Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhiao finally finished his recruitment, as he turned to look at the silhouettes that are scattering through different directions. A feminine voice spoke behind him.

"Zhihao, can you teach me how to cultivate?" It is Zheng Shuan, she would like to try and float through the clouds with her own body.

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Sure, It's actually very simple" after speaking like that, he asked the System: 'How should I teach her how to cultivate?'


=Give her a Cultivation stone, and make her feel it.

Zhihao then continued his question: 'Then?'


=Tell her to guide the warm energy, imagining and focusing on this warm energy to pass through her whole body, while gathering the Energy into her core, the heart.

Zhihao nodded then spoke to Zheng Shuan: "Here, You can practice with this one, This is called a Mid-level stone, It helps cultivators gather spiritual energy so that they can cultivate"

Zheng Shuan nodded then asked: "What do I do with this stone?" she paused for a bit as she spoke: "This stone is warm"

Zhihao smiled then replied: "Focus your attention on the warm feeling in your hand, that's coming from the stone, and imagine it passing through your hands into your elbow, and further inside your body."

Zheng Shuan nodded as she followed the instruction Zhihao gave her, immediately, she felt the warm feeling flowing through her arms and entered her whole body, she felt the warm energy as if something is filling her whole body.

Zheng Shuan opened her eyes then looked at Zhihao as she said: "I felt it inside my whole body!"

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "That's how you cultivate" pausing for a bit he continued: "You should continue it, You`ll feel less stressed while you work on Earth"

Zheng Shuan smiled and nodded at Zhihao's words but she felt saddened by the word Earth, she already missed it, but she doesn't want to leave this planet too. she felt something different while staying here, what she missed before, Freedom!

For the first time in a while, when she goes out, there are no people looking at her, reporters asking questions, and schedules needed to be fulfilled.

Zheng Shuan smiled as she's kept having this doubt of going back to Earth.

Zhihao was about to speak, then a Messanger from the Adventurer's guild came.

"Lord!, Lord! I bring news!" The messenger was a panting for air as he approached Zhihao.

Zhihao nodded then spoke: "Calm yourself first and report."

"Yes Lord," After just a few seconds he finally caught his breath then reported: "Lord, A group of people infiltrated near the base of the enemies to get some valuable information!, and they came back with one, we couldn't identify the importance of this mission as such we want to seek his lord's opinion."

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Lead the way" after speaking, he called someone: "Mo Ying, Ma Dong! to Me!"

Immediately, Ma Dong and Mo Ying came to Zhihao and replid: "Lord!"

Zhihao nodded then spoke: "Mo Ying, bring Zheng Shuan to the Floating fortress, Ma Dong, Come with me" then Zhihao looked at Zheng Shuan as he smiled then said: "You should continue cultivating in the Floating Fortress, you can ask my wives for some guidance"

Zheng Shuan smiled then replied: "Okay"

Immediately Mo Ying and Ma Dong nodded as they replied: "Yes Lord" Mo Ying carried Zheng Shuan to the Floating fortress while Ma Dong walked behind Zhihao.

Zhihao looked at the Messenger as he spoke: "Let's go"

The Messenger replied: "Yes Lord"


After a few minutes of walk, They finally arrived at the Adventurer's guild, What immediately caught Zhihao's eyes was a box looking like thing covered in clothes.

After seeing Zhihao, The citizens immediately greeted: "Lord!" as they bowed their head

Zhihao nodded then waved his hand as he asked: "Is this the one you mentioned?"

The Messenger immediately replied: "Yes Mylord. This group of people brought it here"

Zhihao nodded then looked at the group as he continued: "Remove the cloth."

Immediately, The group removed the clothes and what Zhihao saw was something inside as he asked: "This is?"

The leader of the group immediately replied: "My lord, We've found this strange things near the enemies bases!, they looked like evolved animals, and there are also stronger ones than this things, Some even has a human appearance, but different in terms of looks, they have sharp fingers, and red eyes, while their whole body is almost charcoal black"

Zhihao nodded as pondered for a bit, then he asked the System: 'What are these things?'


=Your world is currently evolving to match the massive energies that the Lokratiz Soaran has made, and those things that they mentioned are Voidlings, they will only last for a few days, they are neutral things, They will make the animals evolved further, creating Demon beasts such as Orcs, Trolls, Ogres and Even dragons.

Zhihao was shocked, Dragons? he then replied to the system: 'Thank you'


=No problem, You can just call this the natural process of evolution, every world has it, and if you stop this, your world will halt it's progress until something like a much more powerful energy comes and continues this process.

Zhihao nodded then spoke to the: "Ignore those black things for now, but these ones, will further evolve, they are called Demon beasts, but we can just call them monsters for now. They are animals that's going through their evolutions, we will be facing more things such as this in the future.

Everyone nodded when they heard Zhihao spoke, then someone spoke.

"My lord, what should we do with them now?"

Zhihao replied: "Focus all your attention within the Empire for now, the evolution would take less than a month's time" after speaking, Zhihao waved his hands as he walked back towards the Royal Castle then he spoke: "Reward them with an additional 80%, The information they brought is very good"

The Manager of the adventurer's guild smiled as he replied: "Yes Lord!"

Everyone nodded as they scattered and goes back to whatever they were doing.

The group that came back with the Information was ecstatic such great rewards!

Zhihao spoke in a low tone: "Demon Beast? Something like those within the Animes back in Earth? I think I need to study them too" he looked at Ma Dong as he asked: "What do you think?"

Ma Dong was bewildered of what Zhihao just said, Anime? Earth? what are those, then after a few seconds, Ma Dong replied: "I think this development needs a deep research My Lord"

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Okay, When the one month period is over, I`ll head back to Earth and Research the anime world"

Ma Dong nodded even without understanding his Master's words, who is his master? The supreme ruler of their race!

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