Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao walked through the mall as he searches for some people that are selling house and lot.

After a few minutes of walking, Zhihao finally saw some miniature house designs in-case inside a glass box.

Just when Zhihao approached, A cute lady handed him a brochure then spoke:"Sir, Are you interested in this our model houses? We also sell house and lots, you can pay in advance for half a year, and steadily purchase the house." The cute lady was preparing to say all the scripts she memorized today, to at least get one customer to buy one of the normal houses, but before she could finish, Zhihao immediately stopped her, she sighed inside, as she thought that it would be another failed attempt.

Then Zhihao spoke:"I`d like to look at the biggest houses with a lot of spaces to put some things there."

The Cute lady immediately brightened up as she said: "Sir! My name is Na Yanlan! please follow me!" she immediately changed her manners of speaking to those that are serving a master. Well, Technically, this would be her first day on the job, having someone checking a mansion, she could skip her work for years if this guy buys one!. She immediately Led Zhihao to their stall, to view all the lands and mansions they are selling.

Yanlan immediately browsed their database to show Zhihao their Mansions for sale. she spoke: "Sir! how about this one! It is our biggest mansion to be sold right now, It's in a commercial area, and it costs high, but if you don't like it, we have some other smaller ones."

Zhihao smiled then said: "Well, I just need ones with big spaces"

Yanlan smiled then said: "If It's just space, you can see this mansion in a bird's eye-view!, See this Sir, It is 1 1/2 Km², currently it's the biggest one there is on the market"

Zhihao smiled then replied: "Okay, So how much does it cost?"

Yanlan's smile quickly froze then said: "Oh, About that sir, the price is a little bit too much since it's the newest designs we have and biggest one at that"

Zhihao just smiled then replied: "Well, Okay, so how much does it cost?"

Yanlan sighed as she said: "Sir, uh if you`re planning to buy this land through installment, you`d need to pay a total of $9.9M in USD, and that's the lowest contract of two years if it's in full payment it would cost $9.5M in USD...."

But before she could finish speaking Zhihao replied: "Okay, fix the paperwork, I`d like to pay it in full."

Yanlan was shocked, after a few breathes, she finally came back to reality, then said: "Okay sir! wait a moment!" immediately she called the company. she retold the full story of what happened. then she was brief by the company secretary to wait for another call and make the contract immediately.

The CEO of the company immediately called her back then said:" This is Yanlan right? If the Mansion was to be really sold, you won't have to work there again, I`ll give you a bonus and I`ll immediately promote you!, Just stall the man first, as long as you could, I`ll go down there! at 15, no just 5 minutes!"

Yanlan replied excitedly: "Yes Sir!" after hanging down the phone, She immediately went to Zhihao and handed the paper works.

Zhihao sighed, another paperwork, He immediately filled out the paper works. then immediately returning the papers to Yanlan.

After receiving the papers back, she immediately replied: "Sir, next is for the photograph, we need a whole body picture of you and a 2x2 picture, would sir mind it if you take off your sunglasses?"

Zhihao smiled as he nodded, then when he was about to follow Yanlan inside, someone called out.

"Excuse Me, We'd like to buy this Mansion" a Middle aged man in his late 40's. said, following behind him is a gorgeous woman, tall figure, fiery red and black hair, also wearing a Sunglasses, covering her shoulder, is a high-class coat made with some animal's fur, with definitely a good figure.

But of course, Which of Zhihao's wives has less than that, his wives might even look more beautiful once this girl reveals her face.

Then a salesman approach them, as he said: "Which mansion sir?"

The middle-aged man pointed at the one that Zhihao just bought. Zhihao noticed it then he sighed, He just wished that there won't be any problems arising.

Yanlan prepared the machine, for taking the photo of Zhihao.

The Salesman immediate replied: "This sir? wait a moment, as I`ll contact the company" after saying that, the salesman immediately went inside as he called the company.

After a few moments, the Salesman returned, as he sighed, no bonus, definitely, then he replied: "Sir, I`m sorry but that mansion was just bought by that man over there" he pointed at Zhihao as he sighed inside his heart 'no bonus, damn it'.

The Middle-aged man and the woman looked at Zhihao as they both scanned him from head to toe.

The Middle-aged man looked at the woman, then when he saw the woman nod, he immediately approached Zhihao as he said: "Sir If you would please, Can we buy this mansion instead? my lady wishes to buy this mansion for herself, We'll compensate you for it, how about $500k? would that be enough?"

Yanlan then said: "Sir, the camera is ready, please come here"

Zhihao smiled at the Middle-aged man then looked at the woman as he said: "I`m Sorry, but I can't give you this mansion, I need its land, and the space is quite big enough, Or else I might find it hard to find a new one the same as this"

then the Middle-aged man persisted, : "Sir, if you'd like you can have a picture with my Lady, she's an S-Class actress, after all, I`m her manager, I`ll permit it this once" as he said that, the lady smiled as she removed her sunglasses and smiled at Zhihao.

Then Zhihao smiled as he said: "I`m really sorry, I can't I`ve made my decision already, find another one please" then Zhihao removed his hat and Sunglasses and bowed towards the both of them, then he continued forward to the area to have his picture taken.

The S-class actress, middle-aged man, and all the observers and Yanlan were frozen stiff right now.

Then The S-class actress and Yanlan spoke together: "Shu... Shu... Shuàigē!"

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