Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao sat, as he prepared himself for the 2x2 picture by now.

Yanlan immediately woke up in her daydream, then she sat there as she prepared to take the photo.

then the S-class actress immediately went inside as she said: "Oppa, uh, my name is Zheng Shuan. can we take a picture together please? just one?" anyone of the male population would jump at the thought of getting a picture together with her. who would even reject her, even the superstar male actors would jump at the thought, especially when she actually proposed it herself.

Zhihao blinked once, then said: "I`m sorry, I am currently busy with completing my files" but not to her expectation, Zhihao declined immediately.

Zheng Shuan felt sad as she said persistingly: "After that, please can we take one together? just one?" Zheng Shuan definitely fell in love at first sight.

Zhihao sighed as he nodded.

Yinlan immediately smiled as she said: "Sir, now for the whole body picture please"

Zhihao smiled as he nodded, he stood up and looked at the camera.

Yinlan smiled then said: "Okay sir, that's it for the front picture!, turn to the side now please and put your hands inside your pocket now, and look at the camera" immediately, every male there facepalmed, since when did they needed a side view picture of a man? the female workers and the observers were actually excited, they'd just buy a copy of those afterward.

Zhihao pondered for a bit, as he just followed her instruction.

Click! Click!

then Yinlan followed up, "Sir, the other side now"

Zhihao sighed as he thought 'why'd we even need a lot of pictures, I thought it would only be one' then he just followed along again.

Click! Click!

Yinlan then said: "Sir, Can you lift your legs and step on the chair? and can you also bite your lips lightly?"

Then a cough suddenly entered her ears.

"Ahem, Ahem, Miss Yanlan, I`ll handle it, for now, you go process the files." It is the CEO, he had just arrived. and saw what was happening with the photo section.

Immediately Yanlan smiled as she went and took the camera. but then suddenly a commotion echoed.

-Unni! I`ll pay $20 for a copy!

-Unni! $100 for a copy here! please!

-Unni! Print me one I`ll pay you all my money!

Then a silhouette approached Yanlan, It is Zheng Shuan, she clasped her hands then said: "Unni! I`ll pay you a thousand USD per picture! print one for me! even the 2x2!"

Seeing this, everyone sighed as they shook their head, wasn't this the prideful woman? Zheng Shuan? a superstar actress, known around the world? what is happening right now!

Yanlan nodded at her strongly as she said: "No problem unni! for you it'll be free!"

Coming back to Zhihao, he tilted his head sidewards as he looked at the CEO and said: "Do I need to still lift my leg?"

The CEO cough as he replied: "No, sir, about that, it's done already, they will process everything."

Zhihao sighed as he figured that, Yanlan used her special privilege wisely. he was used without his knowledge definitely.

The CEO sighed then said: "Sir, It is my genuine pleasure having to do business with you" then he forward his hand asking for a handshake.

Zhihao smiled then shook his hand as he said: "No worries, It's my personal needs, so I`m just buying what I need."

The CEO smiled then was about to talk, but was interrupted by someone.

"Excuse me sir, we'd like to also buy that mansion but, that man beat us through it with only 15 seconds" It was the manager of Zheng Shuan.

Zheng Shuan immediately frowned her eyebrows as she said: "CEO, Pardon my manager's attitude, but we don't really need the mansion anymore."

The CEO sighed, he can't clash with either of the two, one is a superstar, while the other one is a multi-millionaire, which would you even offend if it's you. then the CEO said :"Don't worry about it, It was my..." But before he could finish, Zheng Shuan continued.

Zheng Shuan spoke: "But, I`m still searching for a mansion, definitely must be close to the one that this guy bought, because the scenery would be good there, and fresh air, and no noisy neighbor"

Immediately, the CEO, Manager, and the rest of observers face palmed themselves as black lines appeared on their forehead.

everyone was thinking.

"You are a superstar! you shouldn't behave like this missy!"

The CEO sighed as he said: "Miss Zheng Shuan, Don't worry, but the mansion near the one he bought is currently under construction"

Zheng Shuan smiled then she said :"That's good, so long as it gets done quicky, I wouldn't mind!"

Everyone sighed, yeah it is definitely love.

Then The CEO spoke: "I`ll do my best Ms. Zheng."

Zhihao then spoke :"Mister CEO, when's my files going to be finished?"

The CEO immediately replied :"This Sir, It would be finished within a few minutes. please wait for a bit"

Zhihao smiled then he nodded. but when he was about to wear his sunglasses. a voice called out to him.

"Oppa can we take a picture now? You wouldn't be doing anything now, just waiting right?" It was Zheng Shuan.

Zhihao sighed, this girl is persistant, then he said :"Actually, I need to get the phones I bought in the Phone Department"

Zheng Shuan then said: "Oh? really!? That's great! I need to buy one and return here too! what a coincident, let's go together!" Zheng Shuan looked at Zhihao as she hopingly suggested.

Zhihao sighed as he nodded and said: "Okay"

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