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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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109 Truth

After a while, Zhihao and his parents finally arrived.

Zhihao spoke: "Please sit, mom, dad." pointing at the chairs.

Ye Bing Bing nodded and smiled as she sat in the chair.

Zhilong then spoke: "I`ll stand behind your mother, she might collapse by your topic" Zhilong jokingly said.

Ye Bing Bing just hmmped as she looked at Zhihao and spoke: "You can speak about it now, what's the matter Hao'er?"

Zhihao then spoke in his thought: 'Can you please make the whole area around us soundproof, and make it so that they can see it too?'


=Of course.

Immediately, a soft thing floated out of Zhihao as it became a barrier that surrounded the whole terrace, the air around them looked like a transparent wall with the effects like they are inside a bubble.

Zhilong and Ye Bing Bing were shocked as they looked around, and finally looked towards Zhihao.

Zhihao then spoke: "I died, I think it was when I was 39 years old."

Ye Bing Bing and Zhilong was shocked yet again, he died? how? why is he here then?

Zhihao continued without waiting for their response: "I thought, that I would have been my last day on Earth at that time, But I guess someone gave me a second chance."

Ye Bing Bing and Zhilong nodded as they continued to listen, they were thinking too hard too, how come their son died, and given a second chance? a reincarnation? were those things real?

Zhihao then chuckles as he continued: "But don't think of dying, the thing that happened to me maybe a one in a hundred chance, maybe thousand? or maybe million? I don't really know"

His father and mother nodded together, they wanted to confirm something too, and that is, how did their son become so young again.

Zhihao then started to narrate: "My last days here in that body, was when I finally acquired information from the both of you"

Pausing for a bit, he then looked at them and continued: "I bought that information from the people

that likes to dig some things up, I got enough money for a plain to the Philippines, and wanted to show in front of you both and curse you guys, hahaha, well after thinking about the hardships you guys went through, I doubt I`ll do that even if you guys beg me to"

Hearing Zhihao's words, both Zhilong and Ye Bing Bing teared up, they confirmed today that they were definitely forgiven, then they looked at Zhihao waiting for his words.

Zhihao smiled at them continued: "When I arrived at the Bridge between Beijing and xxx city, I saw a few children playing tag, they weren't looking at where they were running to, so I evaded them when

they almost bumped into me, but due to my exhaustion that day, I lost my balance and fell from the bridge, that was the day I died."

Hearing Zhihao's words, Ye Bing Bing and Zhilong frowned as they felt guilty, they had a lot of money but couldn't find him for more than 30 years, but their son didn't give up and continued to search for them, for whatever reason he did it, they still felt warm and sad at the same time, they still caused their child's first death.

Zhihao then smiled as he spoke: "Well, I thought I died, but I actually got reincarnated in another world, where superpowers are real, and strength is everything while rules and laws are second"

"I was reborn in a rich household family, and became a Young Master, I actually have three wives and two sons now, I`ll show you guys when I get back to that world"

"See this stone?" after speaking, Zhihao crushed the stone as he looked at it getting crushed to pieces.

"These are one of the Powers I acquired during My stay there, and someone's help actually, he was also the reason I got reincarnated. It was thanks to him that I had a second chance at life"

Ye Bing Bing teared up as she heard Zhihao's words, at least her son found a good parent from another world. they couldn't actually believe it immediately, but what can they do? facts are clearly in front of them now, something science can't explain.

Zhilong teared up, why couldn't they have found their son, how incompetent were the people they hired that time.

Zhihao seeing their expressions, sighed as he spoke: "You guys should be happy now though, I already got two sons, that means you guys are grandparents now"

Ye Bing Bing smiled as she replied: "Yes son, but it's still painful how we couldn't see you grow up, but still, I want to meet them too."

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Of course, I still can't take you guys there, but maybe in the future."

Zhilong accepted every word Zhihao spoke as he thought of something else: "Son, what about Zheng Shuan, what will you do to her?"

Zhihao rubbed his nose as he replied: "She actually came to that world for a month's time, by accident, she got dragged when I returned, so she already knew about my three wives, and my sons"

Zhilong and Ye Bing Bing smiled as they sighed, that girl Zheng Shuan really loves their son, even if sharing the man she loves with other women so long as she can be together with Zhihao, she'll drop her pride for him. They mentally accepted Zheng Shuan in their heart.

Zhihao then spoke: "I can only stay in this world for two days, I can only return when I spend a month's time in another world, and I`ve almost used one day, but don't worry, I can return every four days, a month's time in that world, is four days in this world, but if I couldn't come back in time, It only means I have things to do in that world and am really busy"

Ye Bing Bing then spoke: "When can you stay here longer? That world is dangerous"

Zhilong nodded towards her word as they looked at Zhihao waiting for his answer.

Zhihao smiled as he spoke: "Don't worry, I`ll be able to overcome everything in that world, and I`ll protect it too, so I can return here after everything's done" Zhihao didn't tell them about his struggles from the other world to prevent making his parents worry further.

Ye Bing Bing nodded as she spoke: "Just be sure to stay safe, I... I can't take it if you disappeared for the second time."

Zhilong only looked at Zhihao as he wouldn't want anything to happen to him, but what can he do if he only has two days to spend in this world.

Zhihao smiled as he smiled: "I will mother, don't you both worry about me too much, as I`m actually pretty strong there, Just think of it as I`m playing a PC game"

Ye Bing Bing and Zhilong could only nod their heads, they can't do anything after all.

Zhihao then smiled as he spoke to the system: 'Please disperse the sound barrier"


=Order received.

Immediately, The barrier dissappeared into thin air.

Zhihao then spoke: "Let's go down now, Ailing must be bored to death there" after speaking, the three of them walked towards the Living room.

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