Supreme Martial System
99 Magical Door
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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99 Magical Door

After going inside the house, Zheng Shuan immediately spoke to her mother: "Mom, I met his wives, the three of them"

Zheng Lin smiled and replied: "What do you think of them then?"

Zheng Shuan cheerfully replied: "They are too kind, Especially Big Sis Ning'er, she accompanied me even when she's too busy handling many things, and Xiao'er is a shy woman, but we get along really well, we played for the whole mo... four days, It felt like I spent my time with them for a whole month! then there is Sis Verushka, she's so cute! and all the three of them are more beautiful than me! I had so much fun together with them, I felt so much freedom"

Zheng Lin sighed then changed the topic: "Then how were your days with them?"

Zheng Shuan smiled as she replied: "I felt, that the time together with them was the best that I ever had, It felt like I had sisters."

Zheng Lin then continued: "Do you miss them?"

Zheng Shuan nodded as she replied: "Yes"

Zheng Lin then continued: "What do You think of joining them then?"

"I don't know" Zheng Shuan replied silently.

Zheng Lin sighed as she spoke: "Then, what do they think of you joining them?"

Zheng Shuan blushed as she remembered what they told her before.

Zheng Lin immediately sighed in her heart, She can already understand her daughter without speaking. She sighed as she spoke: "As a Mother, I wouldn't want my daughter to be the 4th wife of some man that I don't even know, but as your Mother, I don't want to stop you with your love." pausing for a bit, she looked at Zheng Shuan and continued: "It is your choice"

Zheng Shuan nodded as she looked at her mom.

Zheng Lin then continued: "If you want to, so long as you do, I`ll support you as your mother. I just want to ask you this, Does that man treat her woman unequally?"

Zheng Shuan shook her head as she replied: "Mom no, he treats them equally, and at the same time loved them with all his life" pausing for a bit, she then continued: "It felt like, his wives are his everything, and he would do anything for them, even dying"

Zheng Lin smiled then spoke: "Wouldn't you want to be treated like that? well if you got the permission of his wives, wouldn't the next thing to do is get his approval?"

Zheng Shuan blushed then shook her head.

Zheng Lin then continued: "So, what's this ring you are wearing then? did he gave it to you?"

Zheng Shuan nodded then replied: "But it's his gift, not an engagement one"

Zheng Lin then checked the ring for closer inspection, but then the more she looked at it, the more shocked she was! she hasn't seen a gem like this one! it's definitely not from Earth!

Zheng Lin looked at Zheng Shuan as she replied: "This kind of gem, the only way I can think of in obtaining a ring like this, must be a gem from meteorites, I haven't seen a gem like this before, and for a gift, this Ring is too expensive, should costs around 1Billion USD if you sold it, and you`ll get more if you`ll auction it, If it's a gift, then the man you loved is definitely a rich guy, or he treasures you too, so tell me, which guy in this world can give you something like that? without paying much heed to it."

Zheng Shuan was shocked as she shook her head, the guy he loves is not from this world, but from another one.

Zheng Shuan then looked at her mom as she spoke: "Mom, I`ll do my best!"

Zheng Lin casually replied: "I know, you got it from me after all" after speaking, Zheng Shuan hugged her mom as she cried immediately.


Zhihao searched the net for the biggest anime store he can find, and the first thing he found is one from Hong Kong, Zhihao sighed as he drove immediately towards the closest Airport.

After a few minutes of the driving, he finally arrived. He bought a VIP ticket from Beijing to Hong Kong. the clerk was stupefied as she found the guy buying the ticket to be extremely handsome, then she regained her composure and immediately handed Zhihao his ticket.

The Clerk sighed as she spoke in a low tone: "Sigh, if I could get a boyfriend like that, even if he's a freeloader, I`ll work for the both of us." Immediately after speaking, she immediately returns to working mode.

Waiting for just a few minutes, he immediately went to the security to be checked and immediately prepared to get inside the Airplane. he slept inside the VIP Room inside and asked the stewardess to wake him up when they would be arriving in Hong Kong.

The Stewardess didn't forget to throw a seductive glance at the Handsome rich man known as Zhihao before walking away.

After just three hours, Zhihao finally arrived in Hong Kong. Zhihao took a taxi and spoke: "I`d like to go to Bakit Center" Bakit Center is the biggest Anime convention center in China, so Zhihao went there.

The Taxi driver immediately nodded and drove the taxi.

In just a few minutes, Zhihao finally arrived in front of the Bakt Center.

Zhihao was about to enter then, was shocked! what is happening here? There's a strong individual on Earth?

Zhihao asked the system: 'How come there is a Strong Existence in Eart?'


=No Energy Fluctuation detected.

Zhihao was bewildered as he replied to the system: 'Even you can't detect it? How strong is this Power user!'


=I couldn't understand your worry.

Zhihao looked seriously now as he replied: 'The door! He's opening it with his spiritual energy!'



Zhihao just stood there looking at the Automatic door while it open and close as people pass by it.

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