Supreme Martial System
98 Round two!
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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98 Round two!

After the System notified Zhihao, Immediately, A scar in the Air formed, and opened immediately, the same as before, it looked like nothing but a pure darkness.


=Host, you can stay for two days in Earth now due to your power revitalizing. That would be the maximum time you can reach until you become a Demi-god.


=Cultivation sealed

Zhihao nodded then looked at Zheng Shuan as he spoke: "Let's go now"

Zheng Shuan nodded, but then blushed as she replied: "Can I hold your hand? I`m kind of scared entering something as dark as that" well this is definitely an excuse she made up to at least held the hand of the man she loves.

Zhihao sighed and then nodded: "Okay" after speaking, Zhihao immediately held Zheng Shuan's hand and walked towards the Void Portal.

Zheng Shuan became flustered as she immediately looked like a red tomato, she nodded and immediately followed Zhihao to the portal.

After entering Zheng Shuan's eyes immediately closed as it was too bright outside, in estimation it should be about 1:00 PM.

Zhihao was about to walk out of the parking lot but suddenly an announcement came.


=Host's cultivation has been sealed, Equipment will transform to casual clothes of Earth's people.

Immediately, Zhihao's clothes transformed as it looked like some attire you use to go out and have fun.

Then Immediately after the announcement, Sounds dragged Zhihao's consciousness back to reality.

Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!

Sounds of Camera's taking picture and flashes of lights kept shooting at them in every direction.

Afterward, a wave of people immediately caused a commotion as they spoke.

"Oh my God! It's Zheng Shuan! she's holding someone's hand!"

"It's the handsome brother! oh my! They are together!"

"Oh! they were gone for four days!"

"What happened? her face and skin looked even better than before!"

"It's like a goddess' skin! well, she is our goddess after all!"

"That children is the power of love"

"Zheng Shuan's left hand! Her hand!"

"What's with her left ha... Oh my god! A ring!"

"Woaaaa!" -everyone-

Hearing their remarks, Zhihao and Zheng Shuan immediately separated their hands at the same time.

Zhihao just sighed as he opened his car door then spoke: "Would you like me to drop you to your house?"

Zheng Shuan smiled as she nodded and replied: "Yes please"

Zhihao nodded and walked to the other side of his car and opened the door.

Zheng Shuan nodded as she looked at the crowd of people and spoke: "Hello everyone, I`m sorry for not notifying the masses about my sudden disappearance, I hope you guys can forgive me" after speaking, Zheng Shuan immediately rode Zhihao's car.

Zhihao closed the door and immediately walked towards the driver's seat. they immediately drove out of the parking lot.


Immediately, the crowd of people posted the pictures they got on a type of social media internationally. Uproars came immediately and the ones that took the pictures got a lot of calls from newspaper companies, buying the rights for their photo to be published.

The Netizens immediately became wild after seeing the picture. some pictures were even a zoom-in picture, capturing the delicate looking Ring, Zheng Shuan's left hand with the gorgeous ring with a purplish gold gem embedded inside.

Many people were going wild for this Celebrity and unknown guy pair!

"It's time for the guy to introduce himself!"

"Yeah! He's stealing our goddess after all"

"Although I hate to admit it, but looking at them, they really look good together"

"Yeah, it's only The man's identity that we don't know!"

"Hurry up and show yourself!"

"I'd also like to see who on earth her partner is!"

"Is it really an unknown guy? can anybody just check the internet for some other handsome guy like that?"

"Even if he's not a celebrity, with just his looks alone he would be a very well-known celebrity if he enters the stage of stars, right?"

"The Superstar Zheng Shuan is marrying a guy with unknown origin!"

"He's handsome! A cool oppa! I want to follow him, does anyone know his name? his bodynote? anyone?"

"Paying real money for someone that can provide us with information!"

The uproar couldn't be contained anymore, as Zheng Shuan's agency finally gave up. Deleting a lot of pictures, then some immediately popped up and started, deleting a million just to see another million showing up.


Zhihao finally droved towards Zheng Shuan's house, He immediately opened her door and spoke: "We're here"

Zheng Shuan sighed and got out of the car as she replied: "Can I contact you anytime? ah! and until when are you staying in Earth? and when will you come back?"

Zhihao being bombarded with questions sighed as he replied: "I can stay here for two days, and will immediately go back as soon as 48 hours passed starting from the time we came here" pausing for a bit he continued: "And yeah, you can contact me if there's anything important you need to ask"

Zheng Shuan smiled as she nodded but he still kept looking at him and not entering her house.

Zhihao smiled and as he spoke: "Well, see you then" after speaking, Zhihao entered his car as he drove away.

Zheng Shuan looked at the driving car until it vanished from her sight, but still, after the car was gone, she was still standing there looking at the direction the car went.

A silhouette appeared behind her as it spoke: "Shuan'er, that's the guy?" the Silhouette was her mother, sighing while watching her daughter staring at the distant roar.

Zheng Shuan replied: "Mom, since when were you there?"

Zheng Lin sighed at her daughter's question, then she replied: "I`ve been here since you`ve arrived, I was looking at you from the start, I saw the picture of you and that guy on the internet that my secretary showed"

Zheng Shuan smiled as she replied: "Mom, I`m back"

Zheng Lin sighed as she smiled and replied: "Welcome back Shuan, let us go inside now, it's getting dark" Shuan's mother held her hands and immediately walked towards their house."

Zheng Shuan holding her mother's hands felt emotionally unstable as she replied: "Mom, I don't know what to do anymore"

Zheng Lin smiled and spoke: "Let's continue inside"

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