Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao went to some other empty rooms, then asked the system 'Hey, I`d like to view the stats points of the kingdom'


=Entering Empire Builder window.

=Territorial points : 12,952,918

-The development of boundary and kingdoms that's within your empire.

=Empire Points : 23,120,111

-Your Empire's Current Facilities, Citizens, and Economic growth.

=Cultivation Points : 0

-The progress of the people that are directly under you as they improve with the help of host.

Wives : 3 1/2

Direct Subordinates / Disciples : 3

Cultivators Army / Servants : 0

Blood Brothers : 0

Zhihao was shocked, as he spoke to the system: "What do you mean by 1/2?" Zhihao waited for a few minutes but to no avail, the system didn't respond.

Zhihao sighed and gave up the thought of his question, then followed up and asked again: 'What can I buy with Territorial, Empire, and Cultivation points?"


=For Territory points, you can buy things to help your citizens and weak cultivators, like Cultivation Pills, Recovery pills, Medicinal pills, Mortal strengthening pills, etc. giving them as a reward or bonus would do.


=For the Empire points, you can buy the same things with the Territory points, the only difference is that it's Mid Tiered ones. It will be good to be placed as a reward for Missions.


=For Cultivation Points, It's the same as other two, but now, it's the High tiered ones. You can also buy cultivation techniques with it.

Zhihao nodded in understanding. then said 'What's the population of my empire?'


=The Empire's Current status.

Empire : Eternal Glory Empire

Number of Kingdoms : 291

Number of Regions : 5

Number Of Region Lords : 0

Number of County : 0

Number of Villages : 0

Current Population : 941,588,123

Human Race : 56%

Demon Race : 19%

Beast Kin : 25%

Zhihao then ordered : 'I`d like to spend all the Empire points, and buy all types of Pills, divide it evenly'


=Confirmed, delivering everything to the system's inventory.

Zhihao then ordered again : "Do the same, with the Territorial points. but separate it with the Empire point pills."


=Confirming, Host, you have a separate inventory for the Points system.

Zhihao was shocked as he thought: ' Eh? Do I have those? since when did you become such a good Samaritan?'


=I can retrieve, and remove it in my system if the host wants.

Zhihao coughed then said: "No, No! leave it be"


=Confirming all orders. Delivering Items to Host's system inventory.

Immediately, Zhihao went to the Mission guild immediate.

The Staffs and Mercenaries greeted immediately when they saw Zhihao

"We greet the Lord!"

Zhihao smiled at them as he waved his hands, then he spoke: "Open the treasury, and inform all of the staffs to come here, I`ll introduce you guys to the new work I`ll be making you guys do."

The Manager immediately replied: "Yes sir!" immediately the manager called out to all the employees in the area around the Mission Guild.

After just a few minutes, every staff, even the mercenaries gathered together outside the Mission Guild. then the manager spoke to Zhihao: "Lord, Everyone is here now!"

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Today, I`ll change the name of the Mission Guild to Adventurer Guild, From today onward, There will be tiered Missions, Such as Tier 1 Low, Tier 1 mid, and Tier 1 High-grade Missions, The rewards would depend on the Mission's difficulty."

Zhihao then continued: "Tier 2 Missions will be opened once you've reached Divine Origin realm or higher, the pills you would receive there too would be more than a thousand missions you completed in Tier 1."

Zhihao then immediately summoned two Cultivation Pills. as he spoke: "This is the T1 Cultivation pill, And this is the T2 Cultivation pill." After withdrawing the pills from his Interspatial Ring, The Aroma immediately assaulted the noses of all the cultivators nearby, while Releasing a heavy aura of fully concentrated Spiritual Energy inside.

Immediately, All the cultivators in the area exclaimed in shock.

-"That's Tier 1? How come it's even better than all the things we've been swallowing? what kind of divine medicine is this!?"

-"Not just that! Look at the Tier 2 Pills! What kind of sacred Pills is the lord giving us as a reward for our mission?"

-"This! Is literally a heavenly blessing!"

-"This Tier 1 Pill can help us in reaching the Divine Origin Realm!"

-"So Tier 1 Missions are to prepare us in taking the Tier 2 Missions!"

Everyone was excited as Zhihao continued: "I hate to burst your excitement, but the Tier 2 Missions, would have something to do with our enemies, We've got less than 5 years until a war breaks out between them and us, so I only wanted you guys to improve, to help me carry this burden"

But Opposite to Zhihao's expectation, everyone's excitement wasn't extinguished, but instead, the flames in their eyes further burned with greater passion. which of them haven't lost a family? a love one? comrades? sect members? they all suffered mishaps and everything that happened was because of this Invaders. and now a chance to fight them along side the Lord! it's a blessing in disguise for them! a chance for Retribution.

Zhihao noticing their eyes, smiled as he said: "I`ll provide the stepping stones that you guys need, to avenge your misfortunes in the past, let us have our revenge, and fight this war together, let us drive these foul beings away from our world. for retribution!"

The crowd's will was ignited once again. as they shouted together.






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