Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao smiled as he said in his mind 'System, I`d want to go to earth now'


=Host is still in Berserker God's wrath mode (Duration 1 hour, 24 minutes 33 seconds)

=Would host like to continue?

Zhihao then sighed, but before he could confirm, a very oppressing aura had appeared within the south.

Zhihao was gonna go and check it out. Then Three silhouettes appeared in front of him. It is his wives.

Han Wentian is in the sky floating too as he felt that over powering pressure. he just looked at the four of them.

Ning'er spoke immediately :"You are going to check it?"

Zhihao replied :"I think, that if you guys go with me now, I`ll be in a lot of trouble, that guy is definitely strong, stronger than you three, please just stay here and protect the citizens"

The Trio couldn't rebuke his words, as they definitely will be a hindrance to a battle of two over powered beings. they nodded. then the three spoke simultaneously :"Just be safe"

Zhihao nodded then said :"I`ll do my best"

After saying that, Zhihao dashed towards the south. but to his surprise that powerful being is also charging towards his direction.

Zhihao rushed too, after a few breaths time, they immediately faced each other.

The being looked like a floating cloud, red colored, and the only thing that can be seen are two eyes, peeking inside the clouds.

That Being spoke :"I, Am the Archon, of the ones that invaded your world, inhabitant, My name is Dzaroka in your world's language. Judging from your power, you are the supreme ruler of this world?"

Zhihao looked at him calm then replied :"Yes, I am, If you want to fight, let's fight!"

Dzaroka spoke :"Let's wait for a week, I`ll fight you by that time" the being is still getting used to the gravity, and he can also see that the one in front of him is so much stronger than he is, but now that he's going to be demoted and killed when he gets back, he wouldn't care anymore.

Zhihao smirked :"1 week? I can't give you that much time, I`ll annihilate your groups of invaders now."

Dzaroka sighed inside then spoke :"So be it!, OVERWHELMING POWER!" immediately, lightning striked Dzaroka as he charged up his powers, His red cloud formed extremely dense, as it's color started turning black.

Every second, the clouds are starting to form into something solid. After a few breathes.

Shining bluish Armor is floating in front of Zhihao, but what's connecting the armor pieces, were a powerful lightning energy inside them, and behind were ten floating energy like a fairy's wings (Like Xerath from League of Legends, But different, It has wings!)

Dzaroka's power up immediately. he's almost as strong as Zhihao now, A demi-god.

Zhihao asked :"You don't have any physical forms?"

Dzaroka smiled then replied :"I dont"

Zhihao held the hilt of his sword as he said :"Let's start?"

Dzaroka replied :"You go first then"

Zhihao asked again :"Last question, What kind of skill is that?"

Dzaroka replied :"It's a Life Line skill, After activating it, I`d die either i win or lose"

Zhihao smiled then said :"All of your friends of same rank has that kind of power?"

Dzaroka replied :"That's another question. But i`ll answer, We have different powers, and mine is just a once in a life time use only. I named it Fated to perish"

Zhihao smiled then said :"Thanks for answering, well let's start now"

Dzaroka smiled and immediately strikes first :[THUNDERBOLTS]!" immediately thousands of lightning descended from the sky.

Zhihao smiled then he activated his [Handsome circle skill] and [Burning path of the flame sovereign]

Zhihao rushed towards Dzaroka as he asked :"I thought you guys can't cast skills?" as he used his [Heavenly Flash sword] multiple times.

Dzaroka replied immediately :"Those are for lower beings like my subordinates, but after my ranks, all of us use Energy grids, charging it until max so that we could use it anytime we want" Dzaroka replied while Continuously casting thunderbolts towards Zhihao

Zhihao smiled then spoke :"So you are a walking power generator huh!" spoke as he equipped another sword and rushed towards Dzaroka.

Dzaroka spoke afterwards :"You can say that" Then casted [Thunder strike] towards Zhihao, it Hit zhihao but with only minimal damage, It was his fastest skill but lowest damage. then he continued to speak :"Well After my death you should clear some of the bases, someone stronger than me will be changing my post, and our bases are the same as our power generators, It helps us to power up." then he continuesly casted [Thunder strike] as it's the only skill that hits Zhihao.

Zhihao smiled then replied :"Thanks for the info! I`ll use it well in the future." Then he used his [WIND CIRCLING BALL].

Dzaroka widened his eyes, then he smiled :"Thank you Inhabitant, It is a glorious fight, thank you" after speaking that, he immediately charged everything he had as he casted Energy barrier to it's maximum capacity.

Zhihao smiled then said :"It was a good fight, Thank you for helping me" as Zhihao spoke, he continuously charged forward.

Dzaroka smiled then said :"It is my honor warrior, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" with a burst of energy, he prepared to confront Zhihao's skill.

Zhihao threw his [WIND CIRCLING BALL], and within a few breathe's of time, It finally reached Dzaroka.

Dzaroka shouted loudly as he confronted the energy ball :"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!"

but after a few breathes, the wild torrent of wind kept tearing Dzaroka's barriers layer by layer, then he spoke :"It will take, at least 5 years, until they noticed me missing, and another year until they can send some reinforcement in your world, use it well inhabitant"

Zhihao replied :"Thank you" as he smiled sadly, this guy is a good guy, why would he betray his race. he then asked :"Why'd you help me?"

Dzaroka replied immediately :"my world, is where strong thrives, I wanted to live my life with some fun too, but everything there is nothing, the only thing that can happen there is Orders, missions, Confirmations, and death. You guys have a good way to live, I wish I was an inhabitant of this planet, rather than a strong one...." Dzaroka stopped midway, as Zhihao's Skill finally closed on him, crushing him bits by bits.

Dzaroka shouted as his breathes drew closer to death, :"Thank you inhabitant!, HWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Zhihao replied :"Thank you, I guess you guys weren't all that bad too, sadly you have a strange world, or maybe it's just your ruler that is strange." pausing for a bit Zhihao continued :"Farewell, It was a good fight"
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    《Supreme Martial System》