Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Lu Piao finally spread the words of his matter throughout the entire empire. Entering the ears of the masses, they immediately went curious, even mortal can participate? this is a blessing coming from heavens for all the Citizens of the Empire.

Even all the newly established Sects heard this news, they wanted to join too.

Somewhere within the Sacred ground of the Human race, a silhouette was pondering as she called someone.

"Ying Chen, If I ever get accepted, I`ll pass the position of the sect's head to you, I can't let this opportunity pass, even for a second" It was a female, speaking to her attendant.

Ying Chen replied: "But Master! What about the sect?!" she replied with tears immediately flowing in her eyes as she said towards the silhouette.

The silhouette moved: "I can provide more resources to the sect, even if I`m not with the sect, I`ll provide better protection when I`m accepted" The voice spoke, as determination flashed her eyes. then she continued: "This is an order"

Ying Chen sniffed as she replied: "Yes Master."


Somewhere in a Kingdom. a family gathered when a Lady spoke.

"Father! my chance has finally arrived!" It was a cute lady, she's wearing a combat robe, as she cheerfully said.

The father spoke: "I just hope that you get chosen, Even the army is good, Daughter, I hope for your future to go as you wish"

The cute lady replied: "Father, I`ll do my best!"

The whole family nodded as they sighed and cheered her on.


Somewhere within the Royal Castle. a Lady with ears twitching woke up immediately after she heard the news.

"Eh? Is that guy recruiting direct disciples? oh, what would it be like, I should go watch it!" the lady smiled as she finds it interesting.


The News immediately spread far and wide, the citizens, kings, and sects sending their son, daughters, greatest genius, etc.

Every citizens and cultivator that was doing something immediately stopped, as they headed out back to the empire, to notify their family, or even try to enter themselves. It became the most anticipated event in the whole Empire.


Zhihao immediately distributed almost all the Pills he had to the Adventurer's guild. then he proceeded to a Medical Facility and handed the rest of the medicinal pills to them.

Zhihao immediately called when he reached under the Floating Fortress.

Zhihao spoke: "Ning'er, Can you get me here? I need to return" Zhihao waited for a few minutes, there is no reaction at all. then he tried again: "Ning'er?" seemingly failing the sound transmission, Zhihao tried another attempt.

"Xiao'er, can you get me here? Ning'er is not responding" Zhihao waited for a few minutes, Xiao'er didn't reply too.

Zhihao pondered as he thought 'Did something happen to them?' then he tried another time: "Honey, What happened up there? did something slip inside?" waiting for another few minutes, but to no avail, there was no response!.

Then Zhihao called Butler Ma: "Butler Ma! come and pick me up, I need to go up to the Floating Fortress"

Immediately, Butler Ma replied to his sound transmission: "Yes Master, I`ll be there in a moment" after speaking, Ma Dong immediately descended down from the Floating Fortress.

Zhihao asked: "Did something happen inside the Fortress?"

Butler Ma replied: "Nothing of that sort master, nothing suspicious happened" then Immediately, Butler Ma held Zhihao's two shoulders as he flew in the sky.

Zhihao nodded and immediately thought 'what could've happened to those three'


After a few breathes of time. Zhihao landed as he ordered Butler Ma: "You can go return first, I`ll search for my wives"

Butler Ma replied: "Yes Master" immediately Butler Ma went away to continue his cultivation.

Zhihao walked inside the Fortress, and immediately went towards each of the rooms.

After a few minutes of time. Zhihao finally found them.

Zhihao exclaimed: "What are you guys doing? nobody answered to me" yet again nobody answered.

Zheng Shuan coughed as she said: "Ah Zhihao, they've been busy with playing, I can't even talk to them now"

Zhihao replied: "Playing? what are they playing?"

Zheng Shuan answered: "ah, This, Verushka is playing Plant Ninja, while Ning'er is playing Fruit puzzle, and Xiao'er is playing Bubble Buster"

Zhihao sighed then nodded: "Well, at least they are enjoying their new found items." then he looked at Zheng Shuan as he smiled: "Thanks for teaching them how to use the phone"

Zheng Shuan seeing Zhihao's smile blushed as she nodded and responded: "It's nothing, I had nothing to do anyway, It`ll be boring if I couldn't talk to anyone too."

Zhihao then sighed again, as he said: "I`ll send you back in a month's time, by that time, it would've already been four days on earth."

Zheng Shuan replied: "Eh? four days? what do you mean?"

Zhihao replied: "Well, a month's time here, is four days time on Earth, Which means if you spend 30 years here, it would only be four years on earth."

Zheng Shuan was surprised as she spoke: "That slow?"

Zhihao nodded his head and said: "Yes" after finishing his words, He immediately came close to his three wives. but to his surprise, they immediately flew and sat on the pillar's design, as they continued playing the game.

Zhihao replied: "What are you guys doing? why are you avoiding me?"

Ning'er replied first as she looked intensely at the phone: "Wait, Husband, I`ll finish this soon enough!" then she immediately played again.

Zhihao sighed as he said: "You guys got addicted to those phones immediately. But I think it's almost time for its battery to run out."

then Zheng Shuan exclaimed: "They can fly?!" her eyes are wide open.

Zhihao smiled then said: "I`ll tell you something while they are busy." He paused for a bit then continued: "In Earth, you call their ability as superpowers, but in this world, we call it Cultivation"

Zheng Shuan was shocked then said: "Cultivations? The ones in those Movies? where Qi or something helps people become stronger?"

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Yes, something like that"

Zheng Shuan sat on the ground as she held her face with her two cute jade-like hands. then she spoke: "What kind of situation did I come into? Superpowers!?"

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