useful for them, and I can worry less too" after speaking, he immediately walked out of the room with smiles on his face.
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    《Supreme Martial System》