Supreme Martial System
82 EHHHH?!
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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82 EHHHH?!

Finally Arriving at the mall, Zhihao parked his car.

Then they both entered the mall together. The Crowds of people gave way to them, then a wave of chatters immediately flooded the air.

-Eh!? That news was true?

-Wow! didn't think that would be the case!

-Look at that! That guy is extremely handsome too!

-Definitely a couple made in heaven!

-Nooo! my Zheng Shuan!

-Who's yours kid! you couldn't even match her partner.

Zheng Shuan smiled when she heard the word, A couple made in heaven. then she looked at Zhihao's reaction but she got disappointed immediately, his facial expression isn't changing at all.


After a while, they finally reached the Beauty store / Costmetic store. Zhihao immediately bought some shampoo, soap, and such, all for ladies. Immediately buying different kinds of things and brands.

Zheng Shuan pondered then thought 'maybe he's buying things for his mother or sisters'. after thinking something like that. Zheng Shuan followed Zhihao then recommended something she uses herself.

Zhihao smiled at her then said: "Thanks"

Zheng Shuan's heart immediately pumped harder after that smile.


After buying some things, Zhihao immediately went to the Toddler section.

Zheng Shuan's smile immediately froze, then she thought 'Maybe his mother's newborn? or cousin's newborn? Elder sister's newborn?' she kept comforting herself from the worst case scenario.

Then immediately, the crowd of people went into frenzy!

-Eh?? they entered the Toddler Section?

-Is our Zheng Shuan pregnant!?

-What!? No Way!

-Noooo! My goddess!

-Wow! That was fast, It was just reported yesterday!

-Maybe that's why they showed themselves to the public!

-Woah! the guy! look at the guy's face!

-WOW! So handsome!

-I couldn't see on the news yesterday, but the guy's face is definitely on the top list!

The crowd immediately gathered, as reporters started taking pictures in the distance.

Zheng Shuan smiled as she thought, 'This misunderstanding isn't bad itself!, I kinda want to do this everyday with him', then she smiled again as she followed Zhihao further to the Toddler section.

then Zheng Shuan couldn't prevent herself from asking the quest: "Hey"

Zhihao replied: "Oh, I`m Zhihao, you can call me that"

Zheng Shuan's face brightened immediately then she asked: "So which person's baby are you buying this things for?"

Zhihao replied: "Ohh, its for my babies and wives"

Zheng Shuan smiled then replied: "Oh, so it's for your wif... wives?!"

Zhihao smiled then nodded

Zheng Shuan immediately replied: "Wait! Wives? you have two spouse?!"

Zhihao smiled then replied: "Actually it's three"

Zheng Shuan's eyes immediately felt lifeless as she muttered to herself: "th.. thr... Three?"

Zhihao still heard her small voice then replied: "yeah, and two baby"

Zheng Shuan felt like her world is crumbling down as she stared at the smiling Zhihao while he searched for good things to buy.

Zheng Shuan immediately replied: "Ah, Zhihao, I`ll be going to the toilet first!"

Zhihao nodded the continued browsing.

Zheng Shuan immediately run to the bathroom section.

After a few seconds, she finally arrived. then immediately pulled out her phone then called her mom :"Mom!"

Zheng Lin replied immediately :"Shuan'er what happened?"

Shuan immediately replied: "He's MARRIED! and three wives!"

Zheng Lin immediately exclaimed: "What!?" then she paused for a bit then continued: "Well, does it bother you? if it does, you can stop now"

Shuan immediately got shocked, does it bother her? the society forbids wedding with more wives, because some male couldn't provide for the family. but still, sharing the man you love with others? she finds it unthinkable.

Shuan then replied solemnly: "Mom, I`ll think about it for a while."

Zheng Lin sighed then continued: "There are countries, accepting multiple marriage, maybe you should think about it too, though personally, I`m against it. but to you, would you mind giving up your love for the pride of having a husband alone?"

Shuan replied: "Thanks mom, I`ll go for now" after hanging up, she sighed as she walked back towards the toddler section. She made her resolve, 'I`m going to give up on him after today'

Then when she saw Zhihao carrying all the things he brought while smiling, her heart ached further. she shook her head, as she had already resolved her decision, to give up on her first love.

Zhihao approached her: "I`m done with buying things' I`ll go now."

Zheng Shuan smiled as she nodded and said: "I`ll accompany you until the parking lot."

Zhihao smiled then nodded, then he walked towards the elevator, Zheng Shuan followed behind him.

Seeing Zhihao's wide back, she asked: "So, where are your wives and babies?"

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "They are in a far away place, so much further away than you could imagine"

Zheng Shuan sighed as she thought, 'so it really is a different country' then she said: "How old are your babies?"

Zhihao replied: "They will be two years old this year, they are cute babies, they have their mother's genes running through them, especially their hairs, it perfectly matches their mother's"

Zheng Shuan clutched her hand as she thought 'You are definitely a good man, but I can't let myself share my man with other women, I have to give up on my fantasies' then she continued: "You must love them really well"

Zhihao smiled as he nodded and replied: "Of course, They are my life after all."

Zheng Shuan's heart kept aching whenever she sees Zhihao's bright smile when talking about his wives, and babies.

Then they arrived at the Parking lot. Zhihao pretended to place the items he bought on the trunk, placing it one by one as he inserted it on his spatial ring.

Then Zheng Shuan sighed as she said: "It was nice knowing you, Zhihao" then she extended her hand for a handshake.

Zhihao smiled then he said: "It was nice being your acquaintance Miss Zheng" then he extended his hands to her.

Zheng Shuan didn't release Zhihao's hand then she replied: "Farewell" tears were already gathering in her eyes, as she held Zhihao's hand with hers.

Zhihao smiled then nodded: "Yeah, Farewe..." but before he could finish saying anything. there was a notification.


=Time's Up! Returning to the cultivation world!.

Immediately The floor below Zhihao and Zheng Shuan immediately cracked open as a void space appeared.

Zhihao and Zheng Shuan both exclaimed: "EHHhh?!" immediately, both of them fell inside as Zheng Shuan shouted: "AHHHHHHHHHHH! NOOOO!! WHAT'S HAPPENIIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!"

Time Remaining : 0 Hours 0 Minutes 0 Seconds until coming back to the cultivation world!

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