Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Morning came, It is exactly 5 AM in the morning,

Zhihao Stretched his arm, then immediately his phone rang.

Zhihao grabbed his phone then answered: "This is Zhihao"

Immediately the voice on the other side of the phone exclaimed happily: "Sir! The tools are in front of your mansion now, where do we place it?"

Zhihao replied: "Wait, I`ll go out now, wait for me at the gate"

The man replied immediately: "Yes sir!"

Zhihao wore his t-shirt, pants, and shoes immediately. then he went straight to the bathroom to wash his face, and brush his teeth.

after a few minutes of personal hygiene. Zhihao immediately walked towards the gate. when he arrived, what assaulted his vision is almost 100, 10 wheeler trucks! with big crates on it!.

Zhihao sighed as he said: "You guys can just deliver my items in the back of the mansion."

Immediately the man replied: "You heard the man! Quickly move!" Immediately after hearing the words, the thousand of men went down their trucks and vans, as they prepared to bring everything out of the trucks..

after a few minutes, another call was vibrated from Zhihao's pocket, he immediately picked up the phone and answer: "This is Zhihao."

The man on the other side of the phone immediately answered: "Boss! We're from the Silky Soft white Rice company!, we`re already here but there are trucks on the road, we can't enter further, We've brought all a Million sack of rice"

Zhihao sighed then said: "You can go here for now, and let your men wait in the gates. the trucks would finish unloading any minute now"

The Rice man immediately replied: "Yes boss! We're on our way!" after a few minutes, they arrived at the gate and said: "Boss! We're here, Woah! Farming tools? that's a lot!"

Zhihao smiled but didn't reply.

The Tool man immediately came to Zhihao then said: "Sir!, All of the tools had been unloaded"

Zhihao nodded then said: "Good job, Here, Divine it on yourselves" immediately after speaking, Zhihao handed a bag of money then continued: "There's $250k in there, Just share it with your men"

The cargo men's exhausted look immediately brightened up, they were grumbling when they had to deliver the tools behind the mansion, but being given a handsome tip like that! It is worth it! Definitely!.

The Tool Man smiled then replied: "Thank you sir! these guys would definitely be happy about this tip!, see you again sir, on another business transaction!" then the tool man waved at his men to come to the truck immediately.

The Rice man and his goons' face immediately brightened up. then the Rice man exclaimed: "Prepare yourself! NO SLACKING OFF!" the Rice man's sleepy face vanished after he saw the generous tip!, well who wouldn't?

The Rice Man's Goons immediately smiled as they replied: "Yes sir! It will be a piece of cake! no a piece of butter!" then they immediately called the drivers to prepare, and even informed them about the Tip.

The same things also happened to the Meat deliverer and the rest of the delivery teams that went after.


After 3 hours, everything went smoothly and rather very quickly, with the inspirational buffs that Zhihao gave them, it boosted their working efficiency by 10 folds.

Zhihao placed all of the things on his spatial rings, immediately the 7 Interspatial Rings he brought from the cultivation world was filled to the brim. Zhihao sighed as he headed towards the gate.

Then Zhihao noticed a group of men and women approaching his mansion.

Then a butler man look a like approached Zhihao then said: "Sir, We're form the agency that was hired yesterday, We were informed that you hired us?"

Zhihao nodded then replied: "Yes, I`ll be leaving the mansion in your hands, I`ll be going on a business trip after this. I`ll be gone for a week more or less."

Then the Butler look a like man nodded and said: "Yes Master, Just leave the mansion to us"

Zhihao nodded then handed over $250k then said: "This is a maintenance fee, also all of your expenses, I`d like to have the mansion redecorated by the time I come back, the left over you guys can share"

The hired care takers were shocked, but also happy, $250K! what kind of concept was that! Even

The Butler look a like man gulped down his saliva then said: "We'll do our best Master! and master, The agency said that you can just pay them the money and they will be responsible for distributing our wages"

Zhihao nodded then immediately went inside. as he wanted to take care of his self, by taking a bath. before heading out to buy some things for his babies, babes and their necessities.

Seeing Zhihao's silhouette vanishing, the Butler look a like man said: "You guys, scatter as we'll immediately work! We got a decent boss this time! don't make us look stupid!"

Immediately the care takers smiled then replied: "Of course!" then they immediately went and did their own duties and responsibilities.


After 30 minutes, Zhihao rode his car then said to the butler: "I`ll be going out now. be sure to take care of the mansion"

The butler like man immediately replied: "Yes master, You can just call me Butler Ma, leave everything to me"

Zhihao nodded then immediately drove away. then he sighed as he spoke: "Am I meant to have a butler that would always be named Butler Ma? this is a weird coincidence" then he drove to the gates.

Then A silhouette was standing at the gates, the guard was about to inform the butler, then he saw Zhihao, as he bowed then said: "Master, There's a woman waiting for you here"

Zhihao nodded then he got down from his car and looked at the woman. it was Zheng Shuan!

Zhihao sighed then said: "Is there any problem miss Zheng?"

Zheng shuan looked at Zhihao as she firmed her will then replied: "Are you going anywhere? Sir Zhong?"

Zhihao nodded then replied: "I`m going to the mall, to buy some necessities"

Zheng Shuan smiled then she spoke: "Can I come with you then?, my manager already left"

Zhihao sighed again as he nodded then said: "You can"

Zhihao is still a gentleman after all, so he opened the Car's Passenger door. then said: "Please"

Zheng Shuan smiled as she nodded then said: "Thank you"

Zhihao nodded as he also entered the car.

2 hours 49 minutes 53 seconds left until the it's the time to return to the cultivation world.
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    《Supreme Martial System》