Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao finally sighed a relief, immediately he asked Verushka to summon the Floating fortress, and instructed the people to come inside, one by one.

After arranging everything, they immediately went back to the Demon race's sacred ground.

after a few hours of flying slowly they had finally ascended to the Demon Race's sacred ground.

The people of Ning'er, Xiao'er and Zhihao's clan landed and was shocked of what they saw, the demon race, beast kin, and the human race working together, selling in the market, mining ores, working in the field, and such, some are even laughing together.

Immediately the three clans wanted to participate. After Descending from the Sky. Zhihao landed together with Ning'er, Xiao'er and Verushka.

Han Wentian couldn't do much as he just delayed two opponents while Zhihao killed the enemies continuously. he just sighed as he floated towards the direction of his own continent.

Zhihao called out to him, :"Would you like to have a feast with us first?"

Han Wentian smiled as he shook his head then said :"I`m fine, you guys can go on"

Zhihao insisted :"Come! just for the night!"

Han Wentian sighed as he nodded in response. immediately descending from the sky to the earth.


The other side of the continent, the southern part.

Rah with one of his arms disabled, clearly felt the life signs of all his comrades vanished to thin air.

Their race couldn't cry, as such only hatred can be born.

Immediately Rah went to the communication beacon and contacted the archon.

Rah spoke :"Archon, We failed, All of my comrades are dead!, Requesting for orders."

The Archon crisped his brows as he said :"I`m Descending that plain! Wait for me!"

Rah replied immediately then said :"Yes, Archon."


The Night start in which Zhihao wanted to celebrate his reunion with his family.

Zhong Ru Feng and Ruo Mei, both approached Zhihao as they hugged him tighter, Ruo mei couldn't contain herself as she wept at finally seeing his son again.

Ru Feng patted Zhihao's back, as he sighed full of relief. after a few minutes of catching up. They parted with Zhihao as they smiled.

Zhihao wondered why, but then two silhouettes came in his room.

It was Xiao'er and Ning'er, but they are carrying something, or someone.

There were two babies in each of them.

They both walked closer and closer towards Zhihao.

Xiao'er and Ning'er both said :"say hello to your daddy" they both smiled towards Zhihao.

Zhihao's mouth became wide open as he said :"I`m a father now?" tears immediately rolled down his eyes as he kneeled down to hold his babies.

Zhihao asked :"What's their name"

Xiao'er and Ning'er both replied immediately :"We were waiting for you to name them"

Zhihao smiled then said :"I`ll name my child with Ning'er as Zhong Bai, while the one with Xiao'er, I`ll Name Zhong Jin!" seeing the colors of his baby's hair, inheriting their mother's color, He named it as such.

Xiao'er and Ning'er's smiled froze as they both looked at Zhihao.

Ning'er spoke first :"Husband, You're naming them because you saw their hair colors are the same as ours?"

Xiao'er looked at Verushka in the back then continued :"Are you planning to have your baby with sister Verushka named Zhong Zi?"

Zhihao replied as he looked at Verushka :"Why not?"

Verushka, Ning'er and Xiao'er all frowned their hair, what type of naming sense is that?.

Verushka immediately complained :"If you dare do that, We'll leave you alone!"

Zhihao widened his eyes then said :"Eh? why not help me? I like all of your colors, it brightens my life too"

Hearing Zhihao's words, the three of them blushed immediately.

Ning'er spoke first again :"How about Zhong Bai Chen?"

Zhihao nodded and replied :"Oh! that's a good name!"

Verushka immediately replied :"It's not like you know anything better, even if we threw some random names it would be better"

Xiao'er and Ning'er laughed at Verushka's remarks.

Zhihao felt awkward then he lifted his baby from Xiao'er as he said :"How about you my little baby?"

Xiao'er immediately replied :"Zhong Jingyi! Zhong Jingyi!" Xiao'er rushed to avoid any bad names being said. but after after saying that, she immediately blushed.

Zhihao nodded as they all laughed together.

Then Zhihao immediately introduced. :"Mother, Father, This is Verushka, My third wife."

Ru Feng and Ruo Mei sighed, they were in a crisis but their son still chose to hunt for wives.

Ruo Mei immediately said :"Welcome to the Family verushka" after saying that she smiled and opened her arms wide, wanting to hug her cute 3rd daughter-in-law.

Verushka noticed what she wanted as she bowed and went closer to her then said :"Thank you mother".

Ru Feng smiled and nodded.

Immediately Ruo Mei led Ru Feng out of the room, and bid farewell to the four.

Immediately after Ruo Mei left, Butler Ma came inside with four Maids behind him. Butler Ma spoke :"Master, It's been a while"

Zhihao nodded as he smiled at him then said :"It's good to see that you`ve been strong, alive and still kicking"

Butler Ma smiled then said :"It's all thanks to Master's generosity" immediately Butler Ordered the maids to take the childs away.

Zhihao was shocked then said :"Where are you taking the kids?"

Butler Ma was more shocked!, you haven't seen your wives for how many years and you're still asking? then butler Ma cough as he replied :"Ahemn! Master, It's time for their nap time, so i`ll let the maids take care of them."

The trio immediately blushed, they knew what butler Ma is hinting.

Butler Ma immediately excused himself after that, without waiting for Zhihao's reply.

Immediately, After Butler Ma left, Zhihao wanted to follow as he said :"Wait! I want to play with them for a few more...." but before he finished, Someone grabbed his robe from behind.

It was Xiao'er, she's looking down as she grabbed the hilt of his robes.

Then when Zhihao was going to ask why, Someone grabbed his arms, this time it was Ning'er.

Ning'er spoke immediately :"Where are you going husband? It's been a while since we've seen each other right?" Speaking to there, Ning'er smiled seductively.

Verushka immediately intervened with their chatter :"You both do your things first, I had him fresher, so I`ll join in last"

Ning'er and Xiao'er placed a thumbs Up as they dragged Zhihao further into the darkness of the night.

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