Supreme Martial System
100 It was him?
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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100 It was him?

Zhihao was searching with his spiritual sense, throughout the whole Center, after a few minutes that he couldn't detect the existence, he gave up the thought of knowing his location and just placed his guards up, but then a notification popped up.


=It's an Automatic door, once people come close, it will open automatically.

Zhihao then widened his eyes as he regained his calm and replied: 'why didn't you tell me that sooner!'



Zhihao sighed as he awkwardly walked inside the Bakit Center.

After just a few minutes of walking, Zhihao saw a figure running straight at him.

The figure immediately noticed Zhihao in front of her as she called out: "Bro! I'm getting followed by them again!"

Zhihao was bewildered by the sudden call and thought: 'Am I getting used again?' Zhihao sighed as he just looked at the figure approaching him.

The figure immediately went behind Zhihao as she looked at her Pursuers.

The man leading them immediately spoke: "Ailing, why are you treating us like some stalkers? your father and my father are business partners, right? we're just tagging along with you and just starting a casual talk."

The woman named Ailing then looked at Zhihao as she spoke: "Bro! they are too persistent, you should make them go away"

Zhihao sighed as he shook his head.

The man noticed the situation as he spoke to Zhihao: "Hello there brother, I`m Ru Shilong from Zhiqi Company, I know you are being used, but how about this, just don't do anything and I`ll give you a million RMB, sounds good?" The man named Shilong smirked.

Zhihao was about to reply but then the woman named Ailing spoke first: "My brother is already rich, he wouldn't need your puny money" after speaking, she stuck her tongue out and threw a few cuss emoticons.

Ru Shilong immediately sighed he replied: "Your father doesn't have a son, you two are the only children he has, so don't play this trick"

Ailing replied: "Didn't you hear the news? My father is searched for our elder brother, He's already here! and he's accompanying me!"

Ru Shilong couldn't help but sigh as he replied: "We're only protecting you Miss Ailing, Your father dotes on the both of you so much and if anything happens it wouldn't be good"

Ailing immediately rebuked: "I`ll be safer with my brother than with you guys"

Ru Shilong sighed as he looked at Zhihao and spoke: "Brother, Can we see a proof of identification so that you can go back to whatever you are doing and Ailing can stop bothering you"

Ailing gnashed her teeth as she didn't think about it before, He made sense! and why would a stranger even help her?.

Zhihao sighed as he slips his hands in his pocket pretending to pull out his driver's license and withdrew it from his Interspatial Ring.

Zhihao handed his driver's license to Shilong to end this facade.

Ailing immediately prepared to run again, she finally recovered some stamina again to run for a few minutes.

But to her surprise, Ru Shilong was shocked, then He spoke: "Zhong Zhihao? you are the lost son of Mister Zhong?"

Ailing was much more shocked, then she smiled as she replied: "That's right, now you get it? you should go away now before I report you to my father for ruining my time with brother!"

Zhihao was more shocked than the both of them as he thought: 'I have the same surname as her? what kind of luck did this girl even have'

Ru Shilong sighed, he wanted to spend some time with Ailing, he took a fancy towards Ailing the first time they met, so the least he would want to do was get close to her, but her brother is here, and he couldn't do anything to the son of a dragon, Although his father is Mister Zhong's business partner, it's just a formality, their wealth couldn't be compared to theirs, not even 1/10th.

Ru Shilong gave up immediately as he looked at Zhihao and spoke: "I`m sorry for bothering your time with your sister Brother Zhihao, I hope you can forgive the rudeness in my behavior" after speaking, he immediately walked away and headed towards the exit.

Zhihao sighed as he spoke to Ailing: "You should go now, I don't think you`ll need me to be your alibi now as he had already walked out"

Ailing smiled cheerfully as she replied: "Thank you, bro! you`re too awesome!" pausing for a bit, she continued: "You should give me your Account number, I`ll transfer some money to pay for the inconvenience I had caused"

Zhihao shook his head and replied: "Don't worry, I`m not lacking any money"

"No! my father always thought me to repay owed favors!" Ailing insisted.

Zhihao then rebuked: "Pay it with your own hands, not your father's work" after speaking, Zhihao smiled and walked out.

Ailing was stunned as she shook her head then spoke: "There are still people that reject money? and they look even cool doing it?" Ailing smiled as she walked in the other direction.

After a while, Ailing thought that she forgot something, she immediately pulled out her phone and called her dad, after her dad picked up she asked: "Dad! what's the name of my elder brother?"

Mister Zhong replied: "Oh, sweety, his name is Zhihao, Zhong Zhihao"

Ailing nodded then replied: "Oh okay dad!" she immediately hanged up the phone and walked towards the nearest store to buy herself a drink.

Ailing then realized something, then she spoke loudly: "Wasn't his name Zhihao?! Zhong Zhihao! Was it him? My brother?!"

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