Supreme Martial System
96 Write your will
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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96 Write your will

Zhihao focused himself through the Development of his Empire, Direct Disciples, and Ying Mai, but the main reason he did was out of boredom too, He cant cultivate or go out of his Empire, He's a mortal human right now, and couldn't do anything. but with the help of his set, He has the same strength as that of a Legendary Mask Realm.

Finally, The side effects from Berserk God's skill was finally lifted, 22 days had already passed.


=The Berserker God's Wrath's side effect has finally Vanished, The Cultivation power of host has been restored to original.

After the Announcement, Zhihao's powers immediately returned and his aura immediately scattered throughout the whole empire.

Every cultivator inside the Empire immediately felt the tremendous fluctuation of energy and immediately cold sweats poured out of their body, covering their backs like they were hit by a bucket full of water.

Immediately, they located the source of the power, as they looked towards the Floating Fortress.

Everybody thought as they realized something: 'The Lord broke through his cultivation? or just release a slight energy from within him?' they all sighed at the difference between all of them and their lord. It's like the difference between heaven and earth.

Verushka immediately came to him as she spoke: "You finally recovered?"

Zhihao smiled and spoke: "Yes, finally"

Verushka sighed as she spoke: "I guess my fun already ended, Hmmmp! I better play some games instead" after speaking, she immediately went inside the Floating Fortress.

Zhihao scratched his head as he spoke inside his head: 'how's my Cultivation points growing?'


=The Progress of your subordinates has tremendously been enhanced. your Current points will be shown.

Cultivation Points: 3,195.111

Zhihao smiled as he asked: 'Can I view which things could Help improve their cultivations?'


=List will be shown in your window.

-Restoration Pill

-Nirvana Spiritual Pill

-Battle Arc (Fire Elemental) -Miniature Floating Fortress-

-Soaring Cloud Pill

Zhihao smiled but then looked at the tower thingy, then he asked the system: 'What's that Floating Fortress?'


=Providing a Floating Fortress can be beneficial to your Celestial Generals, as it could also travel faster. It also helps them enhance their powers through battle. Suggesting Host buy this one for your Celestial Generals, and also get your Celestial Generals to recruit their own subordinates, Increasing the Cultivation Points you earn with fewer problems.

Zhihao nodded as he spoke to the system: 'I`ll take the Battle Arc, Also a hundred of each of those pills,'


=Order has been confirmed, all items are within the Host's Inventory.

Zhihao nodded as he immediately went towards the location of Ying Mai. After a few seconds of walking, He finally saw Ying Mai then he pulled out the five skills that he bought from chapter 19.

Zhihao then called Ying Mai: "Ying Mai"

Ying Mai immediately woke up from her meditation as she stood up and went towards Zhihao and replied: "Master!"

Zhihao nodded as he handed some things and spoke: "This is the skills that I will be giving you for now as my Celestial General, You can make your own skills afterward."

Ying Mai nodded as she answered: "Thank you Master"

Then pausing for a bit, Zhihao continued: "This is your personal Battle Arc it will help you enhance your powers when it is summoned outside, although it will drain a few of your spiritual energy, it will help your power increase."

Ying Mai was shocked as she declined: "Master, This thing is precious, I wouldn't dare accept" she is saying what she truly felt, it's too extreme to receive something like that.

Zhihao then shook his head and said: "If you`ll decline something from me, then you can leave my side from now on." Zhihao paused for a bit as he looked at the horizon, then continued: "As one of my Celestial Generals, you will soar the heavens with me, Something this insignificant can't be said to be expensive when you are one of my Celestial General, Remember my Status, and remember yours"

Ying Mai was shocked as she blushed for the first time in her more than 100 years of life as she bowed and replied: "Master, This subordinate of yours apologize for my incompetence, please punish me"

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "No need, so long as you understand, that's more than enough" pausing for a bit, he continued: "You should also recruit some subordinates and Disciples, although you can only recruit fire elemental cultivators, so you can pass on your own cultivation arts to them"

Ying Mai nodded as she replied: "Your orders shall be done Master" immediately she bowed after speaking.

Zhihao nodded as he immediately went towards the Location of his Direct Disciples.

Seeing the vanishing figure of Zhihao, Ying Mai sighed as she thought to herself: 'If only I was younger, I'd chase you to the ends of the Worlds' then shook her head, having to be together with Zhihao would be good too, and his Celestial General at that. She immediately went and returned to cultivating wishing that she would be able to assist Zhihao in the future.


After a few seconds, Zhihao finally reached his Disciples Practicing yard.

Zhihao did everything he could to fasten the development of those around him, as such they all immediately improved.

His first three disciples, Mo Ying, Ma Dong, and Lu Piao were already at Divine Spirit Realm, the others are ranging from Divine Origin Realm to Divine Body Realm.

When they all saw Zhihao they immediately stood up as they greeted: "Master!"

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "The Trial that I had spoken before, shall start in two days." Pausing for a bit, he looked at all of them as he spoke: "All of you will leave a writen will with me before you depart, I`ll also excuse you all today as you guys return to your family"

Everyone smiled sadly as they looked at everyone around them, They had only been together for a month, but the bond they share can't be imagined anymore.

The brothers and sisters together with them will be the ones guardiang their backs in the future, as such, they immediately developed a type of Mentality to shoulder everything together.

Zhihao paused for a bit as he asked the system: 'Can I have a badge for my direct disciples?'


=It was already prepared, the payment will be 100,000 Cultivation points each. The armor that's coming with this badge would be ten times stronger and more effecient than your Royal Army. You just need to set the colors you'd like to input.

Zhihao smiled as he nodded then replied to the system: 'Just have it with some White for the Females, and black for the males'


=Done, Just let them raise their hands as I give it to them simultaneously.

Zhihao nodded as he spoke to them: "Reach out towards the heaven with your hand, I`ll give you your uniforms as my Direct Disciples."

They immediately nodded as they reached their hands out and opened their palm. Afterwards, a Light descended from the heavens as it slowly moved down to their palms.

Zhihao smiled as he spoke: "That is the Badge of you guys as my Direct Disciples, You guys can equip it in two days after I see you all before you do your mission"

Everyone nodded as they replied with fiery flames burning in their eyes, the determination to strive and come out alive in this trial. then they spoke: "Yes Master!"

Zhihao nodded as he said: "You all should rest for today, go back to your families after writing your wills and spend the rest of the two days together with them, leave it to Ma Dong, He'll pass it to me afterwards" pausing for a bit he withdrew some gold coins in a pouch as he said: "Here's your half a year's allowance, It contains 5,000 golds each you can keep it or leave it to your families" after speaking to this Point, Zhihao walked towards the Fortress.

Everyone of his Direct Disciples smiled, as if they died, there would be no one working for their families, this 5,000 gold coins can set their lives in stone up to 3 generations of their families if it was spent well, this means one thing, "If you guys die, You don't need to worry about your family".

They immediately nodded and smiled as they bid Zhihao their farewell: "Yes, We'll see you in two days Master"

After hearing his Disciples, Zhihao nodded as he vanished into thin air directly going inside the Fortress.

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