Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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After the informing the masses about the rewards, Zhihao waited until the masses had calmed down. then he added some information.

Zhihao spoke: "Tier 1 low-grade missions consists of gathering foods, finding good spots for the citizens to make a living, and finding some rare materials. Tier 1 mid-grade missions consist of gathering information from different kingdoms, the reward will be based on how important the report would be, Lastly, the Tier 1 high-grade missions would be the most dangerous out of them all, It is to scout for any enemy movements, the better the report, the bigger the reward."

Zhihao then continued: "I hope you guys don't rush things, stay well, until the day we fight together." after speaking up to this, Zhihao immediately walked towards the Royal Castle, below the Floating Fortress.

The crowd became silent. A lord? that's concern towards his followers? that's definitely a great lord, they immediately bowed, and placed their hand in their heart, and nodded.


Zhihao immediately called out after reaching the castle: "Mo Ying, Ma Dong, Lu Piao Assemble at the royal castle"

The First to arrive was Lu Piao, he immediately spoke: "Master!" followed by Butler Ma and Mo Ying afterward, as they both exclaimed: "Master, Ready to accept your order"

Zhihao nodded then spoke: "Butler Ma, Come here."

After hearing Zhihao words, Butler Ma immediately came forward as he kneeled, then replied: "Master, Ready for your order"

Zhihao looked at Butler Ma as he asked the system: 'System, Can you help me choose which of the cultivation method should I give them?'


=Ofcouse, it's no problem. Analyzing... Analyzing complete. Suggested Cultivation method: Titan Blood Vein Art.

Zhihao immediately bought the technique for 1,000 Quest points. then handed it to Butler Ma.

Zhihao spoke: "With this cultivation Technique, you should be able to ascend to higher cultivation, be sure to focus on cultivation from now on, I`ll give your duties to somebody else"

Zhihao asked the system for the technique's characteristic, afterward he just copied it and told Butler Ma.

Zhihao spoke: "This is a Technique will enhance your Veins, and increasing the flow of spiritual energy through your body, multiplying your cultivation speed and physical prowess, Your cultivation will leap bounds making you cross the dragon's gate. soaring through the sky."

Butler Ma nodded then replied: "Yes Master" he immediately went back with the two.

Zhihao nodded as he called out: "Mo Ying, come forward."

Mo Ying was ecstatic his master will finally give him something for cultivation again! Mo Ying immediately replied: "Yes Master, I obey" after speaking, Mo Ying immediately walked forward as he kneeled in front of Zhihao.

Zhihao asked the System again.


=Analyzing... Analyzing complete. Suggested Cultivation method: Vermillion Flame Art.

Zhihao nodded as he bought the cultivation technique then handed it to Mo Ying. then he repeated what the system instructed him.

Zhihao spoke: "This technique, will enhance your comprehension of Flame techniques and skills. improving your destruction power, evolving your Neutral energy into Flame energy. making you a Destructive force to be reckoned with" After speaking to there. he nodded to Mo Ying.

Mo Ying replied immediately full of excitement: "Master, This servant will forever follow you!"

Zhihao replied: "You three will be my direct disciples from now on, you guys are not subordinate, but my direct disciples, Understand?" he then paused for a few seconds then continued: "You will be my Wings in the future, My generals that leads thousands of men to conquer and defeat my foes"

Mo Ying, Butler Ma, and Lu Piao eyes immediately brightened up, A supreme Ruler's direct disciple!

The three of them nodded as they replied: "Yes Master!" then Mo Ying returned to his original position beside Butler Ma and Lu Piao.

Zhihao nodded then called out: "Lu Piao! Forward"

Lu Piao immediately replied: "Yes Master! This disciple is prepared to receive your orders."

Zhihao nodded then spoke: "Good, now go outside and spread the words, In three days time, I`ll be choosing a few people to be my direct disciples, It all depends on their fortune to be chosen, there is no limit to cultivation, Even mortals can be chosen!" Zhihao paused for a bit as he added: "Also, I`ll start receiving people in my Eternal Royal Guards the same day. only those people above heavenly establishment realm can register." After speaking Zhihao immediately sat back at the throne.

Lu Piao's eyes widened in shock as he spoke: "Ma... Master? Master what about my cultivation technique?" he was nearing his tears now, why was he left behind?

Zhihao then immediately remembered as he said: "Ahh, Of course, I just gave you an order first. I`ll choose a cultivation technique now." Zhihao sighed, as he was rushing to hire some new direct disciples and army, he forgot about Lu Piao.

Zhihao then spoke to the system 'System, Please'


=Analyzing... Analyzing complete. Suggested Cultivation method: Ethereal Lightning Void Art

Zhihao handed the cultivation technique as he said: "This Cultivation technique, will enhance your power and speed, Also, Your comprehension speed for Lightning attribute skills will be multiplied by ten, In later time, you can cast void escaping techniques, and you will be a big help to your senior brothers" after speaking, Zhihao finally sat at the throne.

Lu Piao immediately returns to his position besides Mo Ying, and Ma Dong.

Zhihao then spoke: "Place those scrolls in the middle of your brows and repeat this chants. I want to be as rich as ball gits! and I want to own a lot of Restaurant like Chef Rosy!" (In English)

The Three of them was shocked, as they thought: 'What kind of ancient words were those? such profound dao can be felt when we just heard it! I wonder how it would be if we focus our attention on it.' the three of them thought inside.

The Trio immediately memorized the words and repeated it in their minds, making every effort to focus only at the chant. immediately, after just 10 breathes, all the profound knowledge about the technique flooded into their brain, like they've always known about it since birth.

The Trio immediately bowed as they said: "Master, Thank you for Imparting these extremely valuable cultivation arts!" then they immediately walked backward and continued speaking: "We will cultivate properly master!"

Zhihao then added: "Lu Piao, Don't forget my orders"

Lu Piao immediately smiled as he replied: "Yes Master!"

After going out of the castle, Lu Piao spoke to Ma Dong and Mo Ying. :"Senior brothers! can you help me spread Master's orders?"

Ma Dong and Mo Ying looked at each other as they spoke: "When did we ask for help when Master ordered us? Master's words are absolute, Master ordered you, so it's you, don't include us in it."

Lu Piao sighed as he scratched his head then replied: "Yes senior brother, I understand."

Ma Dong and Mo Ying nodded at Lu Piao as they went their way to cultivate their new technique.

Lu Piao grunted: "Damn it, I want to cultivate too, I should immediately spread the words!"

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