Supreme Martial System
108 Transformation
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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108 Transformation

After Driving for a few more minutes, Zhihao finally arrived in front of his mansion as he spoke to the guards: "Call Butler Ma, Tell him to prepare two separate rooms for my family."

The Guard nodded as he replied: "Yes Master" after speaking he opened the gate and called the Mansion's phone.

Zhihao drove his car to the entrance of the Mansion and woke up his parents.

"Mom, Dad, Ailing wake up, we're here."

Zhilong and Bing Bing woke up immediately as they smiled with tears in their eyes, hearing Zhihao spoke the words Mom and Dad made them realize that everything wasn't a dream, and it's definitely a fact.

Although their heads were aching, their beloved son woke them up for the first time in 40 years, they were too happy to bother with some hangover.

Zhilong tried to carry Ailing but was stopped by Zhihao.

"Dad, I`ll carry her to the room, follow the butler to your rooms.

Zhilong smiled and nodded, he brought Bing Bing to follow them.

Ye Bing Bing with tears spoke: "Goodnight son, you should rest well today."

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Got it, mom, you guys rest too."


After Zhihao brought his sister to her room, Zhihao went to his.

Zhihao disperses the alcohol in his body, as he smiled and laid in his bed. after a while, Zhihao heard a notification popped into his head.


=Host has removed a lock preventing the host from advancing to Mythical Lord Realm.

Zhihao was shocked as he asked the system: 'Lock?' but before he could hear a response, another notification popped up.


=Unlocking System Function, Fusioning ability. All Stats of the host will merge with Host's body. counting down starts.




Zhihao was shocked as he spoke: 'Wait, what are you...' But before he could finish his thoughts something happened.

Zhihao's body steadily grew in size, all his muscles are trembling as his physique transforms into something humongous. (Like Halk)

Zhihao felt pain from all over his body as it aches from every muscle, and bone, both internally and externally.

The feeling of his skin stretching, as everything within him, increases in size as it bulged from his whole body.

"Argggh!!!" Zhihao gritted his teeth as he tried to endure the massive pain that's being done to him by the transformation.


=Sealing the room, Preventing the sound from leaking and being heard from the outside.

Hearing this, Zhihao shouted without holding back.


Zhihao's face now has liquids coming out of his face, his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. but was red and thick, these are Blood combined with his saliva and tears.

"Huff... Huff... Huff..." Zhihao finally calmed down as the pain gradually decreases.

Zhihao asked: 'what... was... that...?'

But after asking, His physique immediately went another transformation, as this time it was in reverse.


The pain was actually ten folds of what he felt earlier, as everything inside his body shrunk, but this time, everything inside his body started to contract

Zhihao shouted to the top of his lungs as the pain was not something any ordinary person can endure.


Another shout from Zhihao came from the bottom of his stomach as he bears the intense pain coming from the reconstruction of his body. he felt like he's nearing his death as his consciousness is slowly fading.


=Host please endure.

As Zhihao heard the System's words, he tried to stay conscious to and overcame his limits.

Zhihao gritted his teeth and endured the pain as much as he can.


After 30 minutes, Zhihao felt his whole body gone numb, but what shocked him was that he was actually recovering really fast. then he heard the System's notification again.


=Congratulations for acquiring Tyrannical God's Body. It enhances your physical ability, regeneration, strength, agility, and the bonus of your intelligence and wisdom stats, you`ll learn fast, and get the broader knowledge to things. your body has been cleansed. Further development of this body in Demi-god Realm, and God's realm.

After hearing these words, Zhihao finally collapsed and directly hit the floor.


Morning came as Zhihao woke up, It was already 10 AM in the morning.

Zhihao saw the pool of blood, sweat, and some black liquids on the floor.

Zhihao scratched his head as he sighed, he immediately pulled some of his used clothes to dry the floor up, he went to his personal bathroom to get some toothpaste to remove the marks of the blood.

After cleaning the floor, Zhihao burned the clothes he used and dispersed it through the winds.

Zhihao immediately smiled as he found that his new body isn't bad at all.

He went out and went to the guest hall, then after arriving, he saw his family sitting there.

Zhihao spoke: "How are you guys? did you sleep well?"

Zhilong smiled as he nodded.

His mother, Ye Bing Bing spoke: "Yes we did, how about you?"

Zhihao replied: "I slept well."

Ailing then intervened in their chat: "Bro! you own this mansion?"


Ailing was shocked then replied: "Wow, you became rich! well with your face, You could find any job in the world just by standing, and you`ll get the same salary as a CEO."

Zhihao smiled as he nodded at Ailing, then he looked at his mother and father as he spoke: "I need to tell you guys something."

Zhilong and Ye Bing Bing pondered about what he'll say, but they just nodded and replied: "Okay"

Zhihao spoke to them: "Let's go to the Terrace, We need to talk about it in private" pausing for a bit, Zhihao looked at Ailing and spoke: "Sorry sister, you`ll need to stay here for a bit, I need to talk about it with our father and mother"

Ailing nodded and responded: "No worries bro! I got it"

Zhihao then continued: "Let's go, mom, dad." after speaking, Zhihao walked up the stairs.

Ye Bing Bing and Zhilong looked at each other as they smiled and followed Zhihao up.

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