Supreme Martial System
94 Zhihao“s Guidance
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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94 Zhihao“s Guidance

Zhihao immediately went to the practicing yard to check upon his new Disciples and Celestial General. but when he was about to reach to Ying Mai he heard a sound.



Zhihao immediately went forward to look for Ying Mai, thus witnessing a great view. Ying Mai is releasing her aura as flames surge as it continuously comes out of her body, within a distance of 5 meters around Ying Mai, everything that is living had turned to ashes, The flowers and grasses had died.

Zhihao sighed then called out: "Ying Mai"

Ying Mai immediately stopped her focus as she stood up and greeted: "Master!" she was excited, it's her first time cultivating in such a speed that even she became bewildered by it, She's already caught and surpassed her previous cultivation! She's a genuine Divine Might's Realm cultivator in just four days.

Zhihao nodded as he looked at Ying Mai. Ying Mai only bowed waiting for Zhihao's words.

Zhihao then asked the system: 'Can I give my Emperor's set to Ying Mai? will it be possible to change its appearance?'


=The set will immediately change to the appearance of the user once they touched it.

Zhihao nodded then replied: 'I guess I`ll equip that set for now'


=Host, If you wouldn't mind, you can borrow the final form of my set, The Supreme Martial God Set.' it costs not points. but Qualification. If you equip the set now, It will only give you 40% of its original strength, as only gods and the one that I permit it to use it can equip it.

Zhihao was shocked, There was a set like that? then he asked the system: 'Why didn't you give it to me earlier?'


=It was meant to be a congratulatory set when you reached the Demi-god realm, by that time, you`ll be able to use 70% of its original value.

Zhihao then replied: 'Then why are you giving it to me now?'


=I have a bad premonition. that something might happen.

Zhihao was shocked, then nodded as he replied: 'Okay, I`ll get that now'


=The Set has been sent to your inventory, please equip it.

Zhihao nodded and immediately equipped the Supreme Martial God set, Immediately, a supreme aura assaulted Ying Mai, and made her kneel as her head was pressed to the ground. Everything seemed weak, and can only feel inferior towards Zhihao, Like a God standing among mortals. and would feel like every word he will be speaking is the divine will of the heavens itself.

Ying Mai was shocked and then thought: 'This is the power of our supreme ruler?'

Zhihao was shocked as he tried to suppress the aura coming from the set.

Zhihao then withdrew his Flame Emperor set and handed it to Ying Mai as he spoke: "This is the Flame Emperor's set, It`ll help empower your flame arts a lot of times, treasure it."

Ying Mai was shocked as she looked at the set, then she spoke: "Master, That robe is for a male?"

Zhihao smiled then said: "Come and take it"

Ying Mai didn't hesitate anymore as she received the equipment, then just after she touched it, a bright light shone within the set, and immediately, visible to the naked eyes, The Flame Emperor set is transforming.

Zhihao smiled as he laughed and said: "Then, I guess that Flame Emperor set would be named Flame Empress Set, Or you can just name it yourself."

Ying Mai was shocked, name it myself? then she shook her head as she replied: "Master, The name suit itself"

Zhihao nodded then replied: "You can use it now"

Ying Mai nodded as she went and undressed in front of Zhihao.

Zhihao was shocked then spoke: "Ah, don't undress here, just dress inside the castle!"

Ying Mai smiled, she's already the Celestial General of Zhihao, everything she has is Zhihao's, then she thought for a while then realized something: "Yes Master, I guess this old woman's body would just ruin your eyes" immediately dressing.

Zhihao was shocked by the idea she thought of as he replied: "No, no, It won't, But this is a public place, and just a few meters away, the Direct Disciples can see you"

Ying Mai then came to a sudden realization and nodded: "Yes Master, so I guess I should only do it when there is the two of us"

Zhihao was shocked yet again when he spoke: "No!, Just, I`m not really that open-minded and I`m a little shy if it comes to something like that."

Ying Mai smiled as she blushed, at least her master still looked at her like a woman.

Ying Mai immediately replied: "Yes Master, I`ll be changing inside the castle now"

Zhihao sighed as he just can't get used to these type of things. then Zhihao immediately walked towards the Practice ground of the Disciples.

Zhihao saw the 20 silhouettes of his Direct Disciples, Some are sparring, some are meditating, and some are studying their new Art.

When they finally saw Zhihao, they all immediately stopped what they were doing and went him.

"Master!" while they spoke, they simultaneously bowed towards Zhihao.

Zhihao nodded as he looked at them then asked: "How's everyone's cultivation so far?"

Ma Dong walked forward as he replied: "Master, Everyone's been stuck at Divine Origin realm." pausing for a bit, he then continued: "Everyone's been progressing really fast, but then When we are finally breaking through to the next stage, Only Me, Mo Ying, and Lu Piao managed to break through"

Zhihao nodded then asked the system: 'what's happening here? why have they been stuck?'


=Analyzing... Analyzation complete... They are lacking experience, breaking through is not just about cultivation, but also comprehension, they are entering the realm of immortals, as such, they needed to comprehend life. A match that they can give everything they have would suffice, also they need to comprehend what they are living for, and what's the next step they need to make on their own.

Zhihao nodded, he had the system so he didn't have such troubles, but they are normal cultivators, so he then replied to them: "You guys need to comprehend life, and as such you`ll need to meditate and think of the ways you want to change your life, and fighting with each other using your full strength will help, let the Three senior brothers of yours help you with it." although Zhihao himself didn't know the meaning behind the System's words, he just interpreted it based on his understanding.

Everyone seemed to understand what Zhihao said as they nodded and bowed to Zhihao then they spoke: "Yes Master!"

Zhihao then thought for a bit as he spoke: "I will make you guys wander the wilds after this, The enemies would be as strong as a Divine Origin Realm cultivator, up to Divine Might's realm, wait for my orders, You can either die, or survive this, so I can only say good luck to all of you when that time comes"

Immediately all twenty of them shuddered, Fighting the invaders that is almost countless! and has the same strength as them! they could only hope to survive this ordeal.

Zhihao then walked back towards the Castle as he said: "Prove to me that choosing you all was not my mistake!, Once you've finished this trial, You all will improve!"

Hearing Zhihao's words, all twenty of them resolved themselves and gritted their teeth! they were getting too much comfort and thought everything would go as easy as crossing a stone bridge. but they forgot something, they want to be the direct Disciple of Zhihao to help him in his burden of fighting the invaders!

Their eyes burned with passion as they replied: "Yes Master!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》