Supreme Martial System
90 A Secret between us
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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90 A Secret between us

Zhihao continued his search for more direct disciples with the help of the system of course.

Zhihao then continued walking forward, selecting them one by one after the system deemed them fit. then the System notified.


=Host, After scanning the whole population, I`ve only found one last person. it's a woman 129 meters to your right.

Zhihao nodded then replied: 'Got it', Zhihao immediately went towards the direction the system pointed. then he asked the system: 'Is there any more people that fit to be my celestial general?'



Zhihao sighed then continued forward. after a few seconds, he found a familiar silhouette.

Zhihao smiled as he pointed at the silhouette then said: "What's your name?"

Immediately, The woman became excited as she replied: "Lord, This humble one's name is Lin Yanran!" after speaking, she immediately bowed.

Zhihao smiled then said: "Join the rest of your brothers." After speaking, Zhihao walked slowly towards the Royal Castle again.

Lin Yanran immediately replied: "Yes Lord!" she immediately run towards the Royal Castle,

After Arriving at the Royal Castle, Zhihao immediately spoke: "The 17 of you, will be my newly appointed Direct Disciples, and as such, The three of them will be your senior brothers." The 17 newly found Direct Disciples consists of 11 males and 6 females, together with Mo Ying, Ma Dong, and Lu Piao, there's 20 of them.

After Speaking, Mo Ying, Ma Dong, and Lu Piao immediately descended behind Zhihao as they said: "Master, We have arrived" after bowing, they immediately stood behind Zhihao.

Zhihao nodded as he said: "I will hand you a cultivation technique" pausing for a bit, Zhihao asked the system 'What should I hand them?'


=Host, I`m Suggesting a Group cultivation art. processing... Heavenly Cloud Plight's technique. After mastering this, The user would gain immeasurable talents after the Grandmaster level, giving the user a neutral spiritual energy. making the cultivator able to cultivate any other forms of arts much faster than any other normal cultivators by leaps.

Zhihao nodded as he bought the cultivation art. then he spoke to the other 17: "I`ll be handing you guys, a cultivation technique of neutral level. after attaining a Grandmaster Level in this Cultivation, you guys can choose which form of art you would be using"

Immediately, Zhihao withdrew from his inventory the Cultivation technique, then he followed: "This is called Heavenly Cloud Plight's Art, Practice it well, As I`ll be relying on you guys to protect this world in the future."

All of the seventeen shouted in unison: "Yes Master!"

Zhihao immediately spoke: "You guys go to the Royal Castle," He paused for a bit then said: "Ning'er, send them in the back of the Floating Fortress, Mo Ying, Ma Dong, and Lu Piao, Help the mortals get there, and observe their cultivation progress for now."

Ning'er and the Trio nodded then said: "Yes Master/Husband"

Then Zhihao spoke: "Ah! you guys still remember the chant I told you guys?"

Mo Ying replied: "Yes Master, I've etched it into my heart" Mo Ying spoke with Dignity. then Butler ma Continued: "So did I Master"

Zhihao nodded then looked at Lu Piao. Lu Piao just coughed as he spoke shamefully: "Master, I`m sorry I forgot"

Zhihao sighed then nodded at them to leave.

Then he looked at Ying Mai as he said: "Ying Mai"

Ying Mai immediately went in front of Zhihao as she said: "Master, I`m ready for your orders"

Zhihao asked the system: 'System, what to give her? any cultivation I should give her?"


=Host, This is a warning. You only have enough points to buy One mid-tier Cultivation technique, You can't afford any more High Cultivation arts to be purchased.

Zhihao sighed then spoke: "Can we remove the excess from other points?"


=The Points will be paid by 1,000 folds.

Zhihao was shocked as he thought '1,000 folds?' then he just sighed as he answered the system 'Yes proceed'


=Analyzing the Ying Mai for the best cultivation art to practice... Loading... Loading...


=Host can Purchase two different art, The first one is an offensive art, while the other one is a defensive art.

-Helios Sacred Flame Art

-Purgatory Matrix Art

Zhihao replied: 'I`ll buy the offensive art'. Immediately, The cultivation art immediately went to his inventory. Helios Sacred Flame Art.

Zhihao then spoke: "This is the Helios Sacred Flame Art, It can help your enlightenment and fire arts to improve much faster than anything else, it will also help you receive great Yang Energy within your veins, combining your Physique, and Yin energy together."

Ying Mai nodded as she replied: "Yes Master, This one has received your generosity."

Zhihao nodded then said: "Remember this chant well, then place that scroll in the middle of your forehead as you focus your soul in this words "Place those scrolls in the middle of your brows and repeat this chants. I want to be as rich as ball gits! and I want to own a lot of Restaurant like Chef Rosy! Hurray for Master", you can go to the Royal Castle now, I`ll give you guys time to progress first."

He paused for a bit then spoke to Verushka and Xiao'er: "Can you guys take her over there?"

Xiao'er nodded and said: "Yes husband"

Verushka breathed out a sigh as she said: "I can finally play again!, ahh, it's too tiring to stand here all day" she paused for a bit then looked at Ying Mai, then spoke: "You, Come with us now"

Ying Mai Immediately nodded as she replied: "Yes Master, Yes Mistress!" Immediately standing up as she proceeded followed behind Verushka.

Zheng Shuan was shocked then she spoke: "Eh? Zhihao, Those words really help?"

Zhihao then sweated a lot, yeah he forgot something. There's an earthling here! and a superstar at that! She definitely knows English!

Zhihao scratched his head as he slowly looked at Zheng Shuan then spoke: "Can you, Keep it a secret between us? hehe.. hehehe... hehehe.."

Zheng Shuan sighed as she replied: "Okay, It's not like it matter now anyway."

Zhihao breathed a sigh of relief as he spoke: "Thank you"

then Zheng Shuan giggled as she spoke: "Do your wives know about this?"

Immediately Zhihao's back sweated a lot as he replied: "No?"

Zheng Shuan smiled as she spoke to herself: "So it's a secret between us?" her heart was filled by something so simple yet felt incredible by it.

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