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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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=Yes, Host can come back to Earth for one day each month. Warning, Host's cultivation will be sealed, but all items, except for weapons are still functional. and defensive items would still be working.

Zhihao sighed then he asked :"Can i go buy things from earth, and bring it here?"


=Correct! Also you can exchange 1 gold coin to $100 USD.

Zhihao smiled then nodded. then he asked :"I`d like to buy medium sized Interspatial Rings, 9 pieces of them"


=Items Inserted in host's inventory. Quest points left 38,291

Zhihao smiled as he nodded. Zhihao immediately announced through Vocals within the empire.

Zhihao spoke :"To all the Citizens, We'll be opening a Royal market where you can trade goods, and daily necessities using currency. It will be opened within a week's time!" he paused then continued to another topic :"I`ll be hiring some builders now, you guys can go to the Castle below, and enlist yourselves if you want to help building the market Place, I`ll be making a blueprint for you guys to follow"

Zhihao immediately drew out some stuffs, he's removing the Royal garden and replacing it with a Mall! yeah, a 8 floored mall! it's size is even bigger than his Castle within the floating fortress.

After drawing for 50 minutes. Zhihao went to the castle below, to hand over the blueprint. he was astounded because there were already thousands of civilians lining up.

Zhihao smiled then handed the Blue print to someone in charge.

That person immediately asked :"Your Majesty, what is a blueprint?"

Zhihao paused because he was shocked, then he pondered on how to explain it, as he spoke :"It is a guide on how to make what I want to be build!"

The builders immediately nodded, so is the one that asked.

After settling everything, Zhihao immediately came back to the floating fortress.

Zhihao immediately went to check at his wives status.

Zhihao smiled at seeing Verushka as she is just lazying around her throne. Zhihao approached her steady.

Zhihao spoke to her :"What would you like to have if ever? something to remove your boredom?"

Verushka sighed then just replied randomly :"Something new"

Zhihao smiled then kissed her forehead. Immediately Verushka shouted at him :"What the! what are you doing in broad daylight!"

Zhihao smiled then said :"I`ll give you something interesting, i`ll be gone for one day, and return exactly 24 hours after that time."

Verushka looked at him then said :"Just stay safe"

Zhihao smiled then directly went to Ning'er and Xiao'er's location.

after a few minutes of walk Zhihao finally found the two of them.

Zhihao immediately asked, :"What would you guys like to have?, I`m going to some place to buy get some things"

Xiao'er immediately replied :"Husband, I`d like some farming tools, the citizens are having a hard time doing their labor with rusting tools, some people are even getting injured."

Ning'er followed :"Some foods for the citizens, there wouldn't be any yields until the half the year, so they wouldn't have any food to eat, We can rent the food as a ration and let them pay after they had stable food source"

Zhihao sighed, his two wives are definitely different compared to the newest one.

Zhihao nodded then went to the treasury within the floating Fortress, it was all the wealth of the three clans, that they gave up, as they wanted to help in rebuilding Zhihao's Empire. and also Verushka's accumulated family wealth.

Zhihao took out 1/100th of the golds inside the treasury and inserted it to his Inventory.

He immediately made a list so that he wouldn't forget anything.

List to buy :

-Farming tools

-Daily Necessities


-Packed juices

-Tea leaves

-Toys for babies

-Personal Hygiene products (Shampoo, Soup, and stuffs)

-House items

etcetera, etcetera.

Then a shout echoed below the floating fortress.

A silhouette just under the Floating fortress shouted :"Sis Veru! Where are you!!!"

All the living people within the empire heard it.

Verushka immediately flew outwards and immediately rushed forward to the silhouette.

Zhihao, Ning'er and Xiao'er noticed Verushka rushing as they immediately followed behind.

When Verushka landed in front of the Silhouette, The person immediately jumped launch an assault!

The three immediately prepared.

Then the silhouette started weeping, :"Sister! I miss you so much!"

The three were shocked. and couldn't speak.

Verushka also hugged the Woman that hugged her then spoke :"Hmmp! you just learned to find me now huh! sniff, How dare you take too long, Sniff, sniff!" Verushka also cried silently, as she hugged her.

Zhihao coughed then said :"Honey, this is?"

Verushka noticing that there were three people watching them wiped her tears and snot. Immediately replied :"This is the Daughter of Azmorath, the Ruler of the Beast kin, Her name is Azalea"

Azalea is a tall beast woman, Slender legs, good figure, and also a bright and beautiful face, the only thing that gives her out is two triangular ears, like the ear of a dog, a wolf to be precise. her height is higher than Verushka, Verushka can only reach under her chest area.

Zhihao and the two, smiled then Zhihao spoke :"Well, we'll leave the two of you some time for each other." Zhihao prepared to walk away but then Azalea spoke.

Azalea :"Sis, Who's he?"

Verushka replied :"He's my Husband!"

Azalea replied immediately :"Woah! Sis you got married?! why didn't you inform me first! you promised me that we`ll have a husband at the same time! We're still too young! i'm only 34 years old!"

Verushka sighed then said :"Well, certain circumstances happened, so it can't be changed." then Verushka looked at Zhihao then said :"You guys can go on now, I`ll have a chat with her for now, it's been too long since we've talked to each other."

Zhihao and the rest immediately nodded as they walked away.

Verushka led Azalea towards the floating fortress to have a catch up with her.


Zhihao immediately prepared all the golds he might need. In total, he now have 1,750,299,124 golds. well you can calculate his USD if he converted all of it.

Well just to help you guys with calculations. it's 175,029,912,400 USD.
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    《Supreme Martial System》