Supreme Martial System
104 He“s my Son
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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104 He“s my Son

Back in the Cultivation world.

The strongest Being of the invaders had finally recuperated, Rah.

"Have you guys finished the preparation? have those clones been fully synced with the inhabitant's thinking, movement, and actions?" Rah spoke to the Transcendent Beings, the Captains.

One of them replied: "We have done everything, and they look, act, and move the same as the inhabitants"

Rah nodded as he asked: "How about the visualization of what the clones can see, and what they hear, have those fully been implanted?"

"Yes sir"

Rah nodded then asked another one: "Why are there a lot of those ones mixed?"

"Sir, According to our research, They prioritize beings that they call females, Elder, and children"

Rah nodded then looked towards the farther distance, where a pyramid-like structure was made. he asked: "Those prisoners, what's the best thing to do with them, I think our research with them is done already right?"

"Reporting, We can make them as slaves, it will increase our production with the minerals"

Rah nodded as he finds it a good reason to keep them.

Rah then continued: "We need to hold on as long as we can, Our Archon has died, and we can't send a distress signal to our Empire, It would take years for them to notice us, since our Empire is already Invading the other realms, especially those from the Gods Realm and the Titan's Realm, they are too busy to notice our predicament here in the small world" pausing for a bit, Rah looked at his subordinates as he spoke: "Send the clones, Gather as much information we can possibly get"

"Yes sir!" immediately all of them went to heed Rah's Orders.


Within the Eternal Glory Empire.

Ning'er was busy improving the economy of the Empire, While Xiao'er is helping different types of Registration from the laborer needs and payment.

About 20% of the total loaned products had finally been returned.

Every day, the Development of the city had been improving by a wide margin.


Ma Dong continued cultivating, as he can spend his time when he returned from cultivation and spends his time with his family.

When Ma Dong returned, his wife had already prepared dinner for him.

"Welcome home" His wife smiled at him as she prepared to reheat the soup.

Ma Dong smiled in return and spoke: "I`ll try my best to complete Master's mission"

His wife immediately shed tears as she smiled and replied: "Just return alive, That's all that matters"

Ma Dong smiled as he answered: "Everything is for the human race, I`d like to have the same aura as my lord, protecting you all as well as protecting the inhabitants of our world"

"You`ll always be my husband, no matter what happens"

Ma Dong smiled as he spoke: "Don't worry, even though it's a trial, It's not that much of a problem, we'll just cause them some minor headaches."

His wife, Lu Mai smiled as she placed the soup in front of Him. then two silhouettes appeared as they rushed towards Ma Dong.

"Daddy!" it was his two daughters.

Ma Dong smiled as he hugged them: "How's the cultivation within the sect? Was it exhausting?"

"Nope! It was actually relaxing" Pausing for a bit, Ma Ziyi: "Dad, We missed your fluffy body! now your body is just like hugging a rock!"

Ma Minzi also nodded in approval to her Elder Sister's words.

Ma Dong smiled as he replied: "Well, your mother actually likes this body of mine now than what I had before"

The Two sisters looked at their mother as they stared with the word written in their eyes "WHY"

Lu Mai glared at Ma Dong as she looked at her two daughters and answered: "Don't believe your daddy, I liked the plump him from before too"

The two sisters nodded as they thought they understood that their father is just making a joke.

The Four of them continued to talk and later had gone to sleep.


When the night came.

Verushka, Ning'er, and Xiao'er gathered together and started to enhance their fighting skills and solidify their cultivation.

Not a single one of them wants to be left behind when the time comes, they wanted to fight together with their husband. but they all knew that Zhihao wouldn't let them come. as such they always displayed that they are only playing the phones, but they actually enjoyed it, but still their priority is to help their husband in the fight with the invaders, as such they honed themselves every night, to prevent Zhihao from noticing it.

Verushka was already at the Legendary Might's realm, while Ning'er and Xiao'er are still in Divine Might's Realm. the both of them are trying hard to break through to the Legendary Realm. as such, they needed the guidance of Verushka.

once in a while, Xiao'er and Ning'er would spar as Verushka pointed out their mistakes and weaknesses.

Improving their battling skills further.


Back to Earth.

Zhihao's hands were being held by his mother. as he spoke: "M... Mo... Mom"

Ye Bing Bing beamed a smile as she tried to hug Zhihao.

Zhihao then spoke again: "I`m sorry, I've forgiven you both, But I need time to think about it."

