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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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101 Magic

After thinking for a while, Ailing immediately called her father again: "Dad! I met a guy named Zhong Zhihao here in Bakit Center!"

Mister Zhong immediately replied: "Are you sure?"

Ailing then confirmed: "Yes! He let us see his driver's license, and the name written in it is Zhong Zhihao"

Mister Zhong exclaimed: "Find him and hold on to him, I`ll come immediately"

Ailing just nodded and replied: "Yes father, I`ll try my best" after speaking, they both hanged the phone.

Ailing immediately went back to find Zhihao while Mister Zhong ordered his secretary to prepare their private jet.


Zhihao found a Manhua Store and immediately entered inside.

There were all kinds of books he went to browse the cover one after the other, but suddenly Zhihao was shocked, there were even +18 rated things on the shelves. Zhihao scratched his head as he sighed, there would definitely be more than thousands upon thousands of books here, Zhihao sighed as he approached the clerk.

The Clerk is an average looking fat guy, with a few spots of freckles in his left cheek and neck. with glasses and a hair that looked like half a coconut shell.

Zhihao sighed when he approached the clerk then spoke: "Hello, Can you recommend me something for a new reader like me?"

The Clerk fixed his glasses and smiled as he looked at Zhihao then he spoke: "Oh, a new fledgling! welcome to our world comrade! the world of fantasy!"

Zhihao was shocked as he thought: 'what's this guy talking about?' then he replied: "Yes?"

The Clerk smiled then spoke: "So dear comrade, which genre do you want to start with? what type of books would you need to start your life with us"

Zhihao sighed as he replied: "Something with Battles, War, Demon Beast or Planetary wars?"

The Clerk smiled as he nodded then spoke: "Definitely a fledgling, you haven't reached the middle part yet, but you will sooner or later" after speaking he immediately walked out of the Cash register and looked for some books.

Zhihao sighed as he looked at the clerk.

After a while, the clerk came back with bundles of books and walked towards the Cashier station.

The Clerk spoke: "Comrade, This is all the books that a fledgling like you can have fun and understand immediately, for a total of 300 books, you can choose any of them to read"

Zhihao smiled and nodded as he browsed through the books one by one.

Then the Clerk noticed that Zhihao picked one of his Favorite books.

The Clerk immediately spoke: "That one, is the best that I have read before, The Crux of Berserker God, It was a story of the wars between the gods and the Demons, The Main lead was a normal person that strived to be strong as to help the God's fight the war between the Demons."

Zhihao smiled and nodded as he checked the Synopsis behind the book.

The Clerk sighed as he spoke in a low tone: "It would be great if I can see magic things like those that happened in the cultivation novel, such a pity. that would be a big dream of mine coming true!" Then he looked at Zhihao as he spoke: "But, If ever there is a reincarnation, I`ll strive to work hard like those Characters in the Novels, Manhua, and Anime! Everywhere is fine, but not here on Earth, Money rules everywhere in this world of ours"

Zhihao nodded as he smiled and continued browsing.

After a few more minutes, Zhihao finally chooses 250 out of the 300 hundred books and placed it in front of the clerk.

The Clerk spoke: "You`re buying this many? how can you carry all those things?"

Zhihao just smiled and spoke: "Well, I`ll show you something interesting,"

The Clerk sighed as he boxed all the books, he thought: 'so he can lift them up, what great strength he has then' after finished packing everything the clerk spoke: "I have added three books in there, It's on the house as your senior in being a Zhainan(Otaku in Japanese)"

Zhihao sighed and then replied: "Want to see something interesting?"

The Clerk smiled smugly as he saw the 6 boxes of books in the floor he thought: 'Yeah I`d like to see how you can lift those six boxes' then he nodded as he spoke: "Amaze me fledgling!"

Zhihao laughed in a low tone as he shook his head and spoke: "Promise me that you wouldn't speak of it to anybody else?"

The Clerk smiled as he replied: "Hmmp! who do you think we are! even if we speak in the outside world, they'll only laugh at us!"

being proud of something like that Zhihao sighed as he looked at the Clerk.

Zhihao then sucked all the boxes in his Interspatial Ring and looked at the Clerk as he walked out of the Store.

After the clerk saw what Zhihao did, His eyes opened widely like they will come out of their sockets, and his opened widely.

After finally calming down, The clerk immediately ran out of the store as he searched for where Zhihao had gone. then he shook his head as he spoke: "So what those authors wrote was true! there really is cultivation! And I saw one! I saw one!"

Immediately, The crowd of people looked at the Fat clerk as they looked at him with eyes of disgust.

The clerk noticing their looks coughed and then entered the store.

He then remembered something and spoke: "The CCTV!, I can't let that guy be known!" immediately he went to the PC where the CCTV footage was usually collected.

The clerk spoke: "I finally found one! and I`m not sharing it! the master told me to not tell anyone! This is my ultimate treasure!" immediately pausing, then he sighed: "If the manager noticed some cutscenes, I`ll just tell him that I did something humiliating and removed those scenes in the video, He can even cut all of my salaries for the month or even fire me, but I`m not handing this thing!" he immediately stored the copy of the scene in his bag as he returned to his post.

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