Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao headed back to the Driving school and received his Driver's license. but when Zhihao's about to exit. The Instructor stopped him.

The instructor spoke :"Sir, Would you buying a car? I can refer you to one of my friends, I`ll get you 5% Off on any purchases" The instructor said, he's saying this to get an additional tip of course.

Zhihao smiled then said :"It's okay, I can manage, Here have something to eat first" Zhihao handed another $50 to the instructor.

The Instructor smiled then said :"It's a pleasure doing business with you sir!" after speaking, he immediately hid the tip Zhihao gave him as he wave Zhihao goodbye.

Zhihao walked out and searched for the nearest Car company he can find, after just 15 minutes, he found one.

Immediately Zhihao walked inside.

A salesman immediately greeted him :"Sir, What would you like to buy? We got the highest quality cars in the whole city."

Zhihao smiled then he replied :"Okay, Lead me to the ones best you can show"

The salesman immediately smiled brightly as he led Zhihao to the best cars they have.

The salesman spoke brightly as he said :"Sir, This is the Scarlet Sarlon, This is the best one we currently have," The salesman introduced the car immediately, one by one, all the qualities it posses.

Zhihao smiled as he couldn't understand any shits that the salesman spoke, then he just said :"How much is this car worth?"

The salesman immediately smiled again as he said :"Sir, This is our best car, and you can purchase the upgraded one, A bullet proof car, not even an AKM Penetrate it's exteriors, but that comes from a high price, this one costs $480k!, the upgraded version costs $2.4m"

Zhihao replied :"Well, Which one can I buy now? I need to head out immediately"

The salesman replied cheerfuly as he lied :"Sir! You only need to wait for less than 30 minutes for the upgraded version to arrive, but the normal one would take at least 3 hours to arrive, it will be coming from our main branch, but the upgraded one, we have one from our nearby branch"

Zhihao smiled as he detected the lie immediately, but still, a bullet proof car is better than nothing, then he replied :"Okay, Fix the papers and send the car here immediately" if Zhihao bought the normal one, the salesman might prolong the chat, to make Zhihao buy the upgraded car.

The salesman smiled then replied :"Okay sir! on it! Wait for a bit as I make the contract, Would you be paying monthly or cashing out immediately?"

Zhihao replied :"Cash out" as he can't kept coming here just to pay that. wasting his time.

The sales person immediately replied :"Oh! if that's so, sir you can take the car for only $2.3m!"

Zhihao nodded as he waved his hand to make the salesman do his job. every second counts right now, he needed to set everything, even buy a house.

The salesman immediately made the paper works and called the company to send an upgraded version of the Scarlet Sarlon.

After just 23 minutes, The car arrived, then the salesman immediately handed all the documents to Zhihao. Zhihao paid immediately using his card. after another 3 minutes, the payment were verified, after getting back the card, Zhihao immediately rode his new car and headed out.

The salesman sighed brightly as he said to the delivery man : "That's the fastest transaction I`ve made so far, Ahh, Here bro have some $50 from me. Thanks for delivering it fast bro"

The driver took the money as he shook his head, this guy seriously. then he immediately went away.

Zhihao immediately went to the biggest mall in china to buy a smart phone, and check for some house and lot sellers.

Zhihao went to the phone selling department as he strode inside, yet again a saleswoman immediately welcome him inside as she said :"Sir, which phone would you like to buy? any specs? for gaming? internet browsing? surfing or streaming videos?" Zhihao looks handsome, but he's wearing a sunglasses right now, so it decreases his face's popularity by a lot.

Zhihao sighed as he said :"Anything that's good for communication. and longer lasting battery?"

The saleswoman immediately led Zhihao to the most expensive phone they have. then she introduced :"Sir, This is our newest mobile phone that was just released last week, it's name is AsarKa X, It has a capacity of 12,000 Ma!, it can last longer by a full day if you play games continuously, but if you only use it to browse and communication, it can lasts for more than weeks."

Zhihao then thought of Verushka as he said :"Wrap me one of those, and can i buy three more, as you guys install some games to it? some games for children, hmm no for girls to enjoy, without the internet" he would like to give each one to Ning'er and Xiao'er too. then he handed his Card to the saleswoman. then he followed up :"Also, Can you give me some Solar charged powerbanks? I need about 12 of those."

The saleswoman immediately brightened up her smile! more charming than ever as she said :"No problem sir!" immediately the woman wrapped up the one and handed it to Zhihao as she said:"Sir, Just wait for the other three, or you could go and tour the mall and return later"

Zhihao smiled then said :"Okay, I`ll just take a stroll now"

The Saleswoman immediately Replied :"Okay sir! have fun! I`ll immediately do my best to install some good quality games without the need for internet" she said as she waved Zhihao goodbye.

Zhihao smiled then nodded before he headed out.

then he spoke :"Okay, Last one is a house. then I can buy all the necessities and let it be delivered there|"

18 hours, 23minutes 59 seconds left until returning to the cultivation world.

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