Supreme Martial System
97 Going back
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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97 Going back

After entering the Fortress, Zhihao immediately searches for his wives and Zheng Shuan.

After just a few seconds, he finally found them and went to their room.

His wives and Zheng Shuan smiled at him

Zhihao then immediately spoke after seeing them: "I`ll be returning Zheng Shuan to her world now"

Hearing this words, Zheng Shuan's smile froze immediately.

His wives only sighed as they nodded and continued playing with their phone.

Zhihao then continued as he looked at Zheng Shuan: "It will be the fourth day you`ll be missing from Earth in their time, so just think of an Excuse for now" pausing for a bit he continued: "Ning'er, Xiao'er, Verushaka, Would you guys need anything?"

Verushka immediately spoke: "You should buy us one or two more of these Phones, whenever we are re-energizing them using the Energy storage devices, we couldn't use them and we have to wait for an hour or more before we could play again. and also the good smelling things we use in the bath is running out, you should buy those for at least a hundred years of stacks" After finishing her words, Verushka immediately played with her phone again.

Zhihao sighed as he nodded then looked at Ning'er and Xiao'er as he spoke: "How about you two?"

Xiao'er blushed as she replied: "The same as Sis Veru's" then immediately bowed as she continued playing with the Phone.

Ning'er nodded, meaning that she also would like the same thing.

Zheng Shuan had finally become an Earth Establishment Realm cultivator in a span of a single month, she's quite enjoying the feeling of not getting exhausted after a day's work. and she wanted to stay with them for some more time. especially spending time with Zhihao.

Zhihao then nodded as he spoke to Zheng Shuan: "Do you have anything else to prepare? we'll immediately depart in the afternoon"

Zheng Shuan immediately froze, then she asked: "Would I be able to return here?"

Zhihao was shocked as he replied: "Are you sure? weren't you uncomfortable here?"

Immediately Ning'er smacked Zhihao's head as she replied to Zheng Shuan: "Of course you can return! We'll welcome you anytime!"

Zheng Shuan immediately felt warm as she teared up and bowed, replying: "Thank you sis Ning'er"

Zhihao sighed as he couldn't really understand them, he just spoke: "Okay, you should prepare for the things you`d need, you could get a souvenir too"

Verushka smiled as she spoke: "Why not give her an Interspatial ring? it would be easier you know"

Zhihao then replied: "That's right! with this you wouldn't need to lift anything big! just be sure to not show it in public though"

The three wives smiled as they continued playing.

Zhihao immediately asked the system: 'Can I buy an Interspatial ring?'


=You can, what's the space needed?

Zhihao replied to the system: 'About 10 cubic meters would do'


=Inserted to host's inventory, free of charge for now.

Zhihao exclaimed: 'You provide something for free?!' waiting for a while, Zhihao didn't get a response as he thought of the set that the system gave him, then coughed in his mind.

Zhihao then immediately pulled out the Interspatial Ring as he spoke: "Zheng Shuan, you can have this ring, It can fit a lot of things inside, here" Zhihao handed the Ring to Zheng Shuan as he smiled.

Zheng Shuan blushed as she received the ring and replied: "Thank you"

Zhihao then smiled as he replied: "No problem!, You should prepare your stuff, for now, We'll leave in about 3 hours, oh and don't forget to change your clothes, it would be weird if they saw you like that"

Zheng Shuan nodded but then realized something as she replied: "The Ring is too wide, It's a ring for men?"

Zhihao smiled then replied: "Oh that? It will re-size on its own, so just wear it in any of your fingers" then after speaking, Zhihao immediately went to his room to rest for a bit and tamper his cultivation power.

Zheng Shuan nodded and immediately wore the ring when Zhihao walked away, In her Ring finger.

Verushka immediately spoke: "If you like our husband, you can just join us you know, It's not really that bad, especially when you get used to it"

Ning'er smiled as she continued after Verushka: "Yes, We don't mind, we kind of treat you like our sister anyways"

Xiao'er smiled as she looked at Zheng Shuan then nodded.

Zheng Shuan smiled at them then spoke: "In my world, there are a few countries that grant multiple wives to a husband, so I`m still not used to it, and I can't take it into my mind, It feels like I`m stealing someone else' husband."

Ning'er sighed as she replied: "If you let pride get into your mind instead of following your heart, there would be a hole there, a small one, and as time passes by, that hole will become bigger"

Verushka smiled: "If you let it bother you, we really can't force you. But I can tell you one thing, losing your loved ones hurts a lot, I experienced it with my parent" after speaking, Verushka immediately played again.

Xiao'er then spoke: "I can't really express it, but when I thought of how I couldn't be together with him, I felt my life is going nowhere, and I felt empty and helpless."

Ning'er then smiled as she spoke: "It's your decision, but if it's us, we'll accept you, don't worry about it"

Zheng Shuan bowed and replied: "Thank you all," she immediately walked to the other room as tears formed in her eyes.

The Trio sighed as they continued to play with their phone.


After the said time, Zhihao waited for her outside Zheng Shuan's room.

After a few minutes, Zheng Shuan came out as she looked at Zhihao.

Zhihao immediately asked: "Are you ready?"

Zheng Shuan nodded as she spoke: "Un!"

Zhihao smiled as he walked closer to Zheng Shuan and spoke: "Stay close to me, I don't know where the portal will pop out of, but it's better if you are closer to me"

Zheng Shuan nodded to confirm that she understood Zhihao.

Zhihao then asked the system: 'We're going back to Earth now.'


=Order received Summoning Void Portal, Target Earth.

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