Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Seeing his clan's people and beloved ones caged inside a spiritual energy.

Zhihao's rage reached the bottom line. But after that a series of notification popped up.


=Host has activated one of your hidden Awakening skills.

[Berserker God's Wrath] (GOD)

Lv. 1 (Cannot be upgraded)

Skill When the user enters an enraged mode that fulfills the criteria the effects as follow would be activated.

- Immediately gives you 100 times the boost of your original power for 1 hour.

- All the direct damage you've dealt will convert into the user's Health points

- Defense would be weaken by 10 times

- Ability to think will be removed (Nulled by the system)

~After the Duration has ended the host wouldn't be able to use his cultivation power and wouldn't be able to cultivate for a time period of 1 Month.

Zhihao's eyes shone dark red as he glared at the woman standing at the top of a rock looking down on everyone else.

Verushka, and all the people around, even Yu Bingyan was shocked by the sight of Zhihao's rage.

Yu Bingyan spoke first :"Ohhh, That is definitely the signature quality of the Berserker Gods, so you are the one that was chosen by the princess hohoho." after Binyan finished speaking. she saw Zhihao's aura escalating wildy,

Zhihao's power kept increasing realm by realm. as he looked at Yu Bingyan's figure.

Mythical Lord Realm!

Mythical Sage Realm!

Mythical King Realm!

Mythical Emperor Realm!

Demi-God Sovereign Realm!!

After Zhihao's aura finished escalating he immediately looked at the caged and rushed to break it.

Yu Bingyan was shocked! A legendary might's realm directly going to the Demi-God Sovereign realm! How! It should only be at the Mythical King's realm!

Zhihao tore the cage 1 by 1 as he went straight to Yu Bingyan, preparing to attack.

Then Yu Bingyan just waved her jade white colored hands as she sent a powerful force to hit Zhihao.

Zhihao tried to defend, and succeeded in destroying Yu Bingyan's wave. but the next moment caught Zhihao in a shocked state!

Yu Bingyan immediately appeared in front of him and held his neck, Bingyan spoke :"You are only at a Demi-god's realm, You think you can handle me? a True God?" as she spoke, she threw Zhihao to his family.

Yu Bingyan floated in front of them like a true god indeed.

Zhihao got up immediately and said :"YOU DARE TO IMPRISON MY FAMILY! I`LL KILL YOU!" Zhihao brandished his swords as he charged to Yu Bingyan's location.

Yu Bingyan was shocked again, and then she spoke :"You can still keep your consciousness ? HOW!?" she casts wind blades and showered it to Zhihao, Although it is her weakest skill, it is still coming from a genuine God Realm cultivator.

Zhihao was hit, one by one as he kept getting pushed back, until he hits the ground and got buried inside.

Zhihao was at a lost, how can he be so miserable like this!, he used all the things he have, but still couldn't come closer to Yu Bingyan.

Zhihao got out of the ground as he stood up his ground, preparing to attack, but three silhouettes appeared out of nowhere as they stood in front Zhihao's field of vision.

The Three simultanously said :"Husband/Honey, Are you okay?" immediately the two looked at the other one, while the other one looked at the two, It was Xiao'er, Ning'er, and Verushka.

Verushka smiled then said :"Greetings 1st and 2nd sisters, I`m your 3rd sister, Verushka lord of the Demon Race, Pleased to meet you, This might be the first and last one we talk"

Xiao'er and Ning'er opened their eyes wide then looked at each other then giggled. Ning'er spoke :"Welcome to our family, let's us talk more in the after this, or in the after life, Thank you for taking care of our husband in the both of us' absence"

After the Greetings, the three of them looked ahead preparing to attack.

Yu Bingyan calmly said :"Are you sure you want to do this?, I am in God's realm, Although I am not of peak existence at least my Sect is within the upper realms. you can't beat me" Yu Bingyan folded her arms under her two peaks, as she looked down on them.

But then a sudden phenomenon occurred. The sky brightened up, and the clouds are scattering from all directiom Giving way to the figure descending from the sky. a beautiful lady descended from the heavens, jade white like skin, an hourglass figure, red lips and a seductive jade green eyes.

The figure spoke : "Matriarch Yu, I think you`ve figured out already that I, am checking this planet? why have you come here?"

Yu Bingyan was shocked at first then stabilized herself, then replied :"Princess Yan, one of the eight Goddess of beauty in the four God's Domain, I merely, Am looking for a dual cultivation material, and wouldn't harm anyone, only threatening for a bit, as I don't want to force them, but they aren't bulging, you do know, that I can kill anyone in this small world, in a whim, why would i even bother."

The one called Princess Yan smiled then said :"Well, since i`ll be putting them in my protection, would you have any other objectives then?"

Yu Bingyan sighed as she shook her head :"Princess Yan, My sect is only a part of your Mother, The Empress' one of her Many other pawns. I dare not disobey any other from her daughter." After saying that Yu Bingyan released her cage, as she slowly flew and bowed slightly at Princess Yan.

Yu Bingyan tried her best, not to release any killing intent, as per if she did, her head would be sent flying. Although her cultivation is a lot stronger than Princess Yan, She wouldn't dare act, Which princess of the God's top realm wouldn't have a few Guards, guarding them.

Yu Bingyan immediately flew towards, Fen Duan and Fen Mo Shan, as she wants to get out of this world as soon as possible.

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