Supreme Martial System
102 Reunion
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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102 Reunion

After leaving the Manga store. Zhihao went and did some window shopping to a lot of more stores inside the Bakit Center to browse some research materials.

After a Zhihao bought some few more research materials, He finally decided to return to Beijing so he walked towards the exit of the Bakit Center.

When he finally reached the exit a figure of a woman run towards him as she shouted: "HOLD!"

Zhihao stopped walking and waited for the woman to approach him

The woman's figure finally reached Zhihao, She was Ailing.

Ailing Spoke: "Hey! Zhihao right? you remember me?"

Zhihao nodded and asked: "Do you need something?"

Ailing then immediately replied: "Ah, Actually my car broke, so I need to ask if you could take me somewhere?"

Zhihao sighed then spoke: "I don't really have a car, so if you can take a taxi and If it's along the way to the airport, I don't mind accompanying you there"

Ailing was shocked as she thought: 'This guy is rich? I thought father said he abandoned him in an orphanage? maybe this was a mistake'

After thinking, Ailing then exclaimed: "Wooo!, Luckily you are going to the airport, I`ll be going there too!" his father would be arriving in his private jet in a few minutes, so it wouldn't be bad if they just meet there and not in the Center.

Zhihao nodded and walked towards the Taxi waiting slot. after getting inside, Zhihao instructed the taxi driver to drive to Flying Dragon Airlines.

Ailing Immediately text his father that they will be going to the Flying Dragon Airlines.

After a few minutes of silence, Ailing asked out of curiosity: "What's your father and mother's work? which line of business do they make a living?"

Zhihao sighed as he thought this girl is too nosy then he just replied: "I was abandoned"

Hearing Zhihao's words, Ailing felt sympathy and at the same time, confirmed one of her father's description.

The taxi proceeded towards the airport when they are close, Ailing received a call from his father.

"Where are you both?"

Ailing replied: "We're almost there" after speaking, her father immediately hung up.


Mister Zhong immediately went to the taxi drop area as he awaits their arrival. he couldn't help himself from getting his eyes wet.

Mister Zhong himself and his wife tried to find their son after they separated from him for 8 years when they had a stable income, but when they returned to the orphanage, their son ran away due to lack of food and necessities, The orphanage couldn't sustain all the children inside, and there were too few donations that were given monthly, the children could only eat once or twice a day which made Zhihao search for some part-time jobs and leave the orphanage.

Mister Zhong wanted to make it up to his son. then his phone vibrated as a message popped up in his notification: '15 seconds Dad!'

After reading the text, he saw a taxi arrives.

The door opened as his daughter Ailing got out and a man with sunglass and facemask got out of the taxi.

Mister Zhong immediately walked forward and stopped in front of Zhihao as he spoke: "Are you Zhong Zhihao? I know you don't know me, but there's a possibility that I`m your father, I left you in..."

But before he could finish Zhihao spoke: "Lost soul orphanage?"

Mister Zhong was stunned as Tears immediately flowed down from his eyes and spoke in a low tone: "Yes"

Zhihao then looked at the one that seemed to be his father for a while, then he walked towards the airport as he spoke: "I didn't think I wouldn't feel anything after seeing you, I guess that's it, we should separate our ties from here, You're doing good now right"

Mister Zhong was stunned as he runs and grabbed Zhihao's hand as he replied: "Please, hear me out son, We searched for you when we had a stable income"

Zhihao then snickered as he answered: "Now that you found me, it's all good now, you can leave"

Mister Zhong cried as he kneeled on the ground and spoke: "Son, Forgive this useless father of yours, I`ll really make it up to you, Please! please, I beg of you" after speaking, Mister Zhong bowed as his head smacked the ground.

Just when Zhihao thought that he couldn't feel anything from his father's plea, he was shocked as his heart felt like it was getting crushed. Zhihao frowned and sighed as he looked back.

Zhihao casually replied: "Speak"

Mister Zhong looked at his long-lost son as he spoke: "I`ll give you all the rights and assets I have, Please forgive your mother and me, Please I beg of you son"

Zhihao sighed then replied: "I don't need wealth, I already got more than enough to last me thousands of years"

Mister Zhong sighed sadly as he spoke: "Just, Please forgive us, I`ll make it up to you, When we returned to the orphanage after 8 years you were already gone there, we tried to search but we couldn't find you anywhere"

Zhihao then snickered as he spoke: "I`m three blocks away from the Orphanage, working as an illegal part-time worker, you couldn't find me?"

Mister Zhong cried immediately as he replied: "I`m sorry, son, I thought you have gone to a farther place, so we searched everywhere beyond the Orphanage, I thought you wouldn't be working near the orphanage since you left it in the first place, who would've thought that you were working somewhere near."

Zhihao sighed then when he was about to reply, Ailing spoke.

"Bro! please forgive father, he really was regretting his decision of abandoning you in that orphanage, ever since we were Young, father kept mentioning it, and it actually became our family's daily word, I hope you can forgive our father, please! I really want to have a big brother!" Ailing spoke pleadingly with anticipating eyes.

Zhihao felt the pain lessened in his heart when he heard Ailing's plea, then he replied: "I`m... let me think about it"

Mister Zhong immediately stood up as he asked: "Can you give me your contact information? just contact me okay? I`ll wait even if the day you forgive is the day I die, so long as you can forgive your mother and me"

Zhihao sighed as he handed his phone to his father. Mister Zhong's secretary was going to reach Zhihao's phone to help him, but then Mister Zhong rushed forward to get Zhihao's phone and immediately copied Zhihao's number.

Mister Zhong immediately returned the phone to Zhihao as he spoke: "Here son, My name is Zilong, please don't forget me, and your mother's name is..."

Zhihao's chest tightened when he saw such a scene, he thought that his father forgot about him, but were they really searching for him? Zhihao clenched his fist and as he looks at the old man known as his father.

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