Ye Bing Bing then exclaimed: "Why? You've forgiven..." But before she could continue, she stopped immediately and nodded her head as she replied: "I Understand, Do you need any money? food? have you eaten yet? let's eat, for now, how about spending some time with us for a dinner, just for today? please?" Ye Bing Bing plead with a sad expression, not wanting for Zhihao to reject.

Zhihao saw her mother's begging face, her sincerity and understanding had became known to him, how much would his life be if he spent it together with them.

Zhihao sighed as he nodded then spoke: "Well, I`ll be going back to Beijing for now, so we should eat there instead"

Ye Bing Bing nodded as she spoke: "Of course, of course" smiling from ear to ear.

Zhihao entered the airport together with the three of them.

Zhong Zhilong nodded and spoke to the secretary and his bodyguards: "You guys go back first, we'll go with our son for now"

The secretary immediately replied: "But sir, your safety is..."

Zhong Zhilong glared at him as he spoke: "Don't make me repeat myself twice"

"Yes sir" immediately the secretary backed off together with the bodyguards.

Zhihao was gonna buy the ticket for the three of them but his father spoke: "Son, we got a private jet, we should take that instead, We can arrive much faster with that"

Zhihao nodded and followed his father and mother. then a sudden sound of clicking was heard.

Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!

Shots of cameras from other phone was getting released.

-Oh my god! Zheng Shuan's fiance is the Son of the Zhong family!

-This is breath taking! Let's upload it to bodynote!

Zhihao sighed and shook his head as he spoke to his family: "Let's go, faster, the better"

Ye Bing Bing then exclaimed: "Son, you have a fiance? Zheng Shuan? isn't she that superstar?"

Ailing then exclaimed: "Eh? oppa! you and Zheng Shuan are actually together?! can you please get her autograph for me?"

Zhihao sighed as he replied: "Let's talk about it in dinner, It's a misunderstanding"


Commotions broke out in the Internet immediately as the news scattered throughout the web.

"Oh my gawd!, Zheng Shuan's fiance is handsome and rich!"

"Being the son of a man from one of the leading billionaires in the world!"

"A perfect Prince Charming!"

"Good looks, Good Wealth! Good everything!"

"I would be his mistress if he'd like! even without a salary, just holding his arms would do!"

"Who would even want you even if you paid them!"

"Mister Perfect has appeared!"

"A Pair made in heaven! Banzai!"


Somewhere in Beijin, inside the house, two silhouettes were talking but suddenly stopped as they saw the The news.

-One of the Leading billionaire of the world! his son is engaged to the Superstar Zheng Shuan! This really is a breaking news! what do you say partner"

The Female news anchor sighed as she looked at the man in the vizuals.

Noticing this, the one that spoke earlier immediately continued: "Here's some footage and even the video of the person that seemed to be Zheng Shuan's fiance, and they are even going inside the Private jet of the Zhong family! This is it, please watch"

One of the figure was Zheng Shuan, while the other one is her mother.

Zheng Shuan's mother spoke: "That guy is the son of the Zhong family? why didn't you tell that to me sooner?"

Zheng Shuan looked at her mother as she replied: "I didn't even know!" she thought that Zhihao was a full-fledged being from another world, so she didn't bother asking about his status.

Zheng Shuan's mother sighed as she spoke: "I guess it would be troublesome for you from now on, It's a natural acceptable fact for a superstar and a super-rich man to be together, but with that Kind of family they would definitely be the ones that choose their son's wife."

Zheng Shuan sighed as trouble kept popping out of nowhere when she just returned from another world.

Zheng Shuan sighed as she spoke in a low tone: "So, he had a family here too? but maybe they are just doing some business partnership?"

Then the News showed a video with Zhihao's father being interviewed before boarding their Private jet. Zhihao's father spoke: "He's my son"

Zheng Shuan's eyes and mouth opened immediately as she couldn't believe what Zhong Zhilong, one of the richest man in the whole wide world said.


Author's Note.

Oh, Sorry guys, were you expecting a continuation of Chapter: Mom? Well, I couldn't think of how to reject them yet! :D Well, sadly I need to make you guys wait until you find the bridge...

(4/10) chapter for this week!

Hey. Sad news, I think I wouldn't get the contract.

We haven't been getting any news and it's for about a month now.

I need to Earn some money you know, so I`ll be working really hard if I couldn't get it.

But don't worry, I`ll try to finish my novel even without the contract, but with lack of inspiration I think I'm going to release few chapters, as this novel will turn from work to Hobby instead :D I hope you guys will still love it by then..
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