Supreme Martial System
105 My Daughter thinks otherwise
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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105 My Daughter thinks otherwise

They had finally arrived in Beijing.

Zhong Zhilong spoke: "We can wait here, I`ll call for a car"

Zhihao shook his head and replied: "I have a car, let's just use that"

Zhilong and Bing Bing looked at each other then nodded their heads, they were thinking that their son must have bought a second-hand car.

Zhilong then nodded and spoke: "Yes, let's use that instead then" he wanted to see his son's hard work, after all, they already had accepted the fact that Zhihao is their son even without verification.

Zhilong and Bing Bing have this certain feeling that this young man is definitely their child, as such, they treated him like he is.

Zhihao then replied: "Okay, You guys just wait, I`ll drive the car here so you three wouldn't need to walk." after speaking Zhihao walked to the parking area and paid the parking fee.

In just a few minutes, Zhihao arrived in his car.

Zhilong and Bing Bing were shocked, even Ailing is!, that's a Scarlet Sarlon, and by the looks of it, it's the upgraded version! at most, it would cost $2million to $3million! how much is their son earing to buy such a nice car?

Zhihao then opened the car's door and spoke: "You should get in now."

Ailing immediately replied: "I`m sitting on the front seat!"

Although she had been riding a lot of fancy cars, it's her first time riding one without being in the middle or behind the car seats. so she's pretty excited about it.

Zhihao then opened the doors and let his father and mother in, Ailing just run to the front seat on her own.

Afterward, Zhihao entered the driver's seat and drove out.


After a while, they had finally arrived at the most expensive Restaurant in Beijing with the help of WeLocate App from his phone.

Zhilong looked at Zhihao as he smiled, while Ye Bing Bing kept trying to talk to him over and over again.

It would've made everyone felt quite annoyed if their mother kept asking questions like that, but for some reason, Zhihao felt warm inside instead.

After some time, they finally got a table for the four of them, with no reservations needed, Who was Zhilong? One of the richest men in the world, They wouldn't kick him out even if they died, such a thing is as good as a free advertisement. as such, they especially vacated the Restaurant's East Courtyard and prepared everything immediately.

The four of them sat on the table as the waiter handed them the Menu.

Zhihao then called the Waiter and spoke: "I`ll take all the food listed in this menu, and also give us some wine" Zhihao couldn't understand anything written in the menu anyways, as such, he resorted to the easiest solution, Buy everything.

Hearing Zhihao's order, the Waiter was shocked for a single moment as he calmed down and answered: "Yes sir, it will be ready within 1hour and 30minutes.

Zhihao nodded as he nodded.

Zhilong smiled, they will be wasting a lot of money for this meal. Ailing just waited for them

Ye Bing Bing broke the silence: "So, Hao'er what's this issue with you and Zheng Shuan?"

Zhilong and Ailing immediately looked at Zhihao in anticipation.

Zhihao just sighed as he replied: "It's kind of a misunderstanding"

"How'd something so big became a misunderstanding?" Ye Bing Bing asked

Zhihao then smiled at them then spoke: "Well, It was when I was buying a house for myself to live in,.." Zhihao retold what happened to the both of them, excluding all the things about the Cultivation world.

Ye Bing Bing, Zhilong, and Ailing nodded in understanding the situation.

Ailing then called out: "Oppa, can you give me an autograph from her? I like her movies! specially Dimeo and Miliet, I watched it for about 38 times!"

Zhihao smiled at Ailing's words as he replied: "Sure, I`ll try to ask..." but before she could finish, a voice came from the sides.

"Eh?!" It was a woman's voice.

Zhihao looked at the voice as it sounded familiar. then he noticed, She's Zheng Shuan herself. what kind of coincidence is this?

Zhihao smiled at her as he spoke: "Would you like to join us instead? We ordered a lot of foods, so It would save the time."

Zheng Shuan was about to reject, then a silhouette appeared from behind her as she spoke: "Of course, please pardon our intrusion then, I`m Shuan's Mother"

Zheng Lin smiled at the receptionist as she spoke: "Please cancel our reservation, we met an acquaintance"

The Receptionist nodded and respond: "Yes Ma'am" these two families are not someone the restaurant can offend, this is the basic knowledge of the World, If you can't offend someone, just nod at their words.

Zheng Lin dragged Shuan's to the courtyard immediately as she looked at Zhilong and Ye Bing Bing and spoke: "Hello, My daughter and your son are friends, I hope you don't mind our intrusion"

Zhihao's mother and father nodded as they smiled. Ye Bing Bing then spoke: "We wouldn't mind." after speaking, Ye Bing Bing called the waiter and ordered an addition of two chairs.

Ye Bing Bing actually wanted talk with Zhihao alone with her husband and daughter, but since the guest was a friend of Zhihao's, she wouldn't want to reject.

After a while, The waiters had brought another set of chairs and fixed the setup.

Zheng Lin spoke first: "Zhihao right? What do you think about my daughter?" Zheng Shuan's mother immediately went directly went to the point.

Zheng Shuan was shocked as she spoke: "Mom, What are you doing" Zheng Shuan tried to persuade her mother, but she wouldn't budge an inch.

Zhilong and Ye Bing Bing looked at their son, waiting for his answer. Ailing, on the other hand, is thinking something different. 'I`ll get a handsome oppa! and a superstar noona!'

Zhihao smiled as he casually replied: "We're good friends"

Zheng Shuan even though she already expected his answer to be like that, felt like her heart ached as thousands of needles poking at it. her eyes were about to have tears as she heard her mother continued.

"My daughter thinks otherwise, as she is deeply in love with you though, What do you think?" Zheng Lin spoke seriously as she looked at Zhihao seriously.

Zhilong, Ailing, and Bing Bing's eyes opened as they couldn't believe what they heard.

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