Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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After the night ended. Zhihao is still sleeping.

The trio, kissed Zhihao before fixing themselves up.

Ning'er, Xiao'er, and Verushka immediately took their bath, and got dressed. with normal clothes today.

They Xiao'er went to the maids that took care of their babies with Ning'er, While Verushka just headed to the throne room.

After checking after the two baby boys, Ning'er and Xiao'er immediately went out to check the events happening within the empire.

Ning'er checked the Alchemist guilds, Weaponry smiths, and the Inscription Halls. checking for new updates.

While Xiao'er went to the fields to check for any bad or good news about it.


Zhihao woke up when it was almost in the afternoon. 2PM, and his back is aching at the moment.

After a few minutes. he went out. then announced something randomly out of nowhere.

Zhihao focused his spiritual energy into his vocals then spoke :"Excuse me every!, I have an announcement to make!, From today onward, our Empire, will be named Eternal Glory Empire!"

Zhihao is expecting a silent reaction. but just after he spoke. a loud roar came from the citizens of his empire!





Zhihao was shocked, nobody protested? wasn't his naming sense weird? he made a weird expression, then a silhouette appeared beside him.

It is Verushka, then she spoke :"For once, you can create some good names too huh? you should keep up the good work" She kissed his cheeks then left immediately.

Zhihao cleared his throat then continued :"Okay, stop now, stop now, don't shout again, your babies might wake up if you guys are too loud!" Zhihao paused for a bit then said :"Just nodding in your heart is good"

Everyone understood Zhihao's word as they silently listened to him.

Zhihao spoke again :"I`d want for you guys, to do your works not just for the empire, but also for yourself." Pausing again for a few seconds then he continued :"I`ll set the tax to only 10% for two years, and after that two years it will be 15% and that will be fixed, no decree even to the following generations after me shall remove or change this! It can get lower if there a crisis, but it cannot go higher!"

Immediately, after hearing Zhihao spoke, The normal citizens wept as they kneel on the ground. usually the kingdoms charges 50% but only 10% that's a big amount of savings for them.

Zhihao then continued again :"I`ll be establishing the Royal Guards of the empire! they will be the followers of justice within the Empire, If they did something wrong, you can go to the Royal court and request for an investigation, No bias would be done. But be sure of what you report, as if you file a false report, it will bite you in return." pausing for a bit, Zhihao looked at his surrounding then said :"My empire will be the place where Equality, and Equity will be measured justly."

Zhihao announced the last part :"For those that wants to apply for the Royal Guards, just head below the Floating fortress tomorrow morning! for people that are under the Sky Establishment realm, You guys can go to a sect and cultivate until you reach heavenly establishment realm, or you can stay at that sect to do missions for them"

:"i'`ll Call out to certain people now. The four rulers of the Sacred Grounds on the Human Continent, the Three great Admirals of the Demon Race, and the Six Overlords of the Beast race, Will establish a Sacred ground." Zhihao paused again as he kept lacking some breathe, Definitely, last night exhausted him. then he continued :"If they want to, They can, But if they don'y want to I won't force them. They can create Different sects, but I`ll only permit a maximum of 13 maximum realms to exists within my empire. If you choose to create your own after that, you are free to create one outside my Empire!"

Then a voice shouted asking :"Your Majesty, I am Ying Mai, One of the four leaders of the sacred grounds, We don't have any lands nor cultivation resources as of now, so we can't really establish any kinds of kingdom." She paused for a bit then pleadingly said :"What would we do?"

Zhihao smiled then said :"That is up to fate for now, but I`ll be placing some Missions within each establishments, like the Alchemist Guild, Looking for some typical medicinal herbs, or the Weaponry smith, searching for ores, I`ll try as hard as I can to make a lot of Spiritual energy stones, But for now I`ll use the Demon Race's resources within the time that I don't have any."

Zhihao Continued :"Right now, my empire isn't complete and is at the infant stage, But i`ll do my best to make things better, One by one!"

then Zhihao asked inside his Brain : 'System, how do I do this?"


=Host, Have you forgotten that I have upgraded?? would you like to know the additional functions that I made?.

Zhihao smiled then replied in his mind 'Sure! Let me see!'


=Filtering.. Some options will be displayed now.

-Travel back to Your Previous world for a maximum of 24 hours, once every month

-Earth's Dimensional Shop

-Territorial Shop

-Kingdom shop (Nulled because you`ve already skipped this and made an Empire)

-Empire shop

-Cultivation Shop for Marital Partners, Servants, Blood brothers, and Direct subordinates. (everytime host's partners achieves an upgrade, the host will be rewarded, but what you buy in Cultivation Shop can only be given to them)

-Quest shop

You`ve gained.

-Territorial Points (Taken from how well your territory develops)

-Empire Points (50% of the Tax will be converted into Empire Points / The development of your establishment will also produce Points)

Territorial points : 8,450,918

Empire Points : 19,420,111

Cultivation Points : 0

Quest shop Points : 128,291

Wives : 3

Direct subordinates : 3

Servants : 0

Blood Brother : 0

Zhihao was amazed! Yes! This is amazing! What he actually needed the most!

Then he exclaimed in shock as he realized something. :"GO BACK TO EARTH?!"

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