Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Hearing Butler Ma spoke again, Yu Bingyan was shocked, after a few seconds, she calmed then said :"That strike from Fen Duan was a strike from a real Mythical realm cultivator, even if it's just a shove. you're unconscious state only lasted a few breathes time? how strong is your will exactly" Yu Bingyan was shocked by the Will that butler Ma showed off. She's slightly interested in it.

Butler Ma flared :"This is the will I inherited from my blind faith towards my Master!," Butler Ma readied himself to attack, but was stopped by Ning'er and Xiao'er.

Ning'er calmly said :"Say what you want, as we will confront you with everything we got! even if you are a God!" After saying that, The three of them released their auras.

After releasing their Auras, Ru Feng, Mei, Lin, and the others also released their auras. Preparing to engage in the fight.

Seeing this scene, Yu Bingyan was bewildered. these weaklings are ready to fight an inevitable battle, just to keep their wills attached.

Yu Bingyan pondered for a bit and said :"You guys are ready to fight? But aren't you also contradicting yourself doing that? you've just said it yourself. Your husband or Master, Is a selfless being, You`ll die for him? wouldn't he be mad?"

Ning'er smiled gently then immediately replied :"We'll die for him!"


Back at Zhihao's battle.

Verushka looked at Zhihao and was preparing to throw her great ax to Zer, but then she heard a sound transmission coming from Zhihao :"Don't help for now, I can handle it, Just be safe yourself or I don't know what to do if you are harmed."

Verushka nodded and focused on her battle with the remaining two, as she's coming closer and closer to exhaustion.

Zhihao immediately smirked after he was grabbed by Zer then said :"Well, Sadly for you. I still have a lot of pills for my disposal." immediately after speaking, he swallowed another Sacred Origin Pill.

Charging his HP and MP, the injuries he had sustained were immediately shocked.

Zhihao smiled at Zer then said :"Good bye, It was a good fight, I can't have myself die right now, or else my wives will be angry at me."

Immediately, Zhihao pulled out his sword and sliced Zer In half.

Zer spoke :"Haaa, it was a good fight indeed." his body fell slowly as it descended to the grounds, in two parts.

Zhihao Immediately used his [HANDSOME CIRCLE SKILL] then looked at the rest then spoke :"All of you come at me! Or it will end really fast!."

After saying that, the 7 enemies that were still alive charged immediately at Zhihao.

Zhihao confronted them as he wielded the two blades he is using.

1 by 1 the enemies are falling to the ground as Zhihao sliced his way through, with exhausted body, the Derkados were no match for the revitalized Zhihao.

But when It came to the last one, He felt a powerful surge of power in the North! immediately the smile on his face broke. and his instincts told him that there is something wrong going on!

The Derkados immediately noticed that Zhihao was finally full of openings, as he sliced his spear directly pointing at his heart. although he's exhausted, but the muscles and power he can exert are still overwhelming.

Zhihao immediately came back to reality, as he saw a spear flying straight at his heart, Zhihao removed his flame sovereign sword, and grabbed the spear's tip. then he said :"Sorry, I guess we need to end this now" After finishing his words, Zhihao immediately sliced through the body of the last survivor,

Zhihao looked at Verushka then said :"Honey, I think something happened to them! we should go now" Verushka immediately took some recovering pill and swallowed it before nodding. They both immediately looked at the north, and rushed to the strong fluctuation of energy.

Han Wentian sighed, as he couldn't even kill one of the enemy, but noticing that they were both rushing to the north, he was immediately shocked then said :"It couldn't BE! Something happened to those group of people?!" immediately he followed behind Zhihao and Verushka.

After a few minutes, Zhihao finally managed to chase the strong fluctuation of spiritual energy. but what he saw were a group of people, inside a bird like cage made out of spiritual energy. Verushka was also shocked as that type of energy is not something the both of them can handle.

Han Wentian arriving later, witnessed the scene caged human beings. immediately his eyes had gone red from rage. but before he could do anything, a thunderous voice sounded.


A shout that roared made it look like coming from the heavens will itself was heard, Striking fears to every soul that heard it.

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