Supreme Martial System
95 Bai Chen and Jingyi
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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95 Bai Chen and Jingyi

After returning inside the fortress, the first thing Zhihao did was to go and find his babies.

After a few minutes of walk, He immediately came to the Babies' room.

Zhihao smiled as he spoke: "Chen'er, Yi'er, come to daddy!" after speaking like that, Zhihao opened his arms wide.

Chen'er and Yi'er immediately looked at where did the voice came from, and as soon as they saw Zhihao. the two of them immediately stood up, although unsteady they walked towards Zhihao's direction. they are already 2 years and 3 months old.

"Da! Dada!" Yi'er leads the charge towards their father.

"Dada dadaa!" Chen'er seeing his brother moving faster, he also increased his phase.

Noticing the burning will of his brother, Yi'er immediately increased his phase too.

Sadly for Chen'er, Yi'er was faster, as Yi'er spoke: "Dada! Lif! hay!"

Seeing this scene, Chen'er immediately fastened his phase, but then he stumbled on the ground and hit the floor.

Chen'er immediately cried: "Waaaaa, Waaaaa!"

Seeing the competition between the two, Zhihao couldn't control his emotion as tears filled his eyes, It is always inspiring whenever you see your son doing something.

Zhihao immediately walked towards Chen'er as he spoke: "There, there, You guys are brothers, so instead of challenging each other, you guys should help one another, Understand Yi'er?"

Yi'er seemingly understanding his father's words came down from Zhihao as he went to Chen'er and grabbed his arms as he spoke: "Ap! Tan Ap! We Dada!"

Chen'er immediately stopped crying as soon as he heard his brother, then immediately stood up and walked together with Yi'er towards their father.

Zhihao smiled as he held the both of them and lifted them up.

Zhihao immediately looked at the maids and spoke: "You guys should rest for now, I`ll take my sons for a walk"

The Maids immediately replied: "Yes Master!" and after replying the maids got out to do some other chores.

Zhihao then looked at his two sons as he asked: "Okay, both of you, where do you want to go?"

Yi'er immediately replied: "Awt! Awt!" after speaking, Chen'er nodded repeatedly agreeing with Yi'er.

Zhihao smiled and headed out. Zhihao kept remembering his parents on the earth, and realized something as he questionably asked himself: 'what would I do if I don't have the money to support my children? would I do the same as my parents?'

Zhihao shook his head and spoke to the two babies: "You guys should always love each other, you should protect each other as you guys are brothers, Understand?"

Yi'er and Chen'er immediately nodded repeatedly, seemingly to understand Zhihao's words.

Zhihao then continued: "You both should be stronger than your father in the future, If you have the strength to protect yourself, you can protect anyone under you, Especially your loved ones, That's why daddy is trying so hard to be strong, to protect you and your mothers, and all our families. Understand?

Yi'er and Chen'er's eyes flickered with determination as they nodded.

Zhihao smiled at them as he brought them to the Practicing yard. Zhihao then saw Ying Mai.

When Ying Mai saw Zhihao she immediately greeted: "Master!"

Zhihao nodded and asked: "how's your new armor?"

Ying Mai replied: "Master, This, I felt like I can challenge people much stronger than me in terms of cultivation, I feel like my powers have increased by two folds."

Zhihao nodded then spoke: "I`ll be giving you some skills later, By that time, You`d be able to practice and improve your strength."

Ying Mai replied: "Yes Master, Thank you for your grace"

Zhihao nodded and was about to walk away.

Yi'er and Chen'er's eyes burn with passion when they saw Ying Mai. then they both immediately looked at each other and nodded in agreement. as they both spoke: "Dada! We! Her!" pointing at Ying Mai, their eyes glistered full of determination.

Zhihao then asked: "You guys want to be carried by her?"

Yi'er and Chen'er nodded their head repeatedly, this time full of determination.

Ying Mai smiled then spoke: "Master, Can I?"

Zhihao smiled then spoke: "Sure, take care of them" Immediately after speaking, Zhihao handed the both of them to Ying Mai.

Yi'er and Chen'er's eyes immediately shone as they hugged Ying Mai, and then slept in her embrace, in her chest actually.

Ying Mai was shocked as she exclaimed: "Oh My!, they wanted to sleep in my embrace?"

Zhihao smiled and then spoke: "Seemed like it, I think they are already exhausted from playing too much today"

Yi'er and Chen'er opened their eyes as they looked at each other and smiled with stars in their eyes.

Zhihao then spoke: "I should probably take them to their mothers."

Ying Mai smiled then nodded: "Yes Master" but when she was about to hand over the babies to Zhihao.

Chen'er and Yi'er both opened their eyes and cried: "Waaaa! Waaaaa" when they saw their father backing out, They stopped immediately and pretended to sleep.

Ying Mai and Zhihao were stunned, Zhihao sighed as he said: "We should go and take them to their mothers, Sorry for making you carry them"

Ying Mai smiled and replied: "Master, This little chore is nothing, I can simply handle it."

Hearing their words, Yi'er and Chen'er placed a victory smile on their lips as they looked at each other while hugging Ying Mai's breast.

Zhihao sighed then said: "Let's go, I`ll lead the way to their Mothers" after speaking, Zhihao walked towards the Fortress again.

Ying Mai replied: "Yes Master" after speaking she followed behind Zhihao.


After a few minutes, They finally arrived and saw Ning'er and Xiao'er getting out of the bath.

Zhihao then spoke: "The kids had fallen asleep" then Zhihao looked at the Kids hugging Ying Mai's breast and giggled.

Ning'er and Xiao'er smiled as they picked up Yi'er and Chen'er from Ying Mai. the both of them immediately spoke: "Thank you Ying Mai."

Ying Mai just bowed as she replied: "It is not troublesome as they are Master's children."

Ning'er and Xiao'er smiled then nodded as they immediately went and placed Yi'er and Chen'er to the bed.

Zhihao waved his hand as he spoke: "You can go back to cultivating again"

Ying Mai replied: "Yes Master" immediately after answering, Ying Mai immediately left the room.

Zhihao smiled as he looked at both Ning'er and Xiao'er and spoke: "I hope these kids grow stronger than me in the future"

Both Xiao'er and Ning'er smiled as they nodded.

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