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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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103 Mom

Zhihao's heart ached every second he sees his father in a pained manner.

Zhihao then figured something out as he spoke: "Actually, I`m not your son, he was my friend, you can check my blood if you want, we just got the same name that's it, Your son died in a river, I don't know when but he was knocked over in a bridge" Zhihao speaking this felt a sharp pain in his chest.

Zhihao wanted to see his family before because he felt jealous whenever he sees a Family with their kids having fun. Zhihao wanted to see them again, but he's not the same guy anymore, he already has another family, back in the cultivation world.

Hearing Zhihao's words, Zhong Zhilong for some unknown reason felt pain in his heart. he then asked: "Can you take off your face cover, please?"

Zhihao sighed as he removed his face mask and shades as he looked at his father.

Zhong Zhilong was shocked because of his handsome face but then felt pained again. It feels like he really is his son, but this guy is too young! his son should most likely be 39 years old by now.

Zhong Zhilong was in a dilemma now, he really felt that this guy is his son, but he's too young to be him!

Then, When they are having a staring competition, a Silhouette appeared and immediately hugged Zhihao as she exclaimed with tears.

"SON!" It was Zhihao's mother.

Ye Bing Bing, Zhihao's mother rushed from Paris out of her meeting when she heard the news, and had just arrived.

Zhihao then felt extreme sadness when he heard her words, and immediately, Tears flowed down his face as he shuddered.

Zhong Zhilong tried to pull them apart but was brushed away by his Wife.

Zhihao's mother cried tears as she wept and hugged him.

Zhong Zhilong spoke: "He's not our son, dear you should stop that now, Our son should be 39 years

2months and three days old! that young man is definitely not him! Wake up Ye Bing Bing!"

Zhihao Hearing Zhong Zhilong's words was shocked, they can remember something like that? how much did they wait?

Ye Bing Bing then glared at his husband as she spoke: "I don't know what happened, but as soon as I saw him, I felt the connection between us! Have you not?!"

Zhong Zhilong's eyes opened widely as he himself was shocked, Yes! He felt it too when he first saw the man, and even now! they truly loved him from the bottom of their hearts as their heart was crushed when they left him in front of the orphanage.

But when they thought that if they brought Zhihao along with them that time, the three of them would have died from hunger, there was even a time when they couldn't eat for three days straight and pushed themselves to work hard while having an empty stomach, how would Zhihao bear the hunger that time, would he have survived?

The orphanage was the only thing that could help them raise Zhihao, they were sending money to the orphanage every month to help them through the years, but when they heard that Zhihao had escaped, They immediately stopped the support, they tried to search all the streets that time but to no avail.

Zhong Zhilong shook his head as he spoke: "Honey, I can feel it too, but he's too young to be our son, I know it is painful, but he said he only has the same name as Hao'er, and he said that Hao'er had died"

Ye Bing Bing hugged Zhihao's body firmly afraid that she might lose his son again, she just ignored her Husband's words as she wept in Zhihao's body.

Zhong Zhilong was about to speak when he saw Zhihao's face and exclaimed inside himself: 'he's crying? why?' then he felt pain and had the urged to hug Zhihao but stopped the thought immediately.

Zhihao finally calmed down the strong urge to hug his mother, but the pain that he felt when he's together with them is still there, lingering in his whole body.

Zhihao took his mask and wiped his tears he looked sideways and replied: "Madame, I think you mistook me for someone else, I knew your son, He died for a while now"

Zhong Zhilong saw Zhihao looking sideways as he spoke and thought of something: 'Maybe it's surgery?' He was about to speak, then Ye Bing Bing spoke.

"Can you look at me straight in the face and say that? I don't know what happened to you, but I just know, I can feel it inside my bones, flesh, and blood that you are my son! Please forgive me, Please Hao'er, we couldn't do anything in the past, but we'll make it up to you, what do you say Hao'er?" Ye Bing Bing spoke fluently without stuttering.

Zhihao then snickered as he looked at his mother, but what he heard and what he's seeing now is totally different, that astute and confident tone came from this woman?

Ye Bing Bing spoke confidently and domineeringly, but it's written all over her face, that what does that confidence mean were something else, she's thinking that the Zhihao in front of her is her son, and there is only that truth in the whole world.

What Zhihao saw was a face full of sadness, regret, and anguish, the fact that she couldn't take care of his son was the most painful experience she had ever felt in her whole life, she wanted to make it up with the years that Zhihao was not with her.

Zhihao was silent as he looked at his mother he tried to speak: "I.. ... ..." but he couldn't utter the words to evade his mother.

Ye Bing Bing held Zhihao's hands as tears flowed out of her tears.

Ye Bing Bing then spoke to the silent Zhihao: "I would die to get your forgiveness son, I know it is you, I can feel it, you somehow became younger, but what's important to me is that, You are here already in front of me, If you wish for me to die right now to atone for my sins, I`ll do it right now"

Zhihao was stunned as he couldn't find the words to refute her and like something natural, Zhihao muttered a word: "M... Mo.. Mom.." After speaking, Tears slide out of Zhihao's calm face.
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    《Supreme Martial System》