Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Finally after Bingyan has gone out of the world, The Princess finally calmed down, she forgot to bring her guards to protect her. then a voice woke her up.

"Thank you for saving our lives, This favor I`ll definitely return in full" It was Zhihao, as he clenched his fist tightly and blood spurting out of his mouth.

The Princess sighed as she replied :"I am sorry, but I think the favor will be returned sooner or later" after she finished speaking, she pouted as she thought of some things.

Finding it weird, Zhihao replied : "Pardon me Princess, but I need to ask, what do you mean by I`ll be able to repay this debt sooner?"

The Princess opened her eyes then said :"Oh that's right, you haven't seen my original face!, wait let me fix my fake mask" the Princess merely added a mask in her face, as it started changing one by one.

Zhihao, and Ning'er were both shock, as the face is becoming more and more familiar by the time she's almost finished, then the Zhihao exclaimed :"Yi Yan!?"

The Princess giggled then replied :"Correct! Ya got it right young master!" as she stuck her tongue out in a playful manner.

Zhihao was extremely bewildered, then asked :"Why'd you hide your real appearance and status to my clan? what were your goals?" Zhihao asked cautiously, if a strong person like this dealt with their family, even he can't do a thing against here. so he just casually asked, If Yi Yan really wanted it, She can kill anyone within this world that time.

Yi Yan Pouted then said :"Well, Young Master, see...." but before she could finish Zhihao replied.

"Please stop saying young master, as you`re a Princess and a person with extreme cultivation, I think it's time for the both of us to end that matter." Zhihao declared intently with forgetting the past, A princess of a God's top realm? Her personal maid? Not ba... I mean it will bring destruction to their whole world if known outside.

Yi Yan sighed then said :"Yah, sure, sure, whatever you like then." After that she paused for a bit then said :"Well, I planted a God's Seed in your stomach, Remember? that time before the day of your wedding, I hugged you right? well that was to pierce that seen inside your stomach."

Verushka, Ning'er and Xiao'er looked at Zhihao with a smile that was as heavenly as a Goddess smiling at their Enem... Husband.

Zhihao started sweating immediately, as he searched through his memory. after few moments, he found the scene where it happened.

Zhihao immediately wanted to clear the misunderstand as he said :"Don`t cause a misunderstanding! You tripped for a bit that time and i helped you get up, buy you hugged me and you apologized after running!" Zhihao pants after saying those words in a single breath.

Ning'er, Xiao'er and Verushka simultaneously snorted :"Hmmmp!"

Yi Yan giggled as she said :"Ahh, yes that!, well that was the time I Pierced your stomach with the god's seed. Well After that, your power immediately berserked, and I contained it."

Zhihao then looked at her then said :"And?"

Yi Yan smiled then said :"Well, Nothing much, You just died.... That's it I guess?"

Zhihao was shocked then said :"Wait! You killed me?!"

Yi Yan was shocked as well then said :"WELL NO!, Why would I even kill you? I only placed the seed!"

Zhihao replied immediately :"Only placed the seed? Well It was the one that killed me in the first place!"

Yi Yan replied again :"See, even you know that It was the seed that killed you!"

Zhihao immediately rebuked :"But you placed that seed thingy inside my stomach!"

Yi Yan replied again :"Well it Killed you not me!"

The two of them quarreled for a few minutes.

Ning'er, Xiao'er and the rest of the Clans laughed as they heard the two's quarrel, At the very least, they now know why Yi Yan vanished.

After a few more minutes, Yi Yan finally stopped teasing Zhihao then said :"Well, At first I thought that It was a failed attempt, I healed your body and internal organs, but you were dead that time. there were no pulses, breathes or whatever that can Identify you as a living being. so a flew immediately and planned to return to mom." Yi Yan smiled as she looked at Zhihao apologetically, she knew herself that She almost cost Zhihao's death, so she also felt guilty.

Zhihao replied :" Then how am I alive?"

Yi Yan replied immediate then said :"Well, That I don't know myself, because that time, when I was above your courtyard. I felt a life source pouring down in your body, I tried to catch it, but I couldn't, I was thrown heavily by that weird life force." she paused for a bit then continued :"after that, I sensed your life coming back to life, as I saw a death's force leaving your body. and It took me a Month's time to recover from that."

Zhihao was gonna reply then the notification popped up.


=Well, she's blocking my way, so I threw her aside immediately, Not really my fault, she's blocking my job.

Zhihao sighed, then thought 'I guess she got threw out because of me, I`m partly at fault too I guess.' then Zhihao said :"I guess a lot of things are clear now right? then can I ask a question?"

Yi Yan sighed as she knew the question already, she nodded and looked at Zhihao then said :"Sure, I`ll answer immediately"

Zhihao smiled gratefully then asked :"What's the use of these god's seen and why did you plant it inside me?"

Yi Yan smiled then stuck out her Tongue then said :"Not telling. Bleee :P" immediately after saying that, she flew up in the sky at lightning fast speed. then she followed up :"When you have reached the God's Realm cultivation, I`ll tell you everything you need to now, but by that time, You still have a Million years to cultivate. No need to rush."

Zhihao was shocked at her sudden action, but before he could reply, she was already long gone, It only took her 10 breathes, to vanish instantly. As Zhihao blurted out in low tone :"God's Realm"

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