Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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After Seeing Zhihao off, Zheng Shuan followed her manager to their Van.

The Manager spoke: "How are you feeling?"

Zheng Shuan replied: "I`m fine" she sighed after speaking.

The manager spoke again: "Do you need something?"

"Let's just call it a day for now, I`m tired." Zheng Shuan felt exhausted and sad.

The manager sighed as he said: "Okay, I`ll drop you at your house for now"

Zheng Shuan just nodded and didn't speak any further.


After a few an hour of driving, they finally arrived at Zheng Shuan's house.

Zheng Shuan bid her manager farewell: "See you tomorrow, Manager Li" then she immediately entered their house's gate.

Manager Li just nodded and immediately drove off when he saw Zheng Shuan entered their house. then he sighed as he spoke: "Can't prevent someone from falling in-love"


After entering the House, Zheng Shuan removed her heels and immediately wore their house's slipper. She immediately went inside and laid in the sofa in their living room. she turned on the T.V and watched some news.

What appeared in front of her immediately made her sigh, as a superstar, she could barely have any private life. and now, she just barely had a picture with her first love, and it's being informed to the public immediately.

She sighed as she watched the television.

News anchor 1: "Zheng Shuan! one of our china's top celebrity was caught on video with a man. in WP mall just this afternoon!"

News anchor 2: "I Couldn't believe it myself when I heard it first,"

News Anchor 1: "Yeah, I mean, the Frozen Princess, Zheng Shuan? In-love?"

News Anchor 2: "Hahaha, I couldn't believe it myself, let's watch the replay first"

Immediately, behind the Two news anchor, a screen appeared, then a video played.

"Please don't bother him further, we're really strangers, I don't even know his name! Please don't bother him! Please! It's a one-sided love!" It was Zheng Shuan's video when she shouted at the mall.

News anchor 1: "Hahahaha, that's definitely a love confession"

News Anchor 2: "I seriously, couldn't belie...."

But before he could finish, the TV turned off. then a Silhouette appeared behind Zheng Shuan.

Zheng Shuan immediately called out: "Mom!"

her mother, Zheng Lin immediately sighed as she immediately hugged her daughter then said: "It's okay, It is normal"

Zheng Shuan replied: "Mom, You`re early today, what about the company?"

"Nothing is more important than my daughter of course." Zheng Shuan's mother spoke.

Shuan eyes were immediately filled with tears as she cried: "Mom!, wuuu wuuu wuuu"

Zheng Lin sighed as she said: "It's okay, Shuan'er, cry it all out"


After a few minutes of crying and tearing up, Zheng Shuan finally calmed down.

Zheng Shuan's mother started the conversation first: "Shuan'er, I`m gonna tell you a story, It was my first love's story."

Zheng Shuan opened her eyes then asked: "It's not father?"

Zheng Lin smiled as she replied: "Of course he is, well, I was only 18 at that time, and when i first saw your father, I fell in love with him immediately." then Lin smiled towards Shuan as she continued: "Much like how you felt towards that man, Right?"

Zheng Shuan blushed as she nodded slowly.

Zheng Lin continued: "I was a famous school belle at that time, but your father wouldn't even notice me. But who cares, Why would I give up, when the one I want isn't reacting to me right?" after speaking, Zheng Lin striked a pose like a winner.

Zheng Shuan laughed at her as she nodded.

Zheng Lin sighed then said: "But, I just bugged the hell out of him, every single day, whenever I see him, I`ll talk to him. and annoy him a lot"

Zheng Shuan then curiously looked at her mom then asked: "What happened next?"

Zheng Lin sighed then continued: "Well, Your dad got seriously got annoyed by that, and ignored me for a whole month"

Zheng Shuan was shocked and wanted to ask. but Zheng Lin continued.

"But after a month's forcing my way to your father's heart, I couldn't budge his will, even an inch, then I started to wonder if he's even a man" Zheng Lin spoke awkwardly.

Zheng Shuan giggled when she heard her mom's words.

Zheng Lin then sighed as she said: "Well, I just stopped, and always looked at him from a far, well sometimes our gazes meet, sometimes it won't" she paused for a bit then continued: "When the time that your dad completely ignored me, I stopped following him immediately"

Zheng Shuan sighed as she noddedand asked: "Then what happened?"

Zheng Lin smiled then said: "Well, for some unknown reason, your dad confessed to me another month later" Zheng Lin giggled as she spoke to that point.

Zheng Shuan was bewildered then asked: "Mom! what happened? how'd you do that?"

Zheng Lin smiled as she said: "There are things, you can't force, and also things that wouldn't come along the way you wanted it to happen" Zheng Lin spoke looking at her daughter.

Zheng Shuan's face immediately darkened when she thought about giving up Zhihao.

Zheng Lin then continued: "But god won't forsake those, that does everything within their ability to have the ones they love, and Fighting for your love, is not forcing, and wanting the fate to make you have that man, but It's your will to have him, So be sure, that you fight for your love, and not give up, Until you have done everything you could" Finishing her speech, Zheng Lin kissed her daughter's forehead and hugged her.

Zheng Shuan's face immediately brightened up as she cried and smiled.

Then Zheng Shuan spoke: "Mom! I`ll fight for my love!"

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