Supreme Martial System
93 Creating Pills
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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93 Creating Pills

After returning to the Royal Castle, Zhihao asked Ma Dong to lift him up to the Floating Fortress. He wanted to see the Disciples and Ying Mai's progress.

Zhihao immediately went towards Ying Mai's Location, almost close to his Direct disciples.

After a few seconds, Zhihao finally saw Ying Mai concentrating on her cultivation art.

Zhihao asked the system: 'How can I help her grow?'


=Imparting Fire Type skills, Sparring partner, and Dual Cultivation. The dual cultivation I`m talking about is rather different from the time with your wives, and It's a once in a lifetime thing, both you and she would evolve after doing that, it's the fastest method, while the more average ones are to give her Cultivation Pills.

Zhihao nodded then asked the System: "I haven't used the Alchemy System for a long, long time now, any recommendation?, I`ll go back to the treasury first, and see if there's anything I can concoct to help."


=Finally, Some great idea! you kept wasting your points buying pills, you could've just set a mission for gathering herds, it would be better for them, Easier too.

Zhihao was shocked: "I could have done that right?!"


=Yes, From the start.

Zhihao scratched his head awkwardly as he coughed and went straight to the treasury.


Zhihao finally reached the treasury and looked around, a lot of precious herbs, roots, and such can be seen.

Zhihao asked the system: 'can we use them?'


=The Current level of alchemist within your world is too low and thus couldn't process these things, the highest alchemist level that can be found here are only Level 8 Alchemist, and the treasures here can produce a maximum of Level 5 Cultivation Pills.

Zhihao smiled then nodded: "Okay, Let's do this then!"


=Gather all the materials that I`ll tell you. There get that... In your right, Yes that..

Zhihao finally got everything that can be used for Pill forging, then he spoke in his mind: 'Let's start?'


=Summoning cauldrons.

Immediately, Cauldron appeared one after the another.


=Since you can't materialize your Spiritual Energy, I`ll just consume your energy for now. Also, place the Materials needed one by one, I`ll tell you which ones.

Zhihao followed suit and immediately placed the Materials in each cauldron one after the other.

After that, a Notification popped up.


=Commensing Pill forging!... Processing.

All the 87 Cauldrons bursts forth with light energy, Zhihao immediately sweated as he felt, that he's becoming more exhausted just by looking at the process, His stamina is being drained!

After a few Minutes, The cauldrons' Flames were getting extinguished in a continues Manner.


=Pill Forging completed, All the Pills had been placed in the host's inventory. Rest well, host.

Zhihao was so exhausted that he slept on the floor! Zhihao lost his consciousness when the pills. were near its completion, resulting in him getting completely depleted.

After a few breathes time, a Maid noticed an unconscious man and immediately informed Ma Dong. Ma Dong immediately helped his master and brought him to the chamber.


Three days later, Zhihao woke up in his bed and scanned his surroundings. It is already morning, and he saw his wives together with him in the bed. immediately after he woke up. a voice was heard.

"You`re finally awake! you made me worried!" It's Ning'er's voice as she called out and hugged Zhihao immediately. after that, Xiao'er and Verushka woke up.

Xiao'er immediately hugged Zhihao too as she wept and cried. who wouldn't, when finding your husband unconscious and was sent to his bedchamber, they thought Zhihao would sleep forever.

Verushka just sighed then gave a hmmp sound and looked at the other direction, clearly avoiding others seeing her tears.

Zhihao scratched his head then said: "How long was I unconscious for?"

Ning'er replied: "For about three days"

Zhihao sighed and then asked the System: 'Which ones should I give the three of them?'


=Verifying... Processing... Loading complete.

Verushka = Void Purgatory Pill can help the cultivator Master the skills of darkness, and in further cultivation can help the user to gain the Dark Lightning Nether Physique.

Ning'er = Ice Lotus Deity Pill improving the physique of the User and gains Heavenly Frozen Jade Physique.

Xiao'er = Heavenly Hale Jade Pill improving the comprehension of the user in Wind elements, after fully consuming this pill, The pill can help the user to gain the Celestial Wind Physique.

Zhihao nodded then replied: 'Please put a name on the pills so I can get which are the ones you are saying?'


=Just appraise.

Zhihao sighed then scanned each of the Pills.

Noticing Zhihao came to a daze, Ning'er interrupted: "Husband, why did you became daze? are you losing consciousness again?" asked Ning'er worriedly.

Zhihao found the pills then he smiled and replied: "Actually, I lost consciousness due to Pill forging, I got you guys three valuable treasures." Pausing for a bit, Zhihao pulled the Pills then continued: "here take them each and cultivate properly" immediately after Zhihao withdrew the pills, the Aura assaulted them, a mixed aura of Wind, Ice, and Darkness can be sensed.

The Trio immediately felt the intensity of the elements, Verushka then spoke: "How'd you make them? These things are too valuable, I`ve already seen every pill made in this world, but this is the greatest one! even if you multiply the qualities of the best pills there is by a hundred folds, It won't be enough for any of these pills!"

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "For you three, Everything"

The Trio blushed, While Verushka just pouted and looked at the other direction, Ning'er grabbed Zhihao as she felt the joy of having a husband. but then there is Xiao'er, that just looked down while blushing.

Zhihao stood up as he spoke: "Now then you guys should cultivate, we only have 5 years of peace left, we should do our best to get stronger"

Verushka, Ning'er, and Xiao'er nodded as they stood up and fixed themselves, preparing to take a bath and cultivate afterward.

Zhihao smiled at them as he spoke: "I`ll go visit my direct disciples now, and also my celestial general."

Verushka just waved her hands and said: "Go on, you just prepare everything for the war to come"

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "With everything I have, I`ll never let anyone destroy the things important to me, and especially I won't let anyone harm you guys" after speaking, Zhihao walked out, Leaving the three of them blushing as they prepared to enter the bath.

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