Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao laughed as it could at least easily give his parents some headaches.

Zhihao immediately went to the closest Notarial near the orphanage and processed his birth certificate.

He was notified that he could get it within a week's time.

Then he went back to the Orphanage, he met there a very old lady, it was Sister Zhao, Zhihao smiled seeing this beautiful old lady, although she's not really beautiful, but this nun took care of him and the other children,

Zhihao spoke :"I`m here to make a donation to the orphanage."

The old nun smiled, then a Young one appeared then she spoke :"Hello, I`m Aunt Zhao's Niece, I`m Zhao Nie, I`ll be covering for her from now on." after finishing her speech, she looked at Zhihao, she was stunned, how can a man be more beautiful than a woman!, then she tried to calm herself immediately.

Zhihao smiled then asked :"What type of things do your orphanage need the most?"

Zhao Nie replied :"Well, Mostly clothes and foods for the children."

Zhihao smiled again then said :"I`ll have those delivered tomorrow morning, how many children are here?"

Zhao Nie replied :"There are 32 children, 23 females, and 9 males"

Zhihao nodded then said :"Please write your orphanage's name and address here, i`m expecting it to arrive today or tomorrow if late."

Zhao Nie smiled as she wrote the information and handed it to Zhihao.

Zhihao smiled as he waved his hand.

"I need to go and get my Driver's license too, It's a national ID after all."Zhihao thought, as he went to the closest Driving school.

After a while, he arrived at the Driving school.

Zhihao spoke :"Hello sir, I`d like to get a driver's license"

The man looked at Zhihao then smiled :"Of course sir! please fill out this documents."

Zhihao filled up all the empty spaces, well, he just checked the Married section three times, after Zhihao finished everything, He handed it to the instructor.

The Man spoke first :"Would you like to start now?"

Zhihao smiled then said :"Sure, I`d like to get my driver's license today too"

The Man replied :"If you want to get your ID immediately today, an additional $20 would be used"

Zhihao smiled then said :"Sure! I`ll pay $50 instead."

The man's expression immediately brightened then he said :"Sir wait, before we start i`ll immediately tell someone to fix your driver's license."

Zhihao smiled then nodded,

He wasn't a spender like this, but he knew one thing in this world, If you have money, everything will be faster, what's worst, is that he only has 1 day worth time here. and he already spend 4 hours of it! 20 hours left.

Immediately the instructor came back in just 2 minutes, then said :"Sir, let us go now"

Zhihao nodded then followed the instructor.

Zhihao saw some old types of of Lerzediz Beans cars parked behind the driving school.

The instructor pointed at a brand new bought one, then said :"Let us go sir, we'll just need to drive for about 10 Kilometers, then we can make you a passing grade, if there are no accidents that occurred"

Zhihao nodded then rode the front seat, the instructor sat on the passenger seat.

The instructor asked :"Do you have any experience in driving sir?"

Zhihao smiled then replied :"Yes, A construction truck"

The instructor opened his eyes wide, then spoke :"Construction truck?"

Zhihao replied :"yeah, a ten wheeler one."

The instructor gulped down his saliva, then immediately fastened his seat-belt, preparing to grade Zhihao.

Zhihao stepped on the gas, and maintained the speed of 60 Kph.

On a cross road, Zhihao stopped, as he saw some reckless driver 100 meters away, with his Spirit sense.

The Instructor spoke :"Okay, we can continue, step on the gas"

Zhihao replied :"But instructor, there is a reckless driving coming our way." Zhihao pointed to their left.

The instructor looked at the left, then saw a very fast moving car, then within a few seconds, the car that was by Zhihao's side collided with the reckless driver's car.

The Instructor immediately sweated a cold one, running down from his back. then he looked at Zhihao as he said :"Thank you, we would've been involved in that accident if you weren't paying attention, Let's return now, you`ve did everything with flying colors."

Zhihao smiled then said :"No worries".

Then Zhihao pondered for a while, 'If it was the previous me, I would've saved them, how much have I changed? How come I became cold to people that I didn't know?'

Zhihao then parked the car to the side then said to the instructor :"Wait for a bit, I`m gonna check on those guys, maybe I can heal them" Zhihao immediately walked out of the car and immediately went to the accident.

After Arriving he saw the victim and the suspects, The reckless driver is screaming wildly with only mild wounds, while the victims were a family of three. the daughter is nearing her death, while the mother and father are both seriously injured.

Zhihao sighed, then came close to the victims.

Zhihao sat near them then said :"I can heal your daughter, but do you trust me?"

Both the man and woman, was shocked, Their daughter is almost lifeless, how can anyone save them? but as a mother, and as a father, someone is extending a helping hand to their daughter to extend her life, which family would reject such offer. They both immediately nodded.

Zhihao then spoke again :"I`m a magical doctor, but i wish that nobody else would know this, okay? only you three"

The father and mother both were shocked and is now thinking hard, maybe this guy is a scam, or even a devil's underling! An atheist!

Zhihao then smiled as he saw the doubt in their eyes, but who wouldn't? right?

Then Zhihao summoned three Sacred Origin Pills then. In just a blink of an Eye, three marbles the size of a bean appeared out of nowhere!

The Father and mother duo were shocked.

Zhihao then spoke, "If you can't trust me, one of you take one, if you verified if it is working, you guys can let her drink, she only has more or less one minute remaining in her life."

The mother was going to take the Pill, but the father stopped her as he took the pill himself. Immediately, His injuries, and pain were gone. then he looked at his wife in shock.

The Mother and Father duo immediately let their Daughter swallow the pill. Immediately, their daughter's breathing stabilized, and her injuries are nowhere to be seen. then they looked at the man immediately. but what they saw was the back of a man entering a car.

Such a magnanimous person. they thought. they bowed their heads silently as they thanked him from the bottom of their hearts.

Then a scream was suddenly heard, It was a woman that tried to helped the reckless driver, He's dead! with an unknown cause!

Zhihao sighed as he drove past the accident, then he thought 'Since when have I become the judge that deals with evil and good, had I change? how?'

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