Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao and Zheng Shuan finally made it back to the fifth floor.

Zheng Shuan separated from Zhihao and head back to the Manager, Glancing at Zhihao, she sighed, as she thought 'Is my first love going to end up just like this?' thinking like that, she immediately sighed.

Zhihao seeing her mood slightly sighed, then he spoke to the CEO: "Is everything done?"

The CEO replied as he said: "Everything's been done sir, You can check the documents, if you think I forgot something, you can just call me, This is my calling card." The CEO handed his card immediately.

Zhihao received it and said: "Thank you, I`ll be leaving now"

The CEO immediately called out: "Sir! You forgot these!" The CEO handed the keys to Zhihao and then continued: "It's a pleasure doing business with you sir"

Zhihao nodded as he said: "Yes, It's a pleasure doing business" then he immediately walked towards the elevator.

Zheng Shuan, was crying inside, he wanted to stop Zhihao, her tears are already filling up her eyes, as her heart tightened further, she felt that its getting harder and harder to breathe. Seeing the silhouette of the man she fell in love with walking away in front of her. It's seriously the first time she felt something like that towards the opposite sex.

Couldn't hold on anymore to her feelings, she ran and followed Zhihao to the elevator.

The Manager sighed, then got into his phone to call Zheng Shuan's Mother. when someone picked up. The manager spoke: "Madame, I have something to report to you about your daughter" then retold the story immediately.

Hanging up the phone, The manager immediately proceeded towards the elevator, as he saw that it was blinking on the ground floor, making it obvious that the Elevator would stop at the ground floor. he immediately rode the other elevator and pressed ground floor.

Immediately when the door is almost closing, Zheng Shuan finally caught up with Zhihao. but then she got nervous and wouldn't know what to do next.

Then Zhihao spoke: "Are you going anywhere? your manager is still there, who would protect you without him?"

Zheng Shuan wanted to speak but couldn't utter any words, everything was stuck in her throat.

Zhihao sighed then just pressed the ground floor, where his car is parked.

when the both of them finally reached the ground floor, Zhihao pressed the alarm on his car, then the alarm sounded as he walks toward his car.

Zheng Shuan followed nervously behind Zhihao.

Then Zhihao asked: "Miss Zheng, Is there anything else?"

Zheng Shuan shook her head looking at the ground, as tears were already falling from her eyes.

Zhihao sighed then continued to his car, when he finally reached there he rode his car then said: "Miss Zheng it is nice knowing you, If it's by chance maybe fate would make us cross paths again"

Zheng Shuan's tears bursts as she held her voice, then she stopped her tears as she said: "Number!"

Zhihao looked at Shuan as he asked: "Number?"

Zheng Shuan replied: "Let's exchange number, Can I contact you sometimes?"

Zhihao sighed then replied: "Okay!" then he handed his phone to Zheng Shuan.

Zheng Shuan's face immediately brightened up as she held Zhihao's phone then copied his number. then after a few seconds, she handed the phone back.

Zhihao noticed that the manager is almost there, so he just needs to stall for a few more breathes, then he spoke: "Well, Nice meeting you again."

After saying that, he started his engine, as he looked at the manager. The manager saw this, then sighed, the other party stalled for time until he can reach the area, so that Shuan wouldn't be caught in any trouble. what consideration.

Zhihao started his car and immediately drove towards his newly bought mansion.

The Manager approached Zheng Shuan then said: "I called your mother, about what happened, She'll be calling you after her meeting, or might meet up with you after that. The manager paused then handed a handkerchief as he said: "Come, Let me take you to your mother"

Zheng Shuan nodded.


After 30 minutes, Zhihao arrived at his mansion, there was a man standing there.

The Man opened the gate with the remote, as he handed it to Zhihao then immediately spoke: "Sir, I`m here to help you do some things, Like hiring some security guards, Maids and such. is there anything you`d like to request?" the man smiled politely

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Hire some house keepers, gardener and security guards, oh and also hire some chefs"

The man spoke: "Sir how many?"

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "About 30 of them, fix their Monthly salary to an above average, About $100 more, that's enough right??" he only got $200 a month when he was working in labor, so he didn't know how much this

The man immediately replied: "Sir, that's definitely more than enough" then he paused then continued: "That's $300 for the maids, $350 for the gardener, $480 for the chef, and $350 for the guards"

Zhihao nodded then he said: "I want them all here tomorrow morning, I`ll be leaving for a business trip tomorrow, 3PM" Then after speaking, Zhihao handed $500 to the man and immediately went inside, as he parked his car in the garage.

The man sighed then said: "Rich people definitely lives in a different world than us" then he immediately contacted their headquarters to post the hiring notification.


After entering inside, Zhihao immediately searched the internet for any farming tools company, rice company, meat company, the bank and such. all the needs he needed to buy.

Zhihao firstly called the Tools company.

Then immediately after the second ring, someone answered: "Good afternoon, This is the Almighty steels Company, How may I help you?"

Zhihao replied: "I need some farming equipments about 100k pieces each, but only those that wouldn't need gas, and electricity, or battery."

The staff immediately replied: "Ah, 100k? ahh okay sir 100 pieces of each of our tools that wouldn't need battery, gas or electricity right?"

Zhihao replied again: "100 thousand, not 100 pieces"

The staff immediately got shock as she said: "Sir please wait, I need to contact the higher management"

Zhihao just casually replied: "Okay"

15 Hours 39 minutes 33 seconds left until the Host returns to the cultivation world

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