Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Immediately, after just a few breathes time, a man replied in the call.

"Sir, are you serious about buying 100k pieces of our tools?"

Zhihao sighed, well if he was ordered like that too, he'll be shocked so he understood their shock and question, then he replied: "Yes, but I need them tomorrow morning"

The man on the phone replied: "Okay sir! but we'll have to calculate first" he then paused as he replied: "Tomorrow morning?!"

Zhihao replied: "Yes, The sooner the better."

the man on the phone replied: "Sir, wait, let me contact our superiors"

Zhihao sighed, as he shook his head, would he need to wait like this with the other ones too?

Then a new man answered the phone: "Sir, I`m the president of the company, Are you serious about your orders?"

Zhihao sighed then replied: "Yes, but I need them tomorrow morning."

The man replied: "Sir, We`ll be sending a man in your house to confirm your contract, while we immediately prepare your orders" he didn't use the word payment, so to prevent himself from sounding impolite.

Zhihao finally sighed in relief as he replied: "That's good, I`ll wait, my address is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" Zhihao immediately hanged up the phone, then called the bank.

A staff immediately answered: "Hello sir, This is China National Security Bank, what would you like to inquire?"

Zhihao replied immediately: "I`d like to make a deposit, but all my money is in my house, I can't bring it to the bank"

The staff got annoyed, how much money would it be needed to ask for the bank for them to send some people?, then she replied: "Sir, how much would you like to deposit?" the woman wanted to finish this annoying conversation already.

Zhihao replied: "I`ll be depositing $160 Billion, I`d like to have a fast transfer immediately"

The staff sighed as she thought, only 160 dollars and you wanted us to go there? then she paused as she asked: "Sir, $160 Billion?!"

Zhihao replied immediate: "Yes! Please, I`m in a hurry!"

the staff immediately replied: "Yes sir let me contact my superiors to send some personnel in your house" the staff immediately got up as she run towards her manager.

Then the manager picked up the phone as she asked: "Sir, I would like to know your name?"

Zhihao replied again: "Zhong Zhihao, my address is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, I`d like to make the transfer as fast as possible, I`ll be going to a business trip afterwards"

The manager immediately checked his record, and was shocked, how much money is this guy even using! he's already used almost $15M in a days time!, then She immediately replied: "Sir, We'll immediately send some armored trucks towards your address and an accountant to count the money, no some accountants!"

Zhihao replied: "Make it faster please, I`m in a rush"

The manager immediately replied: "Yes sir, As soon as possible!" then she heard Zhihao hanging up the phone and immediately called the main bank.

Zhihao repeated the other process with the things he needed, like meat, Rich and such. but the baby needs he wanted to buy it himself, so he just wanted to finish everything and immediately buy his babies' toys.

Then the bank came 30 minutes after he called them. there were 10 Armored vehicles, and 10 cars immediately arrived at his gate.

there were 30 accountants all females, and even the armored guards were females, all 25 of them, a total of 55 females entered Zhihao's Mansion.

Zhihao summoned his all his $ on to a Vacant room.

Then Zhihao led them inside. the accountants immediately undressed themselves, until there is only a night gown and underwear left. It is to prevent them from stealing any money.

Zhihao sighed, as he can see that these women actually liked it, when they undressed in front of him.

Well which female wouldn't want a young, Billionaire as their husband, of course they would show off their curvaceous body immediately. although it's their rules, they weren't against it. A lot of accountant crossed the heaven's gate and ascended the heavens through this method too.

After counting the money, The accountants would transfer it into a suitcase. while the female guards would take it to the armored vehicle.

Zhihao continued his calls to the other companies as they counted the money.

After a few hours, the accounts and guards finally finished their duties, and immediately went away. some of the accountants even winked at Zhihao before they entered the car.

Zhihao sighed witnessing such sight. Zhihao stretched his arms as he finally finished his list of things to do. he sighed as he never felt exhausted like this since his rebirth.

Finally, Zhihao made his foothold in Earth. then he spoke: "Next time I come here, I`ll visit my parents." Zhihao snickered, thinking of what would his parents would think when he sees them, or what kind of face would they make.

Zhihao immediately went inside his mansion then spoke to the system 'System, how many days would pass by in earth when I return to the cultivation realm?'


=Host, when you go back to the cultivation realm, the time in earth would be slowed by 5 folds, a Month's time in the cultivation world would take 4 days of absence in Earth.

Zhihao nodded then he got onto his bed and sleep, but before that, he said 'System, I would like to thank you, for giving me a second chance in life'


=No problem host"

Zhihao smiled then said: "I`ll see you in 4days, Mother, Father, you failure of a parent"

Zhihao smiled as he slowly fell asleep into the dead of night, It was already 9PM when he finished talking to every orders he made. and exactly at that time, was that the bank finished counting his billions. they immediately added his fund before they left.

Now It's 11 PM.

13 hours, 23 minutes 55 seconds left until Zhihao returns to the cultivation world.

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