Supreme Martial System
89 Celestial General
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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89 Celestial General

Four days had passed rather quickly, and every night made Zhihao extremely exhausted.

The time for recruitment has arrived!

Thousands and thousands of people had come in front of the Royal Castle, awaiting the Lord to arrive.

After a few moments, Zhihao finally arrived, with his three wives, and Zheng Shuan behind him.

Zhihao immediate announced: "There is no limit to the number of people I`ll be taking as my direct disciples, as long as you have the talent I deemed fit, I will choose you." pausing for a bit, he looked at the Crowd and continued: "If you weren't chosen, There is still the Eternal Royal Army, If you weren't chosen as my direct disciple, you`d still have a chance in joining my personal army, although this time, It's only for those people in Heavenly Establishment realm and above"

Then Zhihao asked the system 'Can you help me pick some people with great abilities and future in cultivation?'


=Ofcourse, It will be easy to do so.

Zhihao then replied: 'Thanks, I don't really know how to pick one myself, I`ll be relying on you then.'


=No problem host.

Zhihao then spoke to the crowds: "I`ll be starting now, all of you form a line, no matter how many, I just need you guys to be well organized."

After hearing Zhihao's words, All the citizens formed a line immediately. One by one they immediately organized themselves.


=Host, There is one 50 meters ahead of you, The Mortal guy that looks to be around the age of 24.

Zhihao immediately scanned the people in front of him as he walked forward.


=On your left.

Stopping immediately, Zhihao looked at his left as he saw the man with a woman holding his arm. Zhihao spoke: "What's your name?"

The Man immediately became excited as he replied: "Lord!, My name is Ye Rong" then he bowed immediately, even the woman who was holding his arms, immediately let go as she bowed.

Zhihao nodded then spoke: "You go to the front, near the castle, I`ll take you in as a direct disciple, But if you don't want it, it's also okay to stay behind here"

Ye Rong Immediately replied: "Lord! It would be my genuine pleasure to be under your direct totelage." then Ye Rong looked at the woman beside him as he said: "Wait for me, I`ll come back to you later.

Zhihao seeing this scene just smiled, he couldn't let just anyone go to the spot, as the place might immediately become full without him finishing his recruitment.

Zhihao walked forward searching for more.

Then a woman behind spoke: "Lord! Am I not good enough? I`m already a Divine Spirit Realm cultivator!" she was wondering how a mortal became his direct Disciple but she as a Divine Spirit Realm cultivator was actually left behind.

Zhihao looked towards the woman that spoke and replied: "Why?"

Then Zhihao asked the system: 'Ah right, System, Why wasn't she picked?'


=She has cultivated the wrong cultivation since the start, Giving her power that's not fit for her Physique. her Physique is Celestial Empress Flame Physique. Her cultivation is best towards flame attributed cultivation, but she's currently studying a Yin based cultivation which damaged her progress towards cultivation.

The System paused for a while then continued.


=If she can study something that suits her physique, she can soar through the heavens, Host can make the woman, your Heavenly General. You can take in four of them. She can be the Crimson Blood Phoenix.

Hearing the system, Zhihao smiled, a great physique that was actually wasted?

Zhihao then spoke: "Would you follow me? but i`ll need you to dissolve your cultivation progress for that"

The Woman was shocked as she trembled, the cultivation she practiced and honed days and nights? needs to be dissolved?

The Woman replied after some thoughts: "Lord, I`m sorry, I can't"

Then the Zhihao spoke: "Think about it carefully. I can help you soar through the heavens, being blocked by no enemies. Only heeding to my orders" Zhihao couldn't give up such a good subordinate, that's a big loss.

The Woman was shocked, if she continued on her path, maybe she'll be stuck at the Divine Spirit Realm, but the lord just said that she could soar through the heavens, meaning, she'll improve leaps and bounds!. this made her think twice. after a few seconds of thinking, she had finally come to conclusion.

Ying Mai spoke: "Lord, My name is Ying Mai, Please I Beseech you to take me in."

Zhihao spoke after she finished speaking: "Oh, I can't take you as my direct disciple, I`ll be needing you to be one of my four Celestial Generals."

Ying Mai's eyes opened wide. what's the meaning of this? he's taking many Direct Disciples, but only four celestial generals? this is like going to buy a fish but catching a whale instead!.

Zhihao then spoke: "You will be my Celestial General, Crimson Blood Phoenix, Go on to the stage. and Dissolve your cultivation, wait for my orders afterwards." Zhihao then walked forward to continue his search.

Ying Mai's eyes brightened as she replied: "Yes Master!, This subordinate obeys!" she immediately dissolved all her cultivation as she walked towards the Royal castle.

The People went into frenzy, Their lord is also recruiting some other position other than his Direct Disciples and Royal Army? and what's more, it sounded better than the latter two!

Zhihao then spoke to the crowds of people: "A Celestial General is a being who rules all over the world, proving their might and prowess to the masses, Reigning supreme through their own strength. They will be the strongest People that will protect my domain, and my family in the future."

The Crowd immediately became frenzied! A Celestial General! Only under the Lord himself! What a great Honor to receive!

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