Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao immediately returned to Eternal Glory Empire.

when he's 800 meters away, an notification rang in his head.


=Host, your Berserk God's Wrath duration is almost over, In 1 second

when Zhihao heard it, he immediately wanted to go down!, he's 1 KM away from the ground!.

then like your body turning into a vegetable, Zhihao plummeted down from the sky, like a shooting star, falling from the sky.



=No orders were made, Nothing to follow.

Zhihao just wanted to punch the system right now if the system is in front of him. but he can't so the only thing Zhihao can do is scream to the top of his lungs :"WAAAAAAAAAAAA!! FUUUUCCCKKKK!!!! WAAAAAA!!"

in a few breathe's time, Zhihao finally slammed his whole body to the ground.

Zhihao cursed inwardly, 'stupid system! stupid system!' then he asked the system :'system, Please clean up all the dusts and dirts, and mud on my body'


=That's 10 Quest points, Proceed?

Zhihao cursed again :"FUUUCK!" as he said :"Proceed"


=Say please.

Zhihao wanted to punch someone right now, but he still said :"Please"


=Very good!... Cleaning in process. Done!

Zhihao felt a warm current of water washing everything dirty that's on him. then he immediately walked towards the Eternal Glory Empire's Direction.

Then Zhihao can see a Kingdom being established, well he went into that direction, maybe he could buy a horse.

But when Zhihao was within the gates, he was stopped by the guards, then the guards spoke :"Young man, I`m sorry, but we still need 12 silvers for you to enter the Kingdom, we're still making the castle, and we're lacking a lot of funds for now"

Zhihao smiled then handed 1 gold piece, then said :"Good work, keep the rest to your self"

the guard was shocked then replied immediately :"Thank you young master!"

Zhihao nodded and proceeded to a stable.

Zhihao smiled at the clerk as he asked, :"How much for a horse?"

The clerk sighed then replied :"Young master, I`m sorry, but the price of a horse right now is extremely expensive, It costs 1 gold for one, because we can't find a source to hunt some wild horses."

Zhihao smiled again then handed 2 golds then said :"Here, you can keep the change yourself"

The clerk immediately smiled then replied :"Young master! This way! there's a really powerful horse in our stable"

Zhihao smiled as he followed the girl behind. after handing the horse to Zhihao the girl smiled and thanked him a few more times until Zhihao is out of sight, then the clerk spoke :"If only I have a good husband like that, I`ll be set for my whole life" sighing the clerk went inside as she hid the gold piece into her pouch. the gold coin is almost 30 years her total salary.

Zhihao immediately rode the horse.

Then he met familiar Faces, It was the Lin Family man!, Lin Huotian.

Zhihao called out :"Huotian!"

Lin Huotian immediately looked at the direction he was called to then immediately rushed forward and spoke :"Young Master! Sorry that we couldn't protect the house"

Zhihao smiled then said :"No worries, It was inevitable" then he paused for a bit then asked :"Where are your families?"

Lin Huotian replied immediately :"Young master, They are in the house, making some straw hats, and baskets to sell in the people's market, and Lin Yanran is also a cultivator now,"

Zhihao smiled then said :"That's good then, I`ll be establishing some sects, you should go to the Eternal Glory Empire, and live there for good"

Lin Huotian replied :"Young Master, I`m sorry for being rude, but the ruler of this Kingdom saved our family, they forced us against our will to move out of the house, to save us from the invasion, I thought first that they were just scavenging Master Ma's House, but when we were a few miles away, we saw a lot of strange beings destroying everything in it's path. Thankfully the king helped us immediately as we escaped towards north."

Zhihao smiled then said :"You guys are seriously kind, well when the sect is established, be sure to let Yanran go to that Sect,"

Lin Huotian nodded as he smiled then said :"Yes young master, would you like to see them now?"

Zhihao sighed as he said :"Sadly I'm rushing somewhere, I have something I want to do urgently."

Lin Huotian replied :"Okay young master, I`ll just inform them, Until we meet again young master"

Zhihao nodded as he rode his horse faster towards the exit.

Lin Huotian sighed as he waved Zhihao goodbye, then a figure appeared.

"Father, who was that?" It was Lin Yanran, she developed rather well, and is now a gorgeous lady, with the help of cultivation, her body is as healthy as it could get.

Lin Huotian sighed as he replied :"That was the young master that helped us before"

Lin Yanran immediately exclaimed :"EH?! Why didn`t you call me!"

Lin Huotian spoke :"Well, Young master was rushing, but don't worry, he informed me that there will be a sect in Eternal Glory Empire, so once it was build, you can go there, maybe you can meet the young master again"

Lin Yanran nodded fiercely as she made a new goal in life!, to join a sect within the Eternal Glory Empire!

Lin Yanran immediately said :"Father! I`ll cultivate now!"

Lin Huotian sighed as he nodded towards her daughter's burning motivation.


After a few minutes had passed, Zhihao finally came close to the Empire's gate.

Then three silhouettes welcomed him.

Ning'er, Xiao'er and Verushka smiled together as they spoke :"Welcome home Husband/Honey, Glad that you are alright" tears were urging to fall out of their eyes, as they went to walk and embraced Zhihao.

Zhihao replied :"It was nothing, I told you guys, everything will be fine." after speaking, he immediately hugged the three of them.
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    《Supreme Martial System》