Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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106 Discussion

Hearing Shuan's Mother's words, Zhihao was stunned. He immediately looked at Zheng Shuan with a questioning face.

Zheng Shuan just blushed as she looked at the ground.

Zheng Lin sighed as she spoke to Shuan: "Looked at him straight, would you cower forever and let your feelings stay hidden?"

Hearing her mother's words, Zheng Shuan immediately looked up and straightly stared at Zhihao. but when she saw Zhihao staring back at her, on second thought, she immediately became a tomato as she looked back at the ground.

Zheng Lin sighed as she couldn't do much with this daughter of hers.

Zheng Lin then smiled as she looked at Zhihao's father and mother as she continued: "Wouldn't they look perfect together though? My daughter is a good match for him too wouldn't you agree? and it would also be an advantage as you wouldn't have to find someone that's not interested in your assets and wealth"

Pausing for a bit, Zheng Lin added: "I have my own assets, although I`m only following you in the Rank of wealthiest people in this world." She paused again as she continued: "Oh I forgot to introduce my self, I`m Zheng Lin, The owner of Nightingale Corporation, Here's my card" after handing her card to them, Zheng Lin spoke.

Nightingale Corporation is the only lingerie company in the world that is labeled with the words 'TOP' and 'BEST', they are the most expensive brands, and the most sought out product throughout the world if they are talking about lingeries and underwears.

Zhilong and Ye Bing Bing smiled and returned the card, Ye Bing Bing replied: "I`m sorry about my son, but we can't really control who he loves, and we just found him today after the years that we abandoned him when he was a kid, It was due to our stability then, but we just got to meet him today, so I think we don't have any jurisdiction towards which he would marry."

Zhilong nodded and continued: "I`ll be handling all my assets and company to him, But I'm not really capable of stopping him or his dreams, He can do anything with it, even if he wishes to destroy it himself"

Zhilong then looked at Zhihao as he continued: "Son, I know that I wasn't even a father to you, But I`ll make it up to you, in all the way that I could do so" then spoke in his thoughts: 'Even if I had to die to accomplish your wish.'

Zhihao sighed as he saw the determination to do anything they could do, and he already noticed that they were actually serious when they said that they'll die if he wishes to, He's having a hard time deciding on things now.

Zheng Shuan and her mother were shocked as they both thought: 'It was their first time meeting their child? they abandoned him before? what are they talking about?'

Zhihao then nodded as he accepted them into his heart, he then looked at Zheng Shuan and was about to speak, then suddenly a group of van approached the restaurant.

They immediately wanted to enter the restaurant, The security guard immediately tried to block them as such, they were stopped.

Then one of them lifted his camera as he shot at Zhihao's area in the distant courtyard.


After seeing the guy, immediately, all the cameramen took action as they got some shots as well.

Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!

The sounds of the camera's taking shots barraged immediately. then the reporters took action as they immediately asked simultaneously.

"Is this an arranged meeting for the wedding between the two of them?"

"Is Zheng Shuan's fiance really Mister Zhong's Son? Please answer"

"Are the two big companies gonna merge after the wedding day?"

"Are they going to be married this year?"

"Mister Zhong, is he really a son of yours? why'd you hide him from the masses?"

"Mister Zhong..."

"Madame Lin..."

"Zheng Shuan..."

"Madame Bing Bing..."

All sorts of questions popped out one after another.

Ye Bing Bing wanted to cry, his own son being questioned if he really is their son in front of them, Ye Bing Bing wanted to say yes proudly, but his son hasn't even accepted them yet, She wouldn't want to announce it if his son didn't as such, she could only weep inside, and keep it inside her heart.

Zhilong wanted to shout to the world that he is his son, but remember that Zhihao hasn't approved of them, he could only grit his teeth as he clutched his hands.

Zhihao noticed the two's emotion as he felt the warm he wanted to receive, they were his family, after all, the first one that he tried so hard to know. If what they were saying before was right, he would only have had lived until 1 or 2 years old, such a fate is definitely horrible for any parent to bear, to watch their son die due to their lack of ability to sustain their son.

Zhihao imagined that if he couldn't feed his son anymore, what would he do? what would you do? would you still try to take care of him even if you knew he will only die? the two of them worked hard to sustain themselves and to send money to the orphanage.

Zhihao stood up as he looked at the reported.

Zhilong and the rest of them looked at Zhihao wondering what he is doing.

Ye Bing Bing on the other hand immediately found hurting in her heart, as she wondered if Zhihao would say that 'They are not my parents', her chest felt like someone is hammering it and strangling her neck.

Zhihao then walked towards his mother and father as he held them together.

Ye Bing Bing and Zhilong looked at Zhihao as they are wondering what he's going to do.

Zhihao smiled at them then looked at the reporters as he spoke: "They are my family"

Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!

The crowd of reporters immediately went wild as they saved their recordings and videos.

Zhilong and Bing bing immediately wept tears as they heard Zhihao's words. for the first time, in their whole life, the word family couldn't be more important than their life put together. they felt like the words spoken by Zhihao was a blessing that came from the heavens itself as they muttered to themselves. 'Thank you, son, for forgiving these useless parents of yours'

They both immediately bowed as they thanked the heavens for reuniting them together again, after 40 years of separation. tears kept flooding the ground as they had released the tension in their hearts in any possibility of Zhihao rejecting them.


I was gonna stop it here, but I guess I`ll continue since I owe you guys for being late. I guess it would be like releasing another half of the next chapter. well just consider it as some tissue to wipe out your tears or something.


After the reporters finally calmed down they looked at Zheng Shuan and Zheng Lin as they asked their questions.

"Are you guys in a marriage arrangement meeting?"

Zheng Shuan replied immediately, as she wouldn't want to force Zhihao: "No, we're not, as I told you guys, It's a one-sided love, nothing more, nothing less" she immediately bowed and sat back to her chair and tried to calm down herself.

Zhihao was shocked as he thought: 'Were you serious when you said that before?'

Zhihao was speechless, he thought that since the beginning, Zheng Shuan was actually just messing with him as he kept sighing with whatever she did, he thought it was childish to prank someone so that the media would bother him a lot, He didn't think that Zheng Shuan was actually in-love with him.

Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!

To break the Tension between the two of them, Zheng Lin spoke: "Oh, I`m actually trying to get my daughter to be married to him, but you guys arrived, how would you guys compensate us for that?"

Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!

Zheng Ling hearing the clicking of the cameras immediately continued: "If you don't stop now, I`ll make your station go bankrupt!"

Her words sounded like a thunderclap from heavens itself. such proclamation, who wouldn't. but then they thought, one of the richest people in the world said it, and we can't go against those words.

The world was silent when Zheng Lin spoke, even the drop of a needle can be heard with this silence.

Zheng Lin continued: "You guys got my answer, and so is the answer of the kids, so when are you guys leaving?"

"Yes Ma'am!" they were quite obedient when it comes to losing their work, even going to prison due to bankrupting their TV station is possible, it made them have cold sweats in their backs, a threat from a normal celebrity is fine, but from a Super corporation such as these two gigantic establishments, that is definitely not something to joke about.

Immediately, the reporters simultaneously packed their things as they run back to their own Van and scampered away.

Zheng Lin then spoke as she sat down: "Now, It's quiet, Let's continue our discussion"

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