Supreme Martial System
91 Eternal Royal Guard
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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91 Eternal Royal Guard

Immediately Zhihao looked forward to changing the topic between him and Zheng Shuan, then he proceeded with his Plan.

Zhihao looked in the front as he spoke: "To all the Citizens, and Cultivators below Heavenly Establishment realm, you can return back now. Tomorrow will be a day of feast, I will celebrate what happened today, and share it with the whole Empire! the Banquet for having picked the people today. We shall celebrate tomorrow!"

The Citizens that felt like they came for nothing were immediately cheered, they all simultaneously shouted: "Long live the Ruler of our Empire! Long live the Lord!"

Zhihao nodded, then within a few breathes time, he waved his hands to disperse the people.

Zhihao then looked at the remaining Heavenly Establishment Realm cultivators and above in front of him.

The gaze that Zhihao threw at them is definitely one of those a dignified ruler will give. Seeing this, they couldn't resist and bowed their heads immediately. Little did they know what is really happening.

Zhihao thought for a bit then thought inside his head: 'System, Can you help me pick faster?'


=What's your condition to be met?

Zhihao then pondered for a bit as he replied: 'Something like Loyalty?"



Zhihao sighed then continued: 'Loyal to the cause, The Will to persevere, and is Far from corrupt'


=Anything else?

Zhihao then thought for a while then said in a straightforward manner: 'Loyal, Persevering through challenges and trial, Even with average talent so long as they want to help the Empire, Great mental fortitude, and Good nature'


=Would you like to fasten the procedure? recommending badge creation.

Zhihao then replied: 'Badge creation?'


=Creating a badge and gifting it to your army. The benefits would be increasing their cultivation speed by two folds, Costs 5 Empire points each.

Zhihao smiled as the bonus would definitely be beneficial to his army, He nodded immediately and said: 'Let's create a badge'


=Describe how your design would be made.

Zhihao pondered for a bit as he spoke: 'Make it with five corners. A dragon in the Middle Soaring through the heavens, and Swords protecting the Earth'


=Processing the request... Loading... Creation complete, Proceed?

Zhihao nodded then said: 'Proceed'


=Make them lift their hands and the worthy ones will receive it Immediately.

Zhihao nodded then he shouted: "All of you, I need to inform you of something, This test will be very easy, As it will only measure your qualities, abilities, your nature, and also your loyalty towards the Empire!"

Every cultivator immediately nodded as they were already resolute from the beginning.

Zhihao then spoke: "Lift your hand and open it, like catching something from the heavens. and see what you want to do when you had gained immeasurable power!"

Every single one of the cultivators immediately nodded as they visualize themselves. then a notification popped up in Zhihao's head.



Zhihao smiled as he replied: 'Proceed!'

Immediately a bright light descended one by one to the palms of the cultivators, receiving the badge, they immediately felt the overflowing spiritual energy in their palm.

Zhihao though was perplexed, then he asked the system: 'Why are there so many?'


=The host's Condition was met by all of them, All 2,851,488 Cultivators possess the quality you are looking for.

Zhihao was shocked then asked: 'How many Empire points do I have left?'


= you have -9,591,248 Empire points as a credit.

Zhihao sighed as he shook his head, he forgot something. That he bought almost all the points with Pills.


=As a gift for the continued usage of the Empire Store, The Empire Store will gift you with 'Blood Cultivation Stone Array' Placing it in the middle of a ground will produce an Doubled effect of cultivation for 3 years time whoever is within the 100x100 Km² distance.

Zhihao smiled as he received another great gift! Zhihao nodded as he looked at the Cultivators then said: "Those badges, Will help your Cultivation grow tw...." but before Zhihao could finish a Notification immediately rang inside his head.


=Equipping the Badge will make have another effect. and that is to be equipped by a uniform, although the only thing you can decide is color. it's still their choice in designs.

Zhihao laughed in a low tone as he replied: 'How about black and white?'

"Authors note, so you guys could imagine the uniform better it looks somewhat like this. "


=Confirmed you can instruct them to wear it now.

Zhihao then continued his words: "Those badges, will help your cultivation speed by two folds, and also equipping them beside your chest will grant you a new uniform, you guys will be immediately remembered and be called the Eternal Royal Army!"

Hearing Zhihao's words, they immediately wore the Badge in their chest, Immediately their apparels were changed to a Uniform. they were shocked and happy at the same time, In everyone's eyes, it's their first time seeing something like this, and also the first time they saw robes that looked like this!

Zhihao then spoke loudly again: "Your first mission, is to build a base, Behind the royal castle!, making something that looks like a sect! But it will be your home from now on!" Pausing for a bit as he thought that they might miss their family, and thought about how he worked as a laborer before, then continued: "You`ll be given a day off of the training, once in seven days! you can go meet your family, friends and such! Dismissed!"

The newly established Eternal Royal Guards immediately bowed as they replied: "Yes Master!" afterward, they immediately went to the back of the Royal Castle to plan in making their base.

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