Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao sighed as he proceeded into his walk towards the Cellphone department store.

Zheng Shuan also followed suit, as she casually glanced at him, and take a few pictures of him. sometimes even making a few skin contacts, like leaning her back against Zhihao's shoulder, making a V sign and taking a picture of it.

When they saw Zheng Shuan walking inside the mall, everyone was shocked and excited, but the one beside her is also stunningly handsome, they haven't seen someone as good looking as that even within the entertainment circle.

Immediately, before they could enter the cellphone department. Reporters came flooding inside the mall.

Zheng Shuan noticed this as she frowned and said: "Ehh?, My alone time would be finished this early?" Zheng shuan pouted as she sighed, well she already took about a hundred photos, but she wanted more.

Then the Reporters immediately went to block them one by one. And immediately asked questions.

-Miss Zheng! I`m from Dagkan TV, Who's this guy beside you? is that your secret lover?

-Miss Zheng, I`m from the Beida TV, What type of status does both of you have?

-Miss Zheng!

-Miss Zheng!

-Miss Zh...

Zhihao sighed as he evaded them and proceeded towards the Cellphone Department store. but before he could enter, another five reporters blocked his way of entry as they asked questions immediately.

-Sir! what's your relationship with Miss Zheng?

-Sir! do you have any relationship with miss Zheng? what's your standing in life?

-Sir, How come you and Miss Zheng knew together?.

-Sir! how frequently do you and Miss Zheng see each other?

-Sir, in what line of work are you in?

Zhihao crisped his brows then said: "We're strangers, If you guys got more question, just ask her, she's got nothing to do with me. Make way or I`ll shove you all aside" Zhihao finally got annoyed, there are too many people bothering him today. and he only has one day to spend.

Zheng Shuan saw how Zhihao is already getting annoyed, immediately she rushed forward, going between them, distancing the Reporters and Zhihao, then she said: "Please don't bother him further, we're really strangers, I don't even know his name! Please don't bother him! Please! It's a one-sided love!" Zheng Shuan immediately realized her words, she immediately blushed.

-A.. A... One-sided love! Write it, write it!

-Did you record it? you did?? Great!

-Have you caught everything on video? good, I`ll ask them to give you a bonus later.

-Did we get anything? We got everything? That's great!

-What did we get?....


Zhihao just sighed as he looked at Zheng Shuan, then he spoke: "You guys need to at least, give some privacy to the people that are giving fame to your country, such a garbage system, why would you guys even exist, all you guys do is provide false information, and lead the masses into the path of blindness towards the outside world." then Zhihao immediately went inside the Cellphone store.

-What luck! Such a shameless guy!

-Why did Miss Zheng fall for that type of guy!

-Hoo, I`d like to see his face, Let's bash him up!

-Good Idea...


When Zheng Shuan heard this, she immediately thought 'It's all my fault! why didn't i wear some cover and walked while taking picture of him, why did I do it,' then she remembered something her mother said to her before =Falling in-love makes us woman do stupid things for them=

Zheng Shuan smiled when she finally remembered it. then she spoke to the Reporters then said: "Make one more move, and I`ll quit being an actress, I`ll cancel all my contracts." she paused then looked at Zhihao inside the Cellphone store, then she looked at the reporters and said: "Let's see how millions of my fans deal with your company" after finishing those words, Zheng Shuan smiled as she walked towards Zhihao.

Zhihao smiled when he heard those words, then he approached the saleslady and asked: "Are my phones ready?"

The saleslady just nodded as she handed the three phones to Zhihao. then looked at the figure coming inside their store.

Zheng Shuan said: "I need the same one he's using, can you wrap one of those immediately, I need to return with him immediately" She then smiled as he looked at Zhihao then said: "Can you wait for me? It`ll be for a minute, I can't walk alone, without anyone to protect me, I might be assaulted" looking at Zhihao with pleading eyes.

Zhihao sighed as he nodded, then he said: "You can take a picture now, I won't be doing anything while waiting for you anyways"

Zheng Shuan smiled as she said: "You should've done that earlier" then immediately getting her phone out of her purse. then spoke: "Can you take off your sunglasses this time? pretty please?"

Zhihao smiled then sighed, he took out his sunglasses and replied: "Better?"

The crowd of people immediately exclaimed "A Match made in Heaven!"

The other people and even the reporters quickly nodded, while the Cameraman kept shooting the video.

Zheng Shuan smiled as she said: "Much, very much better than with one!" she then paused for a bit then "Click!" sound was heard when she spoke again: "We still have a little bit more time can I have more pictures?"

Zhihao smiled as he nodded.

Zhen Shuan handed the phone to the manager of the department then said: "Can you please take a picture of us together?"

The manager immediately smiled as she nodded.

Zhihao and Zheng Shuan pose a few times, when, well Zheng Shuan jokingly told him to make different poses, and like training Zhihao, Zheng Shuan made Zhihao pose into different ones.

Then when the last one was about to be shot, Zheng Shuan looked at Zhihao as she held his hand.

Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!

Immediately, The reporters even the bystanders started taking pictures.

Zheng Shuan immediately let Zhihao's hand go. and got close to the manager and got her phone back, as she said: "Thank you manager" as she bowed.

Zhihao sighed, everything in his eyes was a slow motion that time, he could've had evaded it. but that would humiliate the lady. So he just accepted it. this is definitely the first time he felt the POWERLESSNESS, after reviving to his second life.

Zhihao then said: "Let's return to the 5th floor, I need to get my files from the CEO."

Zheng Shuan smiled, but there was a prickling sensation that she could feel inside her heart. then she sighed as she spoke in a low tone: "Are these the feeling of rejection? haaaa, First time experiencing it kind of hurts a lot huh!" Zheng Shuan followed behind Zhihao, as she stared at his back

Zhihao with his upgraded sense, definitely heard it, as he sighed. he led the way back to the 5th floor.

He can't accept the love of another woman without the permission of the readers after all.

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