Supreme Martial System
85 A Tiny World for beautiful flowers
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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85 A Tiny World for beautiful flowers

It's already high in the afternoon, but still, Zhihao is deep within his sleeping mode.

Verushka sighed as she got up and prepared to take a bath. Then Ning'er called out to her:"Veru! come come!, I got something interesting to show you! oh, wait! you take a bath first, I`ll introduce you the things Zhihao brought over from her world."

Verushka smiled as she followed Ning'er to the bathroom.

They finally reached the bathroom as Ning'er spoke: "Veru! Look at this! This is called Shampoo, this makes your hair smells nice! and this is a soap! it helps you to remove the oil and sweat away from your body, and it also makes your body smell nice!"

Verushka got intrigued as she directly went and smelled the Shampoo and soap then she exclaimed: "This definitely smells nice! I`m going to take a bath!"

Ning'er smiled then said: "I know right!, well, come to find me afterward, the woman Zhihao brought over knows a lot of things about this phone thingy."

Verushka nodded immediately, what piqued her interest the most is the rectangular thing that Zhihao brought from the woman's world, it contains a lot of moving images.


After a while, Verushka searched for Ning'er and Xiao'er, she walked towards the corridor in the vacant rooms, well she literally got bored searching, so she started using her spiritual energy and scanned the whole fort. but to her surprise, it was the room beside her, they were inside.

Verushka entered, then she saw Ning'er and Xiao'er using the rectangular object while focusing deathly at the screen.

Verushka spoke: "What are you guys doing?"

Ning'er looked at Verushka for a bit then looked back at the screen then she spoke: "Wait! I`m going to finish this first"

Xiao'er then screamed: "Oh NO! I died! Noooo"

Verushka asked: "eH? how did you die?"

Xiao'er immediately replied: "Veru! come here! come!"

Zheng Shuan butted in as she asked: "Are you the 3rd wife?" she was astounded, such a cute, elegant, and beautiful child"

Xiao'er replied: "Yes, she is, but she's the oldest one within us three, she's already over 100 years old"

Zheng Shuan stuttered while saying: "o..o... o... Over 100 years old?!"

Xiao'er nodded then said: "She's from the demon race" then Xiao'er immediately played again.

Zheng Shuan looked at Verushka awkwardly, how would you address someone as old as a hundred-year-old demon lady, while she looked so much younger than you? then she just looked at Verushka as she greeted: "Hello"

Verushka smiled then said: "Hello, I`m Verushka." She paused for a bit then asked: "Sis, what are they doing?"

Zheng Shuan sighed, is everyone in this world this friendly? then she replied: "oh that? they are playing Books vs Aliens, it's a popular game in our world"

Verushka nodded like she understood something then pulled out her phone from the interspatial ring.

Zheng Shuan got shocked, then she asked: "Is everyone here capable of just puffing out an object out of thin air?"

Verushka smiled then replied: "Well, you can ask our husband for one ring, then you can do it too" then she paused for a bit as she said: "Sis, Can you help me play the game like that?"

Zheng shuan was shocked by the first statement as she thought 'does that mean, getting married to Zhihao and getting his ring could make me do magical things like that?' then she shook her head as she replied: "Sure, come and sit here, I`ll start the app for you"

Verushka handed the phone as she asked: "up? start the up?"

Zheng Shuan smiled as she replied: "No, these things are called Apps, A-P-P, short-term for applications, This one, is the one they are playing, Books vs Aliens" then Zheng Shuan smiled as she clicked the app and handed it back to Verushka.

Verushka nodded as she saw the loading screen.

Zheng Shuan smiled then said: "You can read this cloud thingy, they are a description of what's the power a book possess, for example, this one casts flames, while this one freezes the enemies" Zheng Shuan patiently tutored every one of them.


After a while of playing, Verushka smiled as she wiped away the sweat on her forehead, then she spoke: "Well, that's more intense than a real fight, I died a lot of times there, my base was ruined for more than 50 times"

Zheng Shuan smiled then said: "It's okay, a first timer like you playing this game that good was already awesome"

Verushka nodded as she replied: "Okay, You pass, I permit you, if you want to be the fourth wife, well you should get the approval of the other two though" after saying that she immediately played again.

Then Ning'er and Xiao'er spoke: "Well, we already agreed earlier too, it's up to her though" then they both immediately returned to playing.

Zheng Shuan thought for a bit as she asked: "Why are you guys sharing the same husband? wouldn't your pride be hurts if you guys continue like this?"

The Three of them smiled. and spoke one by one.

Ning'er: "Can pride fill in the hole in my heart, if I left him because of something this minor?"

Xiao'er: "I don't know, I just thought that, If he ever leaves me, I`ll feel empty inside"

Verushka: "So long as he doesn't betray us, and love us equally, why not"

After the three of them spoke, they immediately returned to playing the game.

Zheng Shuan blushed as she pulled out her own phone from her purse to play some games too. Zheng Shuan smiled a little after hearing their words, as she thought 'So, it's just me that's being to reserve about this'


After a while, Zhihao woke up and headed to where they were.

Seeing this scene, Zhihao smiled as he spoke to himself: "A Tiny World for beautiful flowers" Zhihao didn't bother them as he went to the dining room to get something to eat.

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