Supreme Martial System
107 I know
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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107 I know

Zheng Lin smiled as she looked at Ye Bing Bing then spoke: "Madame Ye, how do you think about My daughter and your son getting married?"

Ye Bing Bing sighed as she replied: "I`d like the idea, but I would leave everything into Hao'er's hands, It's his choice to make, not ours, We love Hao'er so much too, so we can't go and force him to anything he doesn't want to do."

Zheng Lin sighed as she looked Zhilong.

Seeing Zheng Lin's stare, Zhilong coughed as he spoke: "To be honest, I`d like to support the two of them, but it's still Hao'er choice if he'll proceed with it." after speaking, Zhilong sighed and just coughed as he sipped on his wine.

Zheng Lin then sighed again as It all goes down to the two of them.

Zheng Lin looked at Zhihao as she spoke: "What will you do about it? You made my girl cry two times in just a single week."

Zhihao was shocked as he replied: "I did?"

Zheng Lin sighed again, this day she just kept sighing like it's a daily thing to do for her now.

She then looked at Shuan and spoke: "Shuan, Do you like this guy? Yes or no?"

Zheng Shuan was shocked, then she answered in a low tone: "Yes."

Zheng Lin looked at Zhihao with the face that's saying, 'see?'

Zhihao was stunned for a bit as she looked at Zheng Shuan.

Zheng Lin finally figured out something, This guy Zheng Shuan like is a complete dunce if it comes to feelings, and he's too dense, you just have to shove it all in, Zheng Lin sighed after the realization she just found.

Zhen Lin then looked at Zhilong and Bing Bing as she spoke: "See? they really make a good couple no? A dense guy and a shy girl"

Ye Bing Bing chuckled as she looked at her husband and replied: "I guess it runs in the genes"

Zhilong coughed as he continued sipping his wine.

After a while, a lot of food carts arrived and served the dishes one by one.

Zhilong then spoke: "Hao'er let's eat before it gets cold"

The parents looked at Hao'er as they ready themselves to eat.

Then to their surprise, Zhihao was still looking at Zheng Shuan.

Zheng Shuan heard them and glanced at Zhihao immediately, but then Zhihao was actually staring at her!

Zheng Shuan immediately became paralyzed as she stared back at Zhihao.

Zhihao then spoke: "You weren't messing with me that time? You actually like me?!"

Zheng Shuan immediately blushed, but then she resolved her will as she spoke: "Please go out with me! It wouldn't have to be a marriage, but please go out with me as I`ll try my best for you to develop feelings for me." after speaking, she blushed redder now as she looked at the ground, Embarrassed of what she had said herself.

Zhihao was gonna reject, but it would be too unreasonable even for him, she summoned all her courage to confess, and it would be rude to reject right now.

Zhihao then smiled as he replied: "Please take care of me."

Zheng Shuan immediately looked at Zhihao as she replied: "Please take care of me too" after speaking Zheng Shuan immediately cried as she held her hands to her face to cover her embarrassment.

Zheng Shuan confessed in front of her mother and Zhihao's parents and sister, she couldn't imagine their face right now.

Zheng Lin smiled victoriously as she spoke: "Let's eat now then, Let's celebrate you guys going out together!" Pausing for a bit, she shouted in an unladylike manner: "Waiter! We need champagne here! the best ones you have!"

The waiter immediately nodded and got some from their stash.

Zhilong didn't say anything as he smiled and spoke to his wife: "Let's eat"

Ye Bing Bing with tears in her eyes nodded and replied: "Lets"

Ailing then intervened after the long silence as she looked at Zheng Lin and spoke: "Madame, Will I get a lot of free things from your company now? Like those things that you haven't released in the market yet?"

Zheng Lin smiled as she replied: "Of course, as many as you want"

The four of them celebrated like nothing happened, while Zhihao and Zheng Shuan are eating awkwardly glancing at each other time and then.

Zheng Lin, Ye Bing Bing, and Zhong Zhilong chatted the whole time.

While Ailing kept taking pictures together with Zheng Shuan and making her sign papers for a lot of autographs to boast to her friends.


After a while, they finished their meals and bid farewell to each other.

Immediately, the bell boy drove their car to the entrance and handed Zhihao his keys.

The four of them entered the car as Zhihao drove towards his Mansion.

Ailing and Bing Bing finally fell asleep in the rear set. they were all a bit of drunk, and Ailing was already 18 this year, so she could already drink some alcohol, but her tolerance wasn't much. Zhilong smiled at their sleeping faces as he looked at Zhihao.

Zhilong spoke: "Son, About before, I`m really sorry about what happened, We didn't have a choice that time"

Zhihao nodded and replied: "I've figured it out today, don't worry"

"But, even if god reversed time to that year, We'll still do it"

Zhihao nodded and replied: "I know"

"But the only difference this time is, we know where you`ll be working."

"I Know"

"I`ll make it up to you, I`ll do everything to make it up to you son"

"I know"

"I hope that this time, It will be different and I`ll make things right!"

"I know"

"I trully regretted not getting to find you"

"I know"

"Son... I`ll" taken by the effect of Alcohol, Zhilong finally fell down and slowly fell asleep. He was too happy today that he drank so much that he got drunk in the end.

"Sleep well"

"Hao'er... Your... Mother... and... I... Love you" finally with the last of his consciousness he spoke those words.

Zhihao smiled as he spoke: "I know"


Author's 1st note!: I can't advance their progress in the relationship, I`ll do it as normal as possible! so you guys don't go getting your hopes up for some actions, you`ll need to wait for a while more!.

This is a Chapter to thank you guys for giving me ideas, I wrote in my Author's note below that I got 10 ideas, but now I got 20! Yay! Let's continue the struggle in my Dao of Writing something really bad novel thingy!

I think I have more talent in writing dramas than cultivation world, but i seriously like the Cultivation world genre.. .sad
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    《Supreme Martial System》