Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Immediately, after Fen Duan confirmed, he immediately flew back to the way he went, and straight to the matriarch. excited to inform her and get rewarded.

in a few breathes time, He immediately came to the Matriarch side then reported. :"Matriarch! I two! Two found! found bodies! Heavenly Blessed Yang Body! Two boys! boy baby!"

When the Matriarch heard this, She was excited. as she looked at Zhihao's fight.

Yu Bingyan smiled as she immediately left further to north. In less than a few breathe, Yu Bingyan instantly came to Xiao and Ning'er location.

A beautiful face and slender figure descended from the clouds as she looked at Shen Xiao and Ling Ning'er. then her gaze descended from them to the children they are carrying.

Yu Bingyan spoke, :"I Am, Yu Bingyan. Nice to meet you all" She smiled, Then she looked at the people behind Xiao'er and Ning'er and smiled at them before landing in a big rock where she continued to look down on the people.

Ning'er spoke first after she appeared :"I don't think, that you'll need something from us, oh great being." after speaking she handed the child to Butler Ma, and Immediately focused her attention to that figure.

Yu Bingyan smiled then said :"Oh! but i think otherwise. I definitely can see two treasures that caught my attention." She paused then said :"I can leave now, but before that, I can make your destiny turn over. do you want to receive it?" Yu Bingyan giggled as she sat down seductively.

Ning'er rebuked immediately :"No matter what is is, or who it would be! We help, neither do we need our destinies altered"

Yu Bingyan immediately giggled then said :"hohoho, Even if it has something to do with your husband's life?" she immediately stood up and slowly lifted herself up flying in the sky.

Ning'er and Xiao'er immediately spoke :"What do you mean! Our husband's life is in danger?"

Yu Bingyan replied calmly :"Well, he's facing 20 beings that has the same cultivation base as him, But i don't know how he is faring against it now, Actually i`m shocked that he and his companions killed almost half of those twenty. Maybe by now, more than I guess? but your husband... i think is at his limits." Pausing for a while then continued : "before I left, he was already struggling."

Ning'er and Xiao'er immediately sweated. Ning'er spoke :"What do you want!"

Yu Bingyan immediately went to the point :"to be a God Mother of your children? isn't that great? getting a God Mother and saving your husband at the same time?"

Ning'er and Xiao'er were struck at the dead end, Their Child with their husband, or Their Husband's life?! the both of them were in a panic instantly. but sooner they regained their calm Xiao'er looked at Ning'er then nodded.

Ning'er spoke :"We trust our husband! and would rather die than hand our husband's baby to some random stranger."

After Ning'er spoke, Yu Bingyan snickered then said :"Well, so you guys want proof now then?" immediately Binyan summoned a big void showing the fight going on.

Ning'er and Xiao'er trembled at the sight of it. Zhihao was being held by a strong being, while a lot more of those strong beings are rushing over to Zhihao as they prepared to attack.

Ning'er was held Xiao'er's hands tightly. but a silhouette appeared in front of them. then said.

Butler Ma :"I don't know about others. But Master would not sacrifice others for his sake!" he paused for a bit then continued :"He is a selfless man that helps others instead!"

Ning'er and Xiao'er hearing this tightened their hands as they both nodded.

Bingyan snickered then said :"Ohh, I guess he'll die then, such a tragic end for a candidate." she then continued :"But I need at least one of the child. So I guess I can't help it but to use force instead of words now...." but before she finishes. a Butler Ma immediately scowled

Butler Ma : "Nobody takes my Master's children in my watch! OVER MY DEAD BODY!" As he the butler charged to the Almighty being in front of him. Even if knowing that he can't do much, he still tried his best.

Butler Ma focused his powers as he rushed to Yu Bingyan.

Yu Bingyan only smiled gently, then a figure immediately went in front of her, it is Fen Duan.

Fen Duan lightly tapped at Butler Ma's hands and immediately all the spiritual energy within his body disappeared.

Butler Ma trembled then said :"Even if I die, I`ll protect my Master's Dignity and family!" Butler Ma's gaze directed at Yu Bingyan and Fen Duan alternately as the life in it vanishes.

Ning'er and Xiao'er immediately handed their baby to their to their parents as they came forward to help Butler Ma. but they only saw Butler Ma's fierce gaze directed at Yu Bingyan and Fen Duan. but the life wasn't there anymore.

Immediately Ning'er and Xiao'er released their auras as they prepared to fight them to the death.

Ning'er spoke to the clans :"Please, evacuate, and scatter to all direction"

Everyone immediately nodded and run away in all directions. but before they could leave. something happened.

A big cage like energy appeared out of nowhere blocking their paths, then a seductive voice resounded.

It was Yu Bingyan, she spoke :"Duan, Immediately tell Mo Shan to upgrade this realm to lower realm, I don't know why this planet was labeled as a weak planet, but they have the requirements to be on the same level as a lower realm planet."

Fen Duan nodded, and immediately went to Fen Mo Shan's location, where Zhihao and Verushka were fighting.

After ordering Fen Duan ,Yu Bingyan looked at Ning'er and Xiao'er then smiled at them then said : "Now back to our topic." but before she can continue speaking.

Butler Ma have again woken up from his unconscious state then said :"Not on my watch" as blood continued flowing out of his mouth. glaring at Yu Bingyan's face madly.

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