Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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After being swallowed by the void, Zhihao and Zheng Shuan were both immediately spat out of it.

Before Zheng Shuan could speak, she immediately vomited all the food she ate this morning.

Zhihao seeing the scene, immediately patted her back, to comfort the poor little soul.

Zheng Shuan being patted in the back by Zhihao immediately blushed. then she took a handkerchief inside her bag then wiped her mouth with it.

Zheng Shuan immediately remembered something as she exclaimed: "Where are we.... we were... we were.... we were dragged! by a black hole!" then she thought for a second 'then we're like two people stranded on an island!' she smiled as she continued thinking 'Even god is helping me'

Then Zhihao spoke: "Don't worry, I`ll protect you here, nothing can harm you"

Zheng Shuan's face immediately brightened up as she nodded. then she thought, 'maybe getting here is a blessing in disguise, but my mom, I wonder how she would feel.'

Zhihao meant that it's his territory, so no one would mess with her when he brings her inside the Empire.

Zheng Shuan then looked around, then she just noticed, that they are beside a very tall wall, it looked like the Great Wall of China, but bigger, and more solid!

Zheng Shuan Exclaimed: "eh? Did we time travel back in time?!"

Zhihao sighed as he said: "Come, Let's go, the gate is over there." Zhihao pointed at the direction which a lot of people are lining up to enter the gates.

Zheng Shuan figured out that Zhihao only noticed the people. so he might've deduced that It's the gate.

Zheng Shuan nodded, then followed Zhihao from behind.

After a few moments, the Guards finally saw Zhihao as they greeted: "Lord! Welcome back!"

The Crowd of people also looked as they all smiled and greeted: "Welcome back LORD!"

The Crowd of people immediately has a brightened up aura, Seeing the Ruler of the empire, some might not even see him once in their lifetime, but they finally saw him today, now they are feeling inspired.

Zheng Shuan was shocked, then she looked behind her, thinking that their Ruler is with them. but after searching for a while, she couldn't see anyone. Then she looked at Zhihao as she said: "You are the lord of this city?"

Zhihao sighed as he smiled towards Zheng Shuan then said: "It's actually my Empire"

Zheng Shuan exclaimed: "EHH? EMPIRE?!"

Zhihao nodded then said: "Come, I`ll introduce you to my wives."

Zheng Shuan just blankly stared at his back, then followed closely behind him.

Zhihao smiled at the guards and spoke: "Good work, Keep up the good job" then looked at the line of people as he said: "You guys, don't slack off! you got families to feed"

The Citizens and the Guards smiled as they all spoke: "Yes Lord!"

Zhihao has zero cultivation level right now, so all he could do is walk. every citizens and cultivators of his empire Greeted him.

Zheng Shuan eyes and mouth were wide open, she's definitely seeing things, a person with cat's ear? dog's ears? bat wings? tail?

Her eyes rolled upward as she finally lost her final will and fainted. she was about to hit the land, but Zhihao immediately caught her and immediately lifted her up in a princess carry position.

Zhihao sighed as he said: "I knew this would happen" then he immediately walked towards the Floating Fortress.

Zhihao then spoke to the system 'Why'd you bring her along?'


=Host, I didn't. she fell, you just didn't pay attention to the time. I Strictly said 24 Hours, and then the time just got used up.

Zhihao sighed as he said: "Okay, Okay, I get it, It's my fault"


=It's good that you know.

Zhihao sighed again, he can't rebuke this system no matter what he does.


After a few minutes of walking, He finally came close to the Floating Fortress. after that, two silhouettes immediately descended from the sky, It is Ling Ning'er and Shen Xiao'er. they noticed his aura, as they immediately went their way to greet him.

Xiao'er and Ning'er immediately spoke: "Welcome back Hus...." but before they could finish their words. their smile froze as they looked at the woman in Zhihao's arms.

Then Verushka came following too, and was about to say: "Wel...." She also stopped half way, as she looked at Ning'er and Xiao'er.

Immediately, the three of them have this calm face, but an inexplainable terrifyingly invisible aura is being emitted from them.

The trio spoke simultaneously spoke at the same time: "Who?" in a calm but deathly manner.

Zhihao sighed as he replied: "Well, there is one thing that I can say for sure, and that is It's now what you three are thinking about"

The Trio sighed as they nodded, They trust their husband's words more than anything, then Ning'er asked: "Who's she?"

Zhihao replied immediately: "Well, you guys see, that I traveled to a different world, to buy the things you guys wanted, but when I was about to return back here, She got dragged in together with me" he paused again then continued: "The place that she came from was a land where only mortal people live."

The trio asked: "Eh? Only mortals lived on her plane?"

Zhihao replied: "No, their world"

The three of them were shocked then Verushka spoke: "You had gone to another world?!"

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "Yes, and in that place, there is only human race, that's why she must've been too shocked seeing the demon race and beast kin."

The Three of them nodded together seemingly understood everything.

Then Verushka Asked: "So, are you adding her to as one of us?"

Zhihao shook his head then said: "No, well, I`ll need a month's time before I could return Miss Zheng to her original planet"

Ning'er replied immediately: "Well, her's looks are good, and oh!, for a mortal, her skin is fairly soft too, I wouldn't mind, I`ll just check her personality for a month's time then I`ll decide"

Verushka replied: "Well, Ning Jiejie and Xiao Jiejie, you can decide, I`m all good whatever you both choose" then she immediately walked out.

Zhihao called out to her: "Honey, I brought you some goods from the other world" Immediately, Zhihao pulled a Smartphone out of his Interspatial Ring.

Verushka replied: "I don't need such thi..." But before she could finish her words, the Smartphone played a video of an Anime, where there is a fight going on. then she spoke: "Give me! I need to research that thing!" Immediately after saying those words, she snatched the phone and flew up into the floating fortress.

Zhihao smiled then said to Ning'er: "Ning'er, Can you lift me up there? the effects of the Berserker God's skill haven't been removed yet."

Ning'er and Xiao'er immediately looked at each other as they made a few signals in their eyes.

Then Ning'er spoke: "Husband, there's a good Eel we the fishermen caught earlier, they sold it in the market, you should try eating it" she paused as she signaled Xiao'er: "Xiao meimei, you should bring the guest and meet us at the chamber immediately, also inform Verushka about it"

Xiao'er smiled then looked at Zhihao as she spoke: "Yes, Ning jiejie" then snickered as she picked up Zheng Shuan and floated towards the Floating Fortress.

Zhihao asked: "Ning'er are you planning something?"

Ning'er replied: "Oh, nothing much, I just wish to celebrate your return from another world, and Oh! we actually have new good wines!, we should celebrate tonight! Definitely"

Zhihao sighed as he nodded his head.

Ning'er Immediately picked Zhihao up and floated towards the Floating Fortress.

Zhihao smiled as he looked at his wife as he immediately looked ahead, but then he Missed the grin hanging at Ning'er's lips exactly at the time he changed his view.

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