Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao finally finished his preparation.

Zhihao bid farewell to his wives, and family.

He searched for the forest nearby then spoke to the system :"System, Let's go to earth now"


= Activating Void travel Distance calculating from earth. 817.94 PC[Parsec] away from current world. Confirm?

Zhihao was bewildered, PC? ahh well he just ignored it then said :"Confirm"

After confirming, a crack immediately formed out of thin air.


= Host can enter anytime you like.

Zhihao answered :"I thought it would be just immediate teleportation.


= Stupid.

Zhihao frowned then said :"Hmmp! one day! seriously one day!" then he entered the crack, immediately light assaulted his vision.

Zhihao smiled :"I`m back!" then he looked around as he said :"Idiot system! why'd you make me transfer to the bridge!"


= It's the place where you died, maybe you need to celebrate some kind of anniversary.

Zhihao just harrumphed as then walked towards the nearest city. with his current physique running for a whole year wouldn't be a problem.

Zhihao noticed that people around had been looking at him weirdly, immediately he checked himself. and yeah he was shock, he's still wearing the Flame Emperor's set. he scratched his head as he headed to the nearest public toilet.

then he asked the system :"I`d like some good fashion now, it better suit me! perfectly! please!"


= sigh. okay! 100 Quest points. Proceed?

Zhihao gritted his teeth, why are you charging me with expensive quest points now? you`ve been doing that recently.


= because host is annoying.

Zhihao sighed as he confirmed his order. immediately light shone on his body, his hair style, clothes, shoes and pants immediately changed, even his underwear.

Zhihao looked at the mirror as he said :"Didn`t know that I was this handsome before"


= Sigh....

Zhihao just ignored the sigh, then immediately went out. after going out of the public toilet Zhihao smiled. he definitely missed earth.

as he walked further out. there was a burst of screams from the ladies.

-Kyaa! how handsome!

-Oppa! Take a picture with me please!

-Kyaa! who's that? is he an actor?

-I don't know! but maybe he's a model?

-Yeah I haven't seen a face like that even in the S class industry!

Zhihao was shocked at the sudden shout, then he just waved at them as he walked away.

Immediately the ladies screamed their lungs out.

-Kyaa! He waved at me!

-Stupid! Didn't you see he was looking at me?!

-Kyaa! Such a handsome oppa waved at us!

-I`ll search for that handsome oppa now! anyone of you guys caught a picture of him?!

-I did! I did three shots! You guys can share the two, but the other one is my limited vintage!

-Shocks! why couldn't i picture at him immediately!

Zhihao immediately went to the closest Mall and bought a suitcase. then to the closest bank. If you want to have fast transactions on this world, you need atm. so he choose to make an account.

After Zhihao entered the building. the female staffs immediately looked at him, they wanted to scream. but it's their works place. so they forced themselves to stop.

but still, the young customer ladies, immediately screamed and chatted by themselves.

Zhihao then went to one of the staff as he said :"i`d like to create an account. how much can you guys accommodate ?"

The staff was just looking at him, until the manager approached and nudged her. well the manager is also a woman, so she knew well how this ladies are feeling.

The staff immediately answer :"The lowest would be $40 USD, the maximum will be until how much you can give. the more, the better the benefits, how about it sir? our bank the China National Security Bank, is the most safest and most trusted bank in the whole of china!"

Zhihao smiled then said :"Okay, That's good, I've brought these four suitcase, Each of these has 4 Million USD, so it's $16 million, But can you guys send someone, I still have a lot of money in my house."

The staff and the manager and even the observers has their mouths opened wide.

Zhihao casually wanted to wake them up as he said :"Hello?"

The Staff and the manager wiped their saliva, then the manager continued :"Sir, We can help you!, and we'd like to know how much money you`d have waiting in your home?"

Zhihao thought for a bit then said :"I think it's about $1 Billion, in $100 currency notes, or maybe more" after speaking, Zhihao just smiled.

Seeing Zhihao's smile, the people inside the building felt enlightened.

Then the manager spoke :"Excuse me sir, can you please wait for a moment, We'd like to process some information and we'd like to contact the Main company building for this."

Zhihao smiled then said :"No worries."

After a few moments, the manager returned. then spoke :"Excuse me sir, but we'd like to confirm something, what's your work?"

Zhihao smiled as he pondered for a bit, yeah he didn't think first, a big money can cause a lot of people misunderstood. then he thought of something.

Zhihao smiled at the manager then spoke :"I don't have a work"

The manager immediately became shock and got scared, but still nervous because of how handsome Zhihao is.

then Zhihao continued :"Well, my parents business are in the philippines, their business is the hotel within Palawan, it's name is "Moon View Pavilion, Hotels, and Restaurants""

The Manager and the rest of the people's eyes immediately opened in shock, He is the son of one of the most well known people within the world! but they didn't have a son right? only two daughters?"

Then Zhihao spoke :"Well, they would be announcing it sooner or later"

The Manager smiled as she nodded and called the company again. after a few moments the Manager came back. then handed a file to Zhihao.

Zhihao smiled as he still remembered the last time he held the paper.

Filling up everything, Even his name. Zhong Zhihao aged 17... etc... etc...

After filling everything up. The manager personally fixed the data, and within a few minutes, The manager handed Zhihao his acct book, and atm, credit, and debit card. all within gold plating.

Zhihao smiled then thanked the Manager as he went outside.

The People inside still couldn't get over it.

Then Zhihao forgot something! His number! but he doesn't have a house and phone! so where should he send them!.

Zhihao thought for a bit.

-No House

-No phone

-No car

-No data

Then after realizing it, Zhihao immediately rushed outside before they could remember.

He needs to fix everything first!
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    《Supreme Martial System